SDCC 2014 Day 2: The Book of Life Press Room and Signings: Game of Thrones, Outlander, Penny Dreadful Pt. 2, and Teen Wolf

Day Two of Comic Con opened with high energy, even though there was little sleep to be had. To get all of the signings on the agenda, meant camping out. A lot of people camp out, for many different reasons. Some to get into Hall H, some for Ballroom 20, some just to get onto the floor for the exclusive and things to be had there, and there are some who camp out for signings. Day 2 of Comic Con promised Game of Thrones and Teen Wolf as luck of the draw raffles, a chance for the second half of the Penny Dreadful signing and so much more.

WB usually is the first to open up their signing raffle. Gone are the days of camping around the WB booth for the signing lines to open, which I am completely grateful about, but the luck of the draw raffles still aren't a favorite, especially not if I'm camping out overnight. For the more in demand things, it means choosing between favorites, because you'll only have one shot. Can you get in line a second time, sure. But will your favorite thing still have wristbands left, that isn't so likely. Friday the WB offered iZombie, The Originals, The 100, Game of Thrones, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Batman: Assault on Arkham, and Banshee. If you think the choice is tough, just wait until you see Saturday's line up.

Fox also does their ticket pulls in the morning, but an hour or so later, so there is plenty of time to get from the WB line over to Fox. Fox is also nicer, as if you don't win, there's a chance to draw for a lesser in demand property, so a really good chance that you'll get atleast one signing. Also with a slightly shorter line, there is a chance that you can jump back in line for another chance at a signing or a second one, which ever the case may be. Friday, Fox offered the following signings: Archer, Bob's Burgers, Bones, Brickleberry, Teen Wolf and Wayward Pines.

Rather than waiting for the email of fate, I headed directly to the Entertainment Earth Booth to see if I would be one of the lucky few to meet with the delectable Harry Treadaway (Dr. Frankenstein) and series creator, writer and executive producer John Logan. They ran the same process of handing out stickers, but were much more organized. The entire Museled staff got into the signing, but one member was stuck in Hall H and missed it. Harry was a little overwhelmed with Comic Con. He was warned of the masses, but wasn't quite ready for the actual thing. John Logan had plenty to tease, but other than basically promising to knock our socks off with the new season by going further, darker and bigger than last season he didn't give much.

Between signings, there was much to see on the floor. The guys and gals over at AMC's Walking Dead booth are pretty good. As hard as we tried to get the walkers to break character we couldn't this year, but it was plenty fun trying.

Teen Wolf was up next. I'm not sure that there is a more fun or energetic cast signing. Most of the cast was present, all except Dylan O'Brien to the chagrin of many. Tyler Hoechlin was as charming and flirty as ever, and he and Holland Roden were equally impressed that not only had I camped out, but that I looked awake and put together. Can I just say how beautiful Holland is? Well, I just did and she's absolutely flawless. And Tyler Posey. What can we say about the charismatic and silly Tyler, other than the guy cannot make a normal face if he knows your taking pictures.

MTV was also doing some individual and couple signings for the Teen Wolf cast on both Friday and Saturday, but the Fox signing was the only way to get most of the cast. With the morning signings out of the way, it was time to head into some press rooms.

The Maze Runner has been at the top of my every list since it was announced. Not only is it a really good book, but the casting seems pretty close to perfect. The talent levels are through the roof, so unless the screenwriters totally botch the story, the movie is going to be pretty brilliant. I'll post the video from the Maze Runner in a later post.

Another property brought by 20th Century Fox was The Book of Life. This is the Guillermo Del Toro animated piece. If you've never heard Guillermo talk about anything, he's a very passionate person, and his level of passion just about goes through the roof as he talks about Mexican Cinema. Writer/director Jorge Gutierrez was charming, Christina Applegate spoke of her joys of voice work since she doesn't have to bath or get prettied up, and Channing Tatum didn't have much to say, which no one really minded because he's Channing. Ron Perlman laid down some pretty hilarious sound bites as he asked Christina Applegate if she said Vaginal (she said Magical) and was just his perfect Ron Perlman self, fuck yous and all, making the press conference anything but boring.

Press conferences completed, it was a sprint to get to the last two signings of the day, Game of Thrones and Outlander. Taking pictures at the WB signings prove to be nearly impossible, I'm just not that slick, but chatting with the cast is always simple. Due to the time scheduling Natalie Dormer did not make the signing, which was a bummer, but Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams did make their Comic Con debuts. Gwendoline Christie was absolutely stunning, and very funny. But my favorite was the flirtastic Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who hilariously apologized for not handing me the award at the MTVu Fanfest, and followed it up with some audacious comments about a Chuck Palahniuk pin Chuck's publicist had pinned on me.

With barely time to breathe after the Game of Thrones signing it was time to head over to the Outlander signing, which I barely made. The tickets were done via a draw over the previous day and that morning, but not an advertised thing. Many people had no idea even that the draw was happening. Most booths give an 11x14 or 12x20 poster, but not Outlander. They did a thick 14x6 poster that couldn't be rolled without destroying. On hand for the signing was Ronald Moore (Executive Producer), Diana Gabaldon (Author/Writer), Sam Heughan (Jamie), Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Tobias Menzies (Black Jack Randall), Graham McTavish (Dougal) and Lotte Verbeek (Geillis). While Caitriona is absolutely gorgeous, Sam Heughan surprised the most. He's extremely soft spoken, and blushed easily enough. Outlander has to be one of the most anticipated shows of the season. The pilot is fantastic, and if you're of the mind set that Sam Heughan is too good looking, too pretty, to play Jamie he'll change your mind in the first scene he's in.
That ends day two on the con floor. Day three coming soon.


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