Masters of Sex S1E12 (S1 Finale) - "Manhigh" Recap

Virginia and Ethan are enjoying their relationship. He is looking at various hospitals to work at, including ones in California. Bill is working hard to prepare his presentation. Margaret confronts Barton about being a homosexual. He admits to it, along with his shame. He tells her he will be pursuing electroshock therapy in the hopes of curing himself of his affliction. When Margaret learns about the risks involved, she is hesitant to let him pursue it.

Dr. DePaul speaks with Chancellor Fitzhugh, saying she wants her funding to happen the way Bill does. He tells her the reason he has that deal is because he has brought tremendous amounts of patients to the hospital. She says that patients aren't referred to her and Fitzhugh says that the majority of womyn do not want a female gynecologist.

Bill gives the presentation on the research he and Virginia have conducted. There is a great turnout at the hospital. The initial information he gives on men and their anatomy is relatively well-received. But then he moves to information on females. He presents the footage of Jane's insides and she is upset to learn that her wishes were disregarded and the footage wasn't destroyed. The footage then moves to that of Virginia masturbating, with Bill discussing the physiological reactions of sex and sexual stimulation. He also says that womyn have vastly superior sexual capabilities as men, including being able to achieve multiple orgasms. Chancellor Fitzhugh becomes angry and stops the presentation, calling the footage "smut."

Libby tries to learn form Bill who the second woman in the footage was, adding that the two doctors next to her had thought it was Virginia. He evades answering, saying he has hundreds of womyn in his study and vast amounts of footage. He refuses to tell her who it is.

Some doctors start a petition for Fitzhugh to fire Barton and Bill. These are the same doctors who assume that Jane and Virginia are the ones in the presentation footage. Virginia advises Dr. DePaul to get involved with the birth control pill but she's not interested in changing the course of her work.

Ethan gets a job offer in California and calls Virginia to tell her of this. He professes his love for her and her children and proposes marriage to her. He tells her she can answer when he gets back and promises to give her whatever kind of life she wants for her and her children.

When Bill and Barton are reprimanded by Fitzhugh, Bill covers for Barton by making it seem as if he was unaware of what was going on in the study. Barton has no choice but to fire Bill right then and there but Barton later regrets this.

Libby goes into precipitous labour and then gives birth. Without knowing this, Bill goes to visit Virginia and tells her that the one thing he can't live without is her.

Masters of Sex will return for Season 2 on Showtime on Sunday, 13 July 2014 at 10PM.


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