In The Flesh S2E6 (S2 Finale) - "Episode 6" Recap

Kieren's dad has Kieren locked up in his room. He still wants Kieren to sign the confession and think it would be best for him to go back to the treatment centre. He also doesn't want him to talk to Amy or Simon, saying they're bad influences.

Amy wants to keep her body's changes secret and Philip tries to reassure her that everything will be okay. He agrees to keep things under wrap. Despite being afraid of being turned into a lab rat, she's also excited at being able to feel physical sensations again. He says he'd love her whether she was Undead or human.

Gary meets with Maxine. He wants to go after Simon but she tells him he's not a threat and to leave him alone. He says that Simon needs to be stopped and she orders him to go home.

Some mysterious people come to Roarton looking for Amy and ask about her whereabouts at the treatment centre. The doctor refuses to give up her address.

Gary comes storming into Kieren's home. He ties him up and questions him about Simon, wanting to know where he is and what he's planning. Kieren genuinely has no idea what Simon is up to but Gary doesn't believe him. Gary goes tearing Kieren's room apart and finds the bottle of Blue Oblivion he had taken from Simon's place. He drags Kieren out to his truck telling him if he wants to go rabid, then he'll go rabid. Simon watches the scene unfold from afar.

Amy and Philip go into town to enjoy the local festival. Kieren's mother is there and Philip's mother tells her how sorry she is to hear about the injustice Kieren is facing. Sad when someone else is defending Kieren more than his own mother. Philip's mother spots Amy with Philip and the fact that she takes a bite from a toffee apple. When she asks Amy if she's alright, having eaten, Amy feigns having forgotten that she doesn't eat and excuses herself to be sick. She tells Philip that he's done good by being with Amy and it's so heart-warming to finally see someone who isn't completely overrun by hate speak.

There's a parade consisting of Jem, Maxine, and other extremists. They're marching to a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the newly completed perimeter fence. MAxine even appoints Jem to lead it since Gary is MIA. But when they arrive at the cemetery, the blonde PDS sufferer and the rest of Simon's followers are chanting with bottle of Blue Oblivion in their hands, refusing to leave. Also, Gary has driven Kieren out to the woods near the cemetery and shoves the Blue Oblivion pill up his nose, after which Kieren takes off running. Despite his efforts to fight it, he turns full Rotter and comes across Jem and the others. She holds a gun to him but their father steps in, finally standing up for his son. He says no one is going to hurt his son and tells Kieren that he can fight this, that he's sorry and that he loves him no matter what he is. He refuses to let anyone take away his son and Kieren is indeed fighting it off.

Simon is walking towards the cemetery and Gary comes up from behind him with a knife to his throat. He breaks free and goes running towards Kieren and there is a gunshot. Maxine has also spent the last chunk of the episode over her brother's grave and pleads with him to wake up. As it turns out, some awful woman had shot at Kieren but Simon jumped in front of him. He looks at Kieren with all the love in his being and tells him he's all right. Kieren asks if he hurt anyone and he says he didn't. The blonde is yelling out to Simon about the Second Rising and he tells him it's not going to happen.

Amy is with Philip in the cemetery and she's gained a bit of colour to her complexion. She gleefully tells Philip that she can feel her heart beating and he reaches out to feel it. Maxine comes from out of nowhere, believing Amy to be the First Risen and stabs her with a pair of scissors.

Simon and Kieren go to the clinic to make sure Kieren is okay. Simon tells Kieren he's never seen anyone fight off Blue Oblivion before and Kieren brushes off the compliment, saying he's just someone who didn't want to hurt anyone anymore. He says he's not a messiah or someone with mystical powers. It's then that Philip comes charging in with Amy in his arms, begging for someone to help.

At the festival, Maxine walks on stage and says that her brother died at a young age in an accident and that with the Second Rising, he and everyone who was pure could come back. She says she already "took care of the girl" but nothing happened so she suggests they wipe out all PDS sufferers in Roarton. She tries to make a move on Sandra's mother-in-law but Dean comes up from behind and tases her. The tides have turned and no one in Roarton will be following Maxine anymore.

It's too late for Amy. She dies and the doctor mentions that her heart was indeed beating before she died. Kieren shares a moment with Jem as they prepare to attend Amy's funeral. He tells Jem to wear something flowery and fun because that's what Amy would have wanted. Jem says she's not sure if it would be proper for her to go after all the bad she has done but Kieren assures her that she is a VIP-attendee. Kieren adds that Gary isn't invited and Jem replies that she has broken up with him. It's Kieren's word against Gary's and she has chosen Kieren's. They attend the funeral together wearing flower corsages to honour Amy.

Kieren heads to the after-party and performs his duties as her best friend by thanking everyone for coming to mourn her. The other followers are at a pub and discuss the fact that Simon has been labelled a traitor and that the First Risen is still out there. Kieren is in Jem's room and finds the bracelet Henry made for her. He asks where she got it and she lies by saying Gary made it for her. He tells her that's a lie and that Henry made it for her and had showed it to him the night he disappeared. She breaks down in tears, realising Gary's lie and also being unable to take the guilt any longer. She confesses to Kieren about the circumstances that led to her accidentally killing Henry. He asks what she wants to do and she says she needs help. He hugs and comforts her, promising they'll get her some help then.

Simon asks Kieren to run away with him but Kieren says he's finally okay with being where he is and Simon accepts that. Kieren's father comes over to thank Kieren for saving his life and shakes his hand. Kieren's mother comes over and asks if he has a place to stay and he says he's still staying at Amy's place. She says she hopes he's not going away and he says he's staying put. Indeed, all seems well with the exception of Amy being dead.

Philip is still sitting at Amy's grave, having been sat there all night. He is about to walk away when he thinks he hears a sound but finds nothing. After he leaves, the two people who had been looking for Amy earlier head to her grave. One asks the other if there's still time and the other person says there is. They put on biohazard suits, bag the teddy bear Philip left atop her grave and then begin digging it up.


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