In The Flesh S2E5 - "Episode 5" Recap

Simon meets another Undead Prophet follower in a hotel room. The follower brings a video message from the messiah that tells him he must sacrifice the First Risen in order for the Second Rising to occur. The follower leaves Simon with a large pouch full of weapons. Simon is shaken up by this new order and freaks out about it after the other follower leaves.

His breakdown transition into flashbacks of his being at the Treatment Centre and having multiple tests run on him. Eventually, the doctors find that the medication is working well on him. He was the first to respond to their chemical compound and he is becoming more like a human. He agrees to let them continue their experiments in the hope of further developing a cure. He also says he doesn't want his family to see him like that before he is fixed.

Kieren's father is having difficulty dealing with Kieren's recent admissions regarding his time before he was medicated. His family also struggles with Kieren's decision to no longer wear his mousse and makeup. They struggle to even look at him. He's then arrested for the crime of breaking into the Treatment Centre (which was actually done by the blonde girl who wanted to impress Simon). He and Simon are being blamed for the crime. Kieren is threatened that he'll be sent back to the Norfolk Treatment Centre if he doesn't (falsely) confess. They plan to do the same to Simon once they find him. Kieren doesn't care about their threats and refuses to comply.

Continuing on with Simon's flashbacks, we see Simon meet another PDS sufferer, the same man who brought him the weapons in the hotel room. He starts talking about the Undead Prophet and all his teachings. Simon is full of self-loathing by his condition at that point in his life.

Kieren's dad tries to get Kieren to sign a written confession. Kieren's mother doesn't strongly side with him or Kieren and it's clear that this family is falling to pieces.

Amy worries that she may be dying. She takes Philip out for a cute little mini-golf date.

The Undead Prophet follower from the top of the episode had set his bag down in the hotel lobby briefly, during which Gary managed to steal the video message and a notebook. He shows it to Maxine who knows that the clock is truly ticking to get to the First Risen.

Flashback-Simon has to see his father and he's not happy about it, having wanted to be cured completely before doing so. Their relationship is on bad terms because Simon's father can barely look at him. Simon had killed his mother while rabid. Simon continues to be tested and experimented on until he is released. His father reluctantly brings him home but eventually kicks him out because he's unable to get over the fact that Simon killed his mother.

Kieren sneaks out and goes to Simon's place. He meets Amy there and apologises, but she's not mad. She tells him to take care and it's evident she's saying goodbye because she believes she's not long for this world. Kieren goes snooping around Simon's room and finds Blue Oblivion, which he pockets before returning home. He gets into an argument with his parents about sneaking out and there's far more tension due to his parents no longer "recognising him."

Amy has gone and set up a tent and calls Philip to join her. She worries that she is turning rabid, due to the fact that she isn't responding to the treatments. She asks Philip if he ever killed anyone during the rising and he says he's never killed anyone. She pulls out a pair of handcuffs and asks him to put them on her, which he does. She doesn't want to go around as a rabid, saying it's no way to live. She has brought a screwdriver and wants Philip to save her from a "fate worse than death."

Maxine goes downstairs to watch a show with the family she is staying with. Grandma gets sassy with Sandra and then Sandra says she should have killed her mother-in-law when she saw her rise. Maxine is amazed to learn that she saw the rising. Maxine brings her up to her room and asks her to identify the First Risen. She points to a photo, but we're left to wonder if it was in fact Kieren she pointed at.

Amy is telling Philip to kill her but then she stops him when she begins to feel, yes feel, the rain on her face. She realises that she's not turning rabid. She says she doesn't know what's going on but it would seem that she is turning more human!

Finally, flashback-Simon is shown to be wandering the streets before calling the man he had met in the Treatment Centre. He meets him at an abandoned apartment building, where he is welcomed by a large group of PDS suffering Undead Prophet followers. This explains why he feels such a strong sense of loyalty to the group; they were his family when he had none.

In The Flesh airs on Sundays on BBC Three at 10PM.


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