San Diego Comic Con 2014 Preview Night Wrap Up

San Diego Comic Con started tonight, for those with preview night and for those without there was still plenty to do. Most of out team started out the convention as we usually do with margaritas at the Rocking Baja Coastal Cantina. Fortified, we headed out into the fray.

Around the convention, in the Gas Lamp District , Comic Con had clearly taken over. Behind the Convention hall is the Godzilla Experience. There's artwork of the famed monster, and participants have the option to get their picture taken escaping the beast. WB VIP members can pick up their swag bags there even if they aren't participating in the experience.

Across from the Hall H line there's a Fox set up complete with carnival games and a Gotham zipline!

Out in the Gaslamp District, there's a Constantine tent that is showing a preview, we'll be checking out later. Hint, hint, if you can't find it, it behind the giant picture of Matt Ryan as Constantine.

Inside the Game of Thrones Banners ruled, marking nearly every beam. Although I adore the series, they lack the fun and creativity of the True Blood ones. Come on guys, step it up.

And because it was preview night, the line to get on the floor was massive. It wrapped around the upstairs, as people arrived early to wait to get in. Ah, the lines of the the con begin.

The floor was packed, and exclusives were snapped up. We were able to obtain the extremely hard to get Ever After High Cerise Wolf, and the Monster High 2 pack! Pictures of the monster high booth are coming, just not today.

AMC brought out Terminus, with walkers galore. Legendary brought out props from the upcoming Warcraft movie. Unfortunately there's no swag or signings at that booth this year, but there is an interactive set, where you can be a jaeger pilot. The line was very long for that, so if you're interested go early and sign up.

Favorite booth definitely goes to Starz with their Outlander themed booth. Not only are there 1940s characters, but there are also kilted Highlanders. Inside there is a complete set piece. 

You can check out more pictures on Flickr


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