True Blood Recap S0704: Death Is Not The End

Jackson gets a call from Sookie. She breaks the news of Alcide's demise to his daddy, who takes it hard. Jason has to make an even harder call to his former best friend Hoyt, who doesn't remember him after Jessica's little mind wipe. Jason tells him that his mother was killed by a vampire, and slips up by calling him "Bubba." Jackson plans to come in a couple of days after tying up loose ends, and Sookie warns Jackson not to come at night. Jackson confesses that Alcide loved the fuck out of her. When Hoyt comes in, Jason tells him to call the station, and he'll provide him an escort. Jason breaks down a bit more, Hoyt thanked him for callling to tell him about his mother. Sookie tells Jason to man up, he's the law with Andy out of commission with Holly. She wants to cry too, but there's no time for tears. Big boy pants on, it's go time. Sam comes to collect them for their next task.

Cue the Intro. Everytime Bad Things plays it'll be bittersweet knowing that its all ending.

On the plane Eric feeds off his very willing stewardess. When he hears the destination, he has the plane's flight course changed. Eric wants to go to Shreveport much to Pam's dismay. Pam tells him that there is nothing left there for them. Eric wants to see Willa before he dies, and Victoria the stewardess is horrified to hear that she is now a Hep V carrier. Eric feeding from her thigh should have been totally worth losing her job. She tells the captain the new destination, and Pam and Eric take a trip down memory lane. Pam really hates Shreveport.

1986. The Magister arrives, pleased to catch up to Eric and Pam. Pam is snarky as ever. He introduces himself, and sentences them for that little incident in France. He gives them a small business to run. Eric would rather take a stake to the heart. He was warned, but he didn't listen, and now they get a grand tour. To Pam's horror it's a video store. They both look stunned. It has all the genres, and candy to boot, but they aren't impressed. What's to later be the dungeon, holds the largest porn collection. There's even a small tunnel thats a part of the underground railroad. And better yet, Eric gets the title of Sheriff of Area 5. The Authority doesn't trust Eric, but they can keep him close. The Magister warns that they are being watched day and night. He tosses the keys to Pam, and she lets them bounce off her chest.

Sam, Jason and Sookie head over to Andy's. Sookie checks in on Colby and Lisa, Arlene's children who are no longer teacup humans. Lisa is a little mad with how everyone has been treating them since their mother was taken. Sookie isn't sugar coating things for them, but she does reassure them that their mother is fighting to get back to them. She promises to get her back, and she's going to use Holly to find her.

Andy tries to turn away Sam and Jason at the door. Holly remember anything, doesn't want to remember. Sookie wants to make her. She made a promise to the children and she plans to keep it. Against Andy's better judgement he lets them in. Holly has been better, so has Sookie. She's not ok, but she has to be. Sookie asks her the last thing she remembers. Holly remembers the mixer, and then nothing until she was found. The memories aren't lost just locked away. Holly is scared to remember, but she's willing to do it to help Arlene. Sookie takes her back to the woods, and she freaks out when she remembers the vampires feeding on her. Sookie gets flashes. She takes her back to Fangtasia, and Sookie sees that Arlene, Nicole, and Jane are still alive, but Kevin didn't make it. Holly is a crying mess, and Andy is left to pick up the pieces. Sam tahnks Holly for what she did.

Sam drives erratically, and Jason tries to pick his brain. Sam is tired of waiting around, wondering if Nicole and the baby are okay, and there's no way for him to know for sure. Sam turns the truck around, headed for Fangtasia instead of Rosie's. Jason is forced to pull his gun out on Sam to get through to him. They can't go against the Hep V vampires, they need their own Vampire muscle, which means they have to wait until the sun goes down. Sam pulls over, he can't be the one driving away from them.

Jessica still isn't healing, and James tries to talk some sense into her. She has to eat, she isn't healing because she isn't eating. James loves her, and he gets Bill against her protests. If she won't eat for him, maybe she will for Bill, or at the least he can force her to. She hasn't eaten in about ten weeks. Bill asks if her hunger protest is because of what happened with the fairies. Things are good between Jessica and Adilyn, she admits that she's been protecting her, but not feeding off her. Jessica asks who Bill has been feeding off of. Sookie arrives, and adds to Jessica's mortification. Bill tells Jessica that she must eat, and Sookie offers to feed her. Jessica is horrified, Sookie is a fairy and she shouldn't trust Jessica with her blood, but Sookie trusts her. She sends the boys from the room for a little girl talk. Jessica thinks she knows what Sookie is going to say. Sookie tells her to eat. She doesn't give a shit about the reason why  Jessica isn't eating. The three dead fairies are the tip of the iceberg, and the bodies are piling up. Sookie has been god to Jessica over the years, and right not she needs her help to save her friends in Fangtasia. Jessica agrees to eat, just not Sookie. Sookie tells the boys to call Lafayette.

