Teen Wolf S4E3 - "Muted" Recap

A boy named Shawn is at home when he hears his family killed. A demonic voice of the killer instructs him to wrap a towel around his fist, smash the mirror, and use one of the shards to defend himself. But when the creature comes crashing into his room, he not only has no mouth, he finds that Shawn has smashed his window and gone running off into the night.

Braeden visits Peter and Derek. They negotiate a price for her to find Kate first instead of helping the crime family. Peter and Derek argue and Derek shows his gold eyes. Peter asks how that happened and Derek says he's willing to pay to find out.

It's time for some Beacon Hills high lacrosse practice again! Scott is still technically team captain but there's a batch of new talent looking to join up. There's an impressive new goalie, Liam, who might be set to be the new co-captain. It's an even bigger deal because he's only a freshman.

Shawn comes stumbling into the hospital with a bloody hand, no shirt, and collapses on the floor. Sheriff Stilinski and Mrs. McCall look at the bodies of Shawn's family and are shocked by the brutality of the murders.

Kira learns that her parents are putting the house on sale and Kira is unhappy about this, not wanting to leave her new friends who understand her new supernatural path. She tries to deny that her feelings for Scott are the dominant reason for her wanting to stay and says that he's not her boyfriend, since they're technically not dating currently.

Scott and Stiles confront Liam in the locker room about his skills on the field. Stiles is especially suspicious that he might be a werewolf but they determine that he's not. Scott also uses his human lie detector skills to determine that he was kicked out of his last school and not just a transfer student.

Malia is intimidated by her maths course. Stiles encourages her to stay put and Lydia tries to help her. Stiles gets a text about the family murder/ax murderer. Scott doesn't think they should ditch and Kira says they should let the adults handle it. Stiles leaves school to investigate, leaving Kira standing with Scott at his locker. She tries to tell him about her potentially moving back to New York but he asks her to wait till after try-outs. As he hurries off, he kisses her and doesn't realise the awkwardness of what he has done until he has gotten to class.

Our ax murderer hooks a chord up to a hole in his neck and streams of code are downloaded onto a computer.

Braeden gets to the police station posing as a U.S. Marshall.

Scott talks about the awkwardness of his chaste kiss with Kira to Stiles and says he doesn't know what to do. But now it's time for try-outs. Coach comes in and says it's an open tryout in which no one is safe. Scott goes up and tries to ask if he is still captain but Coach simply tells him that he is on the team, but all positions are open.

Kira and Malia sit watching the try-outs. Malia tells Kira that she wreaks of anxiety. Kira begins babbling about Scott and not knowing what they are. Kira admits she wants more with Scott.

Try-outs aren't going so well for Stiles but Liam excels throughout. Scott also struggles to do well and Stiles asks him if he can't just use a bit of wolf power. Scott doesn't feel right about it and that it would be be like cheating. Stiles tells Scott that it's still possible Liam might be a werewolf and advises him to get closer. Scott finally gets his groove back and he and Stiles begin taking the team members on one-at-a-time. When it's time to face off against Liam, he gets past and scores another goal. Malia calls out for a do-over and bets 10 bucks against Liam. Coach takes the bet and Scott finally uses a bit of wolf juice. Liam goes flying and ends up injured. Scott and Stiles help him to the nurse. In a fit of anger, Coach throws a ball flying and just as it's about to hit Malia, Kira catches it in a lacrosse stick she is holding. Coach is impressed and tells her to throw it back. She does and it slams into his stomach. He calls out for someone to ask her if she's ever played lacrosse.

Scott meets up with Kira and apologises about the awkwardness of the kiss earlier. She says it's okay. He walks off and she sits sadly before Scott comes back, saying he's not sorry. The two share a passionate kiss in the empty hallway.

Sheriff Parish is scoping out Shawn's house when he sees movement inside. He goes in and finds Lydia looking around. They chat and he tells her she's developing a reputation for showing up where there are dead bodies. He suggests that perhaps he's psychic, saying he doesn't particularly believe in that sort of thing but tries to keep an open mind. Lydia senses something and discovers a secret passageway. They go in and find a freezer. Parrish suggests that it's a game locker but when he unzips one of the bags, he finds a frozen human inside instead of game.

Scott and Stiles drop Liam off at the hospital. Scott feels guilty about Liam's injury and Stiles assures him that it's okay to want something for himself once in a while, adding that he's still human. Stiles heads off to help Malia study.

Kira's mother becomes angry when she learns that Kira destroyed the For Sale sign. She's shown to be practicing with a lacrosse stick in her room.

Stiles helps Malia to study and notes that she uses highlighters in the same system as he had done for the strings on his bulletin board. Malia says she needs help understanding Lydia's notes and when Stiles looks over them, he finds that they're not math but strange symbols.

Scott overhears Liam lamenting his injured ankle and tells the doctor about the fact that he went up against two juniors and ended up there. Scott feels terrible but then Lydia calls to say that he needs to find Shawn. Melissa goes loking for Shawn and finds he has attacked and killed his police guard. He is covered in blood, white white eyes, several sets of razor sharp teeth, and complains about being hungry. He tries to attack Melissa but Scott comes roaring to the rescue. Shawn runs off and Scott follows after him. He corners him on the roof, where he is holding Liam ransom. Scott says he can help but Shawn says that wendigos don't need help, they need food. He throws Liam and Scott tries to help him but Shawn grabs his arms to keep him from holding him. Scott lunges forward and bites Liam on the wrist to keep him from falling and then Shawn is stabbed from behind. Scott gets Liam back on the roof and the mouthless man is revealed to be the one who stabbed Shawn. He makes a shushing gesture before disappearing and a still-wolf Scott looks on in guilt at Liam cradling his bit wrist.

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