SDCC 2014 Day 1: Around the Con Floor, Expendables 3, Penny Dreadful Signing Pt 1, and the Blood Drive

San Diego Comic Con officially opened up today, and it was a mad house on the floor. The lines for Hall H were long, and only set to continue to grow as the con progresses. We hit the floor bright and early. Lionsgate still does their signing tickets old style, by passing their bracelets out bright and early for the signings, which is both a blessing and a curse. Without much trouble Expendables 3 bracelets were snagged. No need to insert jokes, the cast is filled with many action hero classics, and one of our celebrity crushes Kellan Lutz, so its a must see cast.

Entertainment Earth brought some of the cast from Penny Dreadful to SDCC, and in a stroke of pure genius and maybe slightly twisted mastery, they conducted their signing tickets all online. Brilliant to not have the masses clamoring to their already packed booth to get tickets, but with the overworked internet in the room, many winners weren't told of their status, and those who did win had to track down the booth worker with their stickers, which sounds like an easier job than it was.

Entertainment Earth not only allowed pictures to be taken during the signing, but they also took overflow. So even if you didn't win you still had a chance to get up close and personal. I was lucky enough to receive my email confirmation, but opened the email with trepidation as everyone around me hadn't won. With a screech of elation I rushed off to claim my winnings. Josh Hartnett and Reeve Carney were the cast members signing, and although an editor wanted me to ask Josh why would ever turn down the Superman, Batman and Spiderman, there was nothing but love for the actor. The reason he didn't put on tights were the farthest thing from my mind as he sat next to the man who he just shared a very steamy kiss with on a recent episode of the smash hit Penny Dreadful. Needless to say both Josh and Reeve were fantastic, and although we couldn't get our stuff together for our picture (Museled Photographer Chelsey is lovely but she scares us all a little) the pair did sign a gorgeous tarot card box.

ABC brought a whole freaking castle that is loaded with good stuff. Not only are there hotties outside, inside there is Mr. Gold's shop where you can collect pins for a chance to win some signings (including one for Once Upon A Time), take a Lost picture, and try out for the new reality show The Gauntlet. It's great and all, but there is an annoyingly long sing along for Galavant. Now, I'm very excited to see Galavant. It's reminiscent of Monty Python's Holy Grail, but the singing is dreadfully long, the singers inside are kind of awful and just a touch rude.

I did manage to make it over to the Monster/EverAfter High Booth. As normal the booth is full of all the gorgeous dolls from both of the lines. I managed to snag a few of the exclusives on preview night so I can safely go home to my demanding seven year old. The Monster High dolls have been on my must list since the first year they were introduced with the special edition Black and White Frankiestein. Normally these dolls are just the prettiest things, but this years Manny Taur and Iris Clops are probably my least favorite from over the years. However Ever After High came out swinging for the fence with their Cerise Wolf exclusive. She is beautiful from the bottom to the top.

The next stop was to see the cast of the Expendables 3. Kellan Lutz, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Wesley Snipes and Patrick Hughes held down the fort. The rest of the cast was not there, and pictures were next to impossible during the hustle and bustle, though Kellan did try to sneak pictures in between his chats with Wesley Snipes. I didn't bite though, I have plenty of pictures with him, and there were just too many people. The poster they gave was a bright neon style graffiti affair, and overly large. Seriously larger than most of the poster tubes on the floor. Although the cast of Mockingjay aren't at Comic Con this year, the Lionsgate booth does have a pretty cool hologram, you know so you don't forget about their hugely popular property.

During SDCC I always try to give blood during their big blood drive, and normally a few of the Museled crew get drug along to donate as well. This year was no different. Not only is it a great thing to do, but there is always some great swag. With True Blood ending it may be the last year to get a True Blood blood donor shirt. They gave out “True to the Last Drop” shirts, along with rubber bracelets, comics, snacks and wrapped our arms in True Blood branded wraps. Headed over to the Hyatt we spotted some of the Gotham Uber cars, and one True Blood Wrapped Truck.

We finished up the first day of Comic Con over at the first MTVu Fanfest. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I headed over to Petco. Passes and lanyard in hand I was thrust into the fair like atmosphere. There was plenty of snacks to be had of the slider variety, there was an inflatable high jump for those daring enough to do it, and plenty of fun giveaways. To see more about MTVu Fandom awards check out the article here.


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