Teen Wolf S4E5 - "I.E.D." Recap

A young werewolf is pursued by the same killer we saw decapitate the keg delivery man in last week's episode. Her hand has been cut off. She hides in a school bus and chants to keep from transforming. It's not long till she is discovered but she manages to fight her way out. The killer's partner pulls up in a truck and tells her to get in. She does so and is then stabbed in the chest.

Stiles compiles the recent killings with Scott and the sheriff. They look over the list Lydia uncovered and Stiles explains how Alison's name was used as a cypher. They believe there are two other cypher keys that will uncover the other two thirds of the list. Lydia has been at the lakehouse all weekend trying to find them using the record player. Kira and Malia are with her and appear worried, coming over and insisting she take a break. Several of the names on the uncovered chunk of list have been killed already and time is running out to save them. They also believe that the $117 million dollars stole is being used to fund these hits. They then narrow things down by realising that whomever ordered the keg must have been responsible for killing DeMarco.

Kira accidentally blurts out some things about the deadpool to her father when he was simply trying to tell her that he knows that she has joined the lacrosse team.

Liam is much stronger, having manifested his werewolf strength. He learns from his friend that the upcoming lacrosse scrimmage will be against his old school. Liam heads to the locker room where he finds Derek has absconded his lacrosse stick and snaps it in half. Liam angrily half-transforms but Derek holds him up by the throat with ease. Scott then gives him him real lacrosse stick, as it was simply a test of his anger, which he failed. Liam heads to class and Derek smiles, telling Scott he will be good at being an Alpha. Scott feels unprepared to do so, especially with everything happening with the deadpool. Derek advises him that they should stay focused on the list since all their names are on it.

Malia advises Lydia that perhaps they need help from another Banshee. Lydia replies, "Meredith."

Stiles realises that the wounds on some of the bodies match the end of a lacrosse stick. The killer is on the team. Scott, Stiles, and Kira discuss what to do next. They consider trying to get the game cancelled but they decide they should face them on the field instead. The killers have concocted an especially potent batch of wolfsbane that's supposed to be fast-acting. She-killer wants to go after Scott but He-killer says it's too dangerous since Scott is the one that was left standing after facing off against an entire pack of alphas. For now, they'll just focus on getting the beta. He-killer's lacrosse stick has a blade hidden in it with the wolfsbane dripped on it.

Liam tries to make nice with his former teammates but they respond none too kindly. Liam's claws begin to come out so Scott and Stiles intervene and get him to the locker room where they douse him with a cold shower till he calms down. As it turns out, his former coach is the teacher whose car he smashed up. He had been benched after receiving a few red cards. He was diagnosed with IED, and given anti-psychotic medication. He doesn't take it because it makes him too tired to play lacrosse. Scott tells him he shouldn't play but Liam says he can play, especially if Scott can play. Scott and Stiles warn him about how he killer ordered the keg. Liam says he doesn't know who ordered it but he knows who paid for it.

Derek and Papa Argent discuss apprehending Kate. Argent has a sort of were-jail to put her in but Derek says he needs to get something she took from him; he's losing his power (as demonstrated by his diminished sense of smell).

Scott tries to get Coach to leave Liam out of the game for his sake but is unsuccessful. Liam grows angry and tries to fight the rival player but Scott and Stiles hold him back. The rival player thinks Liam is on steroids. Kira scores a goal but coach benches her for not passing, saying that the scrimmage is about teamwork. A player ends up injured after running into Liam. Liam is also injured but it's not obvious and Scott is able to re-set the arm without anyone noticing. Scott sees Garrett retract his blade and asks Liam if he is cut. Liam says he's fine and Scott says that Liam wasn't the one Garrett is after.

Lydia meets with Meredith at the station. The sheriff allows her one hour to do so. Meredith tells Lydia that she heard Lydia call her. Meredith gives a 4-digit number, 2436, saying that's what she calls. Lydia becomes upset, saying there need to be more numbers but Meredith insists that that's the number. Malia later suggests that the numbers correspond to letters on the phone. Liam is able to crack the code with the name: Aiden. Brett, the rival lacrosse player who was injured, was the one cut with wolfsbane. He is killed by she-killer in the locker room.

Lydia is shocked to find that Deputy Parrish is on the newly uncovered chunk of the list.

Scott goes to check on Brett in the locker room. She-killer tries to kill him but Scott easily stops her and knocks her out, telling Stiles after he runs in to call the sheriff.

Papa Argent ends up in a stand-off with the Mexican crime lord the gang had met with when looking for Derek. The leader suggests to Argent that they team up and reminds him of their code: We hunt those who hunt us.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.


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