Misfits S5E8 - "Episode 8" Recap

The gang has finally finished their community service. Now they're left to turn in their orange jumpsuits and figure out what's next in their lives.

Rudy Two decides to have the superhero gang pose as community service workers so they can be out and about and intervene when they spot crimes.

Jess is still angry at Rudy for not being there for her. She says it's just who he is and she was stupid to think he would change. Jess meets a boy named Luke and they hook up. The following morning, he insists that they have a future together and becomes clingy, unleashing a power. Jess wakes up again but it's a year in the future and she has a son. He insists that she will fall in love with him and that he can give her all the time she needs.

Jess goes out with her baby in search of the gang. Jess finds Finn who is now working as a training probation worker. Finn is amazed to see her, as she had disappeared and tells her that they all searched for her but she had just vanished. Finn lets the rest of the gang know that Jess if back. Rudy is a mess now, having let himself go entirely, with uncut hair and a full beard.

The superhero gang has gotten out of control. They've resorted to killing people for their crimes instead of simply stopping them. Rudy Two begins to piece it together, having found multiple news stories of local criminals turning up dead.

When Finn asks Helen why she's doing community service even though there's no record of her ever being sentenced to it, she stuns him unconscious. She, Karen, and Sam decide they need to bury him with the other bodies. Karen says there's no room with all the bodies they've been piling up. Rudy Two sneaks up and tries to steal Finn's unconscious body away. He tells the superhero gang he knows what they've been doing and that it's wrong. Sam tells them they've come up with a more permanent solution, having grown tired of dealing with the same scumbags over and over again. Rudy Two drives off in the car with Finn's body in the trunk.

Rudy Two calls Rudy for help and apologises to him for leaving him. Finn gets back to Rudy and the rest of the gang and they decide to take on the superhero gang. Rudy tells Alex he should get caught by Sam and then fuck his power out of him while in the air. Alex baits Sam into picking him up and executes the plan. Finn uses his power to move a bin full of trash to catch Alex as he falls out of the sky and Sam goes spat on the pavement.

Karen knocks Rudy Two out when he's confronting Helen over her betrayal. Jess finally begins to bond with her baby, having had some difficulty connecting to it before then. Jess is waiting outside while the rest of the gang goes inside to get the rest of the not-so-superheroes. Karen begins attacking them with a blade but then Finn sends a piece of furniture flying at her and she's killed. Helen prepares to kill them all but then Rudy Two tells her that she is the one who betrayed him and that if she's going to kill them, she'll need to kill him, too. Rudy apologises to Rudy Two and they admit they miss one another. They hug and reunite into one person. Helen says that she can still kill them and Rudy gives her a speech while discretely peeing his pants. The urine spreads towards her, she ends electricity shooting out at him, and then he steps on the urine, sending the shock back to her.

Helen dies, Rudy lays dying while the gang cradle him. Jess comes running in and Rudy's last act of kindness is scratching a lottery ticket and winning. He tells Jess to look after her baby and then dies. The gang buries Rudy and Jess heads home with her baby. She tells her baby that she's doing all of this for him and then goes into the bathroom to record a message on her phone. Luke comes home and finds that Jess has slit her wrists. Luke says he won't let her do this and that she's his before rewinding time back to the night they met. Jess goes into the bathroom and gets a message from herself warning her of what's to happen in the future, about Luke, and her baby. She has sex with him in order to still have her baby and then kills him so he can't keep her captive. At her future self's prompting, she forgives Rudy and they reconcile their differences.

Rudy Two learns what was to come and tells Helen that this is what happens when they build a future based off a jumper. Helen suggests that they go travelling together instead. Rudy Two says he would like that.

The gang prepares to toast the future and Jess tells the rest of the group what their fates were in her future. She says that unless they want to spend the rest of their lives being under-achievers, they should do something with their lives and become proper superheroes. After taking a moment to consider it, they all agree to do so.


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