Misfits S5E7 - "Episode 7" Recap

A girl comes into the bar asking for Alex to remove her power, "hypnotic tits." They do it in the bathroom stall and Alex appears quite taken with her once he sees her face, trying to get her name or number but she's not interested.

Rudy Two and Abbey decide to throw a party at the community centre for the one-year anniversary of the storm (it's also their birthdays). Alex asks Rudy Two to help him find the girl with the no-longer-hypnotic tits.

Rudy tries to tell Finn that he is involved with Jess but he doesn't believe him, saying Jess likes pretty boys.

Alex tracks hypno-tits down, whose real name is Sarah, and invites her to the party at the community centre. She turns him down again.

The probation worker catches Abbey with her supply of alcohol for the party and he weasels his way into getting invited.

Rudy Two is offended by Rudy's not accepting his having a separate birthday and says that they should split up more permanently. Rudy Two wants to stand on his own two feet. Rudy accepts this and wishes him a happy birthday but walks out looking saddened.

At the party, Sarah shows up, much to Alex's surprise. Rudy Two introduces Helen to Rudy. He's a bit rude at first, still bitter over his being separated. Rudy Two steps away to get drinks and Rudy scolds her for "splitting up the band" and Helen tells him to go fuck himself if he can't deal with their relationship. Rudy confides in Jess about his feelings regarding losing Rudy Two and Finn catches them kissing.

Rudy Two introduced Karen, Helen, and Sam to one another, as they are the ones depicted on the superhero sweater.

Rudy meets the woman who knits the fortune-telling sweaters and she informs him that ecstasy makes their powers do the opposite of what they normally do. He stops right before he is about to take a pill and runs off to warn Jess not to do it. He warns Abbey about the ecstasy and she gets the idea to give it to her tortoise. Jess is rendered blind after taking her pill.

Alex and Sarah are hitting it off. He then takes his pill, not having yet been warned about the side effect. Rudy finds a frantic Jess and tells her that her blindness is only temporary; she just needs to wait for the pill to wear off. The knitter gives Jess a jumper and she's not able to see what's on it. Rudy looks at it and finds a design of Jess with a baby. Rudy freaks out at the idea of her being pregnant and tells Jess that they're getting a hamster. He leaves to get a drink.

Karen, Helen, and Sam are a bit reluctant to be superheroes. Rudy Two promises to be their mentor.

A blind Jess is trying to find the bathroom when she runs into Finn, who informs her the truth about what's on the jumper. Jess is furious and sets off to try to find Rudy.

Abbey's tortoise turns into a cute bloke that's just as happy to see her as she is him. He's worried about what will happen when the pill wears off but she promises they'll sort something out.

Tim's power reactivates and he begins to see the world as a video game. He tries to kill Helen but Karen sneaks up from behind and stabs him with a pair of scissors.

Alex and Sarah sneak off to have sex and with his power being reversed, all the powers he has ever taken are put into her. The dominant one is her being possessed by Satan. She enslaves Rudy and Finn with her hypno-tits and brainwashes Jess into being her minion. Alex must now flee from his friends. Sarah encounters Abbey, who fends off her attack by covering her ears, until she turns her boyfriend inside-out. Abbey uncovers her ears in shock and then is turned into a minion.

Alex is forced to confront Sarah with a banana, apologising for the fact that she's a girl who just got the wrong power. He throws the banana peel in her path, because she is accident prone. She kicks it aside but she has to jump back to avoid a light switch, slips on the banana peel, knocks her head, and dies.

Rudy goes up to the roof the next day and Jess tells him off for running away. He says he's the "shit one" and apologises for not being able to handle it. He walks off and she calls him a coward.

Rudy Two has to bury Tim while the superpower gang watches. He tells them this is their destiny and they all come together to pile their hands on one another and pledge to be an unstoppable superhero band.

Misfits airs on Wednesdays on E4.


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