Teen Wolf S4E4 - "The Benefactor" Recap

Sherif Stilinski sends Deputy Parrish away so he can have Derek come investigate the hospital rooftop. They look over the Wendigo body and Derek senses that there was another young male on the roof that Scott and Stiles didn't tell the sheriff about. Derek smells the boy's (Liam's) fear and blood.

Scott has Liam taped up and sitting in his bathtub. Liam is frightened and Stiles tells him that this is the reason why he is usually the one who comes up with the plans instead of Scott. Stiles removes the tape from Liam's mouth and tries to explain that things are only going to get more confusing. Scott tries to explain to him that he's going to become a werewolf but before he can explain properly, Stiles says that he might die and Liam begins to cry. Stiles undoes his tape and then Liam smashes a chair on Scott, punches Stiles, and begins to run away. Scott and Stiles chase after him and tackle him, causing them all to fall down the stairs. Liam gets away and Scott tells Stiles that his plans sucks too.

Peter goes to Derek's flat to search for Derek but ends up with an axe in his chest, courtesy of the Mute, who uses an electronic device to tell him not to worry and that Derek is next.

Kira looks over the code Lydia has written (but has no recollection of writing). Considering that her tree drawing led them to the Nematon, they know they need to figure out what it means. Lydia's mother gives her the keys to the house, since she's going to be going out of town, and tells her to take proepr care of it or else her credit card debt is going to grow.

Liam gets to school, having run there instead of taking the bus. Liam's not feeling well, having begun the process of transforming. He's cornered by Scott and Stiles. Scott implores him to listen and tells him they're brothers now. He tries to give the werewolf speech just as Derek had but it doesn't come out right. Liam says that nothing's happening, ripping off the bandage to reveal that there is no wound. Scott and Stiles now know that he will be changing at the next full moon.

Scott and Stiles get the rest of the group and plot getting Liam alone so they can keep him there on the full moon. They get the idea to have Kira trick him. She attempts to unleash her inner vixen. Liam watches in awe and then she trips and falls down the stairs. He comes over to ask if she's okay and she plays it off before inviting him to a party.

Derek has to burn the wound on Peter's chest in order for it to heal, as the wound was laced with wolfsbane. They discuss the attacker and find that he has left behind his electronic communication device.

Kira drives Liam to Lydia's lakehouse and Liam struggles with his newly enhanced hearing.

Stiles tells Scott that he learned that Liam got kicked out of his last school for getting into it with a teacher. He shows a photo of the teacher's vandalised car and says that Liam apparently has severe anger issues.

Kira and Liam arrive at the house and once inside, he finds himself surrounded with the gang. They fill him in on all of them being supernatural creatures, with the exception of Stiles. His anger escalates and then a car pulls up. Liam had told others about the "party," which isn't actually happening. Liam and Malia's changing is beginning so Scott, Stiles, and Kira go to help them into the basement. Lydia is then tasked with hosting a party for everyone that has now shown up.

Deputy Parrish is tasked with helping Sheriff Stilinski and Derek after he is able to identify the equipment left behind from his days in the military. He hacks into it and they learn that he is a contracted assassin for someone using the handler "Benefactor."

Stiles chains Malia up and Kira is forced to knock Liam out when he grows increasingly out of control. The party is underway upstairs. A keg is delivered and one of Liam's friends pays for it after having opened up a $400 bottle of wine.

Scott and Kira discuss Liam and the help they'll need to give him. Malia says she's having a panic attack and she tells Stiles all the violent things she wants to do to him. He promises not to leave her, saying he won't let her hurt anyone. She begins to tear through her restraints and says that now he'll have to leave her.

The keg delivery man becomes angry when he finds that one of his tires has been slashed. He begins to transform and his eyes flash gold. He reels himself in by chanting about three things: the sun, the moon, the truth. But it's then that he's murdered by a female with a wire that she heats till it decapitates him. She snaps a photo of it before heading into the party. She's one of Liam's classmates, seen earlier, and her boyfriend is the blonde who paid for the keg. He shows her a text from The Benefactor that reads, "The money has been transferred into your account."

Lydia is upstairs to get Liam's friend back downstairs. They speak but their conversation isn't heard. She becomes upset when some wine is spilt on the carpet. He leaves her alone to presumably get some supplies to help clean up the mess. Once he is gone and shuts the door, all sounds from the party cease. The room either has some serious soundproofing or something supernatural is going on. She spots a record player and has it play but the sounds are all distorted. She looks up at the wall and speaking faces appear to be pushing out from behind it.

Scott and Kira talk about the music he can hear playing at the party. She says she always preferred slow songs because of slow dancing. He puts on a song on his phone and they begin slow dancing and kissing. They're interrupted by Liam, who is now awake and transforming. He breaks free from his chains and goes crashing through the glass window before taking off into the woods. Malia breaks free from one of her restraints but she's still chained on one arm. Stiles tries to talk her down.

Derek and Sheriff Stilinski are at the high-school after finding that the killer had connected to the school's wifi. They find a pool of blood coming from underneath a door and Derek says it doesn't make any sense because he should have caught the scent before they walked in. Sheriff stops Derek from going right in. He checks the door and finds that it is connected to an explosive. Derek then grabs the sheriff and pulls him down in time to avoid being hit by an axe hurled at them by the Mute.

Stiles tells Malia he thinks she's just afraid of hurting him because of what happened to her family. HE tells her he knows what that's like because he remembers what he did while possessed and he remembers liking. He says control is overrated and then undoes her last restraint. She lets out another growl before transforming back into a human. She hugs him as he tells her that she did it.

Scott is chasing after Liam in the woods. Liam catches him from behind and tackles him. Liam angrily asks what he has done to him and says this is all his fault. He's about to attack Scott when an arrow shoots and lands on the tree behind them, sending up electric sparks. Liam takes off running and the shooter is revealed to be Papa Argent, who tells Scott he got his text.

Derek apprehends the Mute and the Sheriff tries to arrest him. Peter then appears and attacks and kill the Mute in partial Beast mode. He begins to walk off and when Derek tells him they've learnt a better way, Peter replies that he is a creature of habit.

Argent tells Scott that all he needs to do is corner Liam in a clearing just north of where they are. Scott says Liam won't listen to him and Argent says he will if he just uses his own words. Liam is trapped in a sound box set up by Argent. He has returned to his human form and Scott prepares to talk to him properly.

Kira is looking for Lydia at the party. She heads upstairs and finds Lydia playing a record that she doesn't hear. She asks Lydia what she hears and Lydia says she hears the key to break the code.

Liam is worried about letting his family down again. He is broken up over all the looks they gave him after he destroyed the car. He is worried about seeing seen as a monster. Argent watches from afar as Scott tells him he isn't a monster, but a werewolf just like him, his eyes flashing red.

Lydia is accessing the code on her laptop. She is asked for a keyword and types in "Allison." It's then revealed to have several names including theirs with corresponding numbers. Kira asks what it is and Lydia says it's a Deadpoot list of supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, "and we're all on it."

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