Hemlock Grove S2E2 - "Gone Sis" Recap

Roman meets a prostitute at a motel room. He's put off by the bruises on her body, courtesy of her new husband, Davey, who is also her pimp. He pushes her away, claiming to not be interested in damaged goods but it's evident he's pushing her away because he doesn't feel right about feeding on her. She demands to be paid and calls her husband-pimp Davey in. She leaves to man the desk and Davey offers to apply the amount to another lady if that's what he prefers. Roman viciously attacks and feeds on Davey, leading him bloody and battered.

A young blonde woman named Miranda is driving late at night and listens to voicemails from an angry ex-boyfriend. She is rear-ended by an unidentified driver in a truck and forced to veer off course because of it. The truck re-appears and crashes into her.

Roman throws up and cleans himself up when the doorbell rings. It's Miranda, who is wet from being rained on and bleeding from a cut on her head. She tells him about the crash and asks for help. He offers to call 911 but she doesn't have insurance so she asks for a tow truck instead. He offers her a towel and lets her in. She admires his place and the artwork he has hanging up. He gives her a band-aid for her head and lets her stay put while she waits.

Andreas arrives in town and meets Peter. He's there to resume his relationship with Destiny. Peter leaves to try to visit his mother but is informed that she was thrown into ad-seg for assaulting a corrections officer and therefore is not being permitted visitors. Peter becomes angry and is escorted out.

Olivia and Pryce discuss Roman and his cravings. Pryce is concerned that he won't accept their help but Olivia is insistent that Roman needs her.

Peter meets Miranda at work and informs her that it will cost two thousand dollars to fix the damages on her car. She is upset, since she has little money and no insurance. He offers to look into used parts which will allow him to re-work the estimate to a lower price.

Roman buys a purebred horse.

Olivia goes to the Godfrey Institute to meet Roman. He is less than pleased. She tells him he needs to let Pryce do his work and that it would be better to show him the work instead of trying to explain it to him. She comments on his hunger, as he devours his lunch, and warns him that it will only grow deeper. She tells him she used to be on the run because of the bodies their kind left behind and that it's only now that they don't have to run since she married into the white tower. He's still angry at her for many things and shouts that he would give anything to be human and not be her son. She leaves with a final warning that his hunger and thirst for blood will only grow stronger unless he accepts their help.

Olivia visits Pryce, who takes her into a quarantine area so she may feed, though we don't see on what.

Norman meets with his ex-wife Marie, who is suing the Godfrey Institute for the wrongful death of Letha. He warns her that doing so won't give her more closure and that it will only drag Letha's name through the mud. Marie is intent on getting answers, believing that they are hiding records.

Peter drives Miranda back to Roman's place and warns her to be careful around Roman. She isn't worried and thanks him for all his help.

Roman checks in on his daughter, who won't stop crying. The nanny tells him he should hold her but he doesn't. He doesn't understand where she's getting all the energy to cry and the nanny says that he was the same as a baby: never happy. She also suggests that perhaps they're cursed.

Miranda tells Roman she's going to head out to stay at a hotel and thanks him for letting her stay there. He tells her not to lie and says that all she needs to do is ask if she can stay. She tells him he's being a weirdo and he apologises for his poor hospitality skills before formally inviting her to stay and join him for dinner.

Destiny runs a bath and has Peter spit into a jar of "psychoactive smoothie." She wants to explore his consciousness to better understand the dreams he's been having. She shakes it up, drinks it, then steps into the bath. To her, the water turns black, crawling up her leg and violating her. Peter doesn't know what's happening as Destiny begins to make pained sounds and darkness seems to crawl through her veins. She vomits up black bile and collapses. Peter hauls her out of the tub, laying her on the bathroom floor. He tries CPR and she wakes, gasping for air.

Roman and Miranda bond over dinner, sharing bits of information about themselves. Her father died recently while fighting in Afghanistan. Roman shares how he found his father after he killed himself and how his whole family is dead and he now owns everything. He then takes her out to the stable to show her his new horse. He begins to kiss her neck and she politely excuses herself to go to bed.

Norman visits Pryce and confronts him about his tricking him into signing a release form to have the bodies cremated before an autopsy was performed. He believes Pryce was covering something up. Pryce apologises for what happened to Letha but says that complications still happen, although they're tragic. Norman then informs him about the lawsuit and to prepare to account for all he has done.

Destiny warns Peter that he needs to forget about these dreams. He doesn't see how he can. She doesn't know what happened in the bathroom but she says she felt some "big bad shit" that he should not want to be a part of.

Miranda takes a shower and Roman watches her from the door.

A drunk man stumbles across some masked people chanting in the woods. When he makes his presence known, they chase after and kill him.

Roman's hunger worsens, leading him to feed on his new horse.

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