In The Flesh S2E4 - "Episode 4" Recap

Philip has a naughty dream about Amy but is interrupted by his mum. He's still very much swept up in this fantasy and it leads to him being caught up on tape visiting the Undead brothel.

Amy's health is deteriorating. Simon is rallying other Undeads into walking around without makeup or contacts on, promoting self-acceptance. Henry's mother is still upset because her son is missing and she's convinced Maxine is spreading lies.

Philip is reprimanded by Maxine for missing the meeting (he had taken a post-coital nap and overslept). She tells him to deal with Henry's mother and convince him that Henry has been spotted at an extremist camp. She doesn't want Henry's mother interfering with her plans by sending the town into a tizzy over Henry. Maxine has seen the footage of Philip at the Undead brothel and if he doesn't do as she asks, she will reveal his secret.

Gary and Jem have gotten involved with one another and go on patrol together. Jem has a vision of Henry in the woods; she's clearly still traumatised and guilt-ridden.

Amy is seeking treatment for her symptoms. She returns home and spots Kieren and Simon kissing. She doesn't confront them, or even get angry. Instead, she looks devastated. Kieren and Simon are on their way to Kieren's house. Kieren invited him to come and see his world, but asked that Simon mousse up for the comfort of his parents.

Some of Simon's followers went to a treatment centre wielding cans of spray paint and they also free the Rotters from their cages.

The family get-together is going well until Jem comes home with Gary. It doesn't take long for Gary to launch into gruesome stories about hunting and killing Rotters. Even Jem looks uncomfortable, sending Kieren a sympathetic look. Kieren retaliates by sharing his stories about ripping people apart after he rose, saying that if they had to listen to Gary's stories, then he can listen to his. He then shares his rising story, something he's never done before. Kieren's parents are uncomfortable with the awkwardness but Jem seems intrigued. Kieren says that no one else was around when he rose. It's a minor detail in the point he's trying to make but Gary interrupts for clarification, and you can see the recognition dawn on his face. Kieren's father gets angry, telling Kieren to stop, and Kieren tells him off for allowing Gary and Jem to share their stories while he gets told off for finally speaking up.

Maxine rallies a protest in front of the Undead brothel. Gary and Jem are tasked with rounding up the workers from inside along with their customers. Everyone is brought outside on the front lawn where the protesters begin verbally abusing them. Philip arrives and steals the megaphone, telling them all off for pointing fingers at them. He says that none of them are pure or free of sin and that they're just using the PDS sufferers to make themselves feel better. The protesters boo him and he goes to stand with the workers and customers. Amy witnesses the whole thing.

Kieren sits quietly, removing his contacts and beginning to wipe off his mousse. He then goes over to Simon and begins wiping the mousse from his face as well.

Amy gets "drunk" (but not really), likely self-medicating following her not-yet official makeup. She runs into Philip at a bus stop where he is also having a drink. They chat about the recent events and Philip outright admits his feelings for Amy. They end up in bed together again.

Maxine is shown to e standing over her son's grave, telling him it won't be long now. Finally, we've gotten a reason for her interest in a Second Rising.

Simon goes to a phone booth in the middle of the night, calling someone and telling them he's found the First Risen and that he's beautiful.

In The Flesh airs on Sundays on BBC Three at 10PM.


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