Past. 1996. Ginger strolls into the video store. She's looking for a few good vampire flicks, and Pam is pleased with her taste. Ginger is taking a college course on equality and using vampires and their treatment in cinema. Eric arrives, and literaly takes Ginger's breath away entering to a little Garbage "I Would Die For You." She's surprised to hear that he's the proud owner of the little shithole she happens to adore. After inquiring on their relationship status (permantly off since aquiring said shithole) she snaps at the chance to work there.

Sam and Jason pay Rosie a visit. She's suspicious, worried that she's under arrest. Sam offers to forget about the previous night, and that puts Rosie on edge, but she lets them in when Jason says he needs to talk to her about Kevin. Rosie refuses to sit until Jason breaks the news that he's gone. She wants to see Kevin's body, but they haven't recovered it yet. Sam tells her that they found Holly, that she and the others were being kept at the vampire bar. Rosie asks that they make the ones who did this pay, and they plan to when the sun goes down.

Bill will call all the vampires that he can, but warns that they will be vastly outnumbered when they go into Fangtasia. Many vampires have been killed, and the ones remaining may not come, since they have nothing to gain. Sookie asks why Bill is willing to go then, and he tells her he owes her everything. She offers him lunch.

Lafayette arrives, and notes that Jessica looks less than fabulous. Jessica wants to eat, but she feels empty inside. Lafayette shoos James from the room. Lafayette tells her that she has to eat, and he's goign to feed her. Jessica worries about immortality and needing to eat innocent people to survive. Good thing Lafayette is far from innocent. He confesses that he killed the man that he loved, that he still hasn't forgiven himself, but he has to keep on trucking. Jessica can be a whole lot deader than she is now, and he coaxes down her fangs. She falls down onto him a bit roughly, but begins to feed and heal.

Past. 2006. Ginger is looking more fangbanger than book worm now. She's even driving a hearse. Best of all, she's got Eric's future throne. She's late, and Pam isn't pleased. She asks Pam to guess what she's found, all Pam sees is a shitty chair. But with vampires out of the closet, Ginger has big dreams of a gorgeous vampire bar. She wants to expand, and place on the stage the throne. Porn is their biggest money maker because Sex sells, and Eric Northman is pure sex. Pam sees Ginger's vision of Fangtasia, and she likes it. Fangtasia is born, and after paying Ginger maybe the only compliment ever she takes the idea for her own, and wipes Ginger's memory.Now, Eric delights in Pam's bitchy confession. He still loves her.

The group of unaffected vampires ready to raid Fangtasia is very small. Michael, Keith, Violet, James, Jessica and Bill are all that are joining Jason, Sam, and Sookie. Jason tries to give a rousing speech, but bringing up the storming of the beaaches of Normandy doesn't make any of them ready to to storm into battle. A lot of lives were lost that day. Eric arrives, asking if it is true that Bill wrote a book, and claims to not be an asshole anymore. The gang's all here. Bill notices that Eric is sick. Sookie goes to see who is at the door, and flies into Eric's arms. She too sees that he's sick, and she's upset. Pam reminds him that they still have a Christian to kill. That doesn't tear his attention away, so Pam reminds him about Willa. Eric calls his progeny to him, and she's less than pleased to hear her master.

Bill leaves Sookie alone with Eric. They've both gotten tthemselves in messes since they parted company. She tells him that he can't die on her, and he asks how she is. She tells hiim that her boyfriend died, and he's surprised to hear that she hooked up with Alcide. He gave her her house back so she could take her life back, and he asks how a werewolf is doing that. She tells him that he died just that morning. He takes her into his arms, comforting her, telling her of his adventures. His sunbathing in the Alps set off an avalache and wiped out a small village. He went to South America, to Africa, Spain. He thought he would see the world one last time. He wipes a tear from her cheek, asking again what type of trouble that she's in.

Pam thinks the plan of storming the entrance is idocy. Willa arrives, pissed as ever, and Pam points the way to Eric, who's still inside with Sookie. Eric compliments his progeny, but she's not pleased. She doesn't care what Sookie needs, and if he wants her help then they're talking now. Eric uses the maker command to put his abandoning her aside for now. Eric plans to join the calvary, which doesn't please Pam one bit.

A rat navigates the tunnels, and the ladies squeel about the rat, who transforms into Sam. Arlene has a hard time wrapping her mind around the whole rat thing, but Sam tells her he'll explain later, right now they have to prepare for their vampire rescuers.  Arlene is worried since vampires but them in their current situation, but Sam reminds her that these vampires are good. Nicole begs him to hurry, and Arlene begs him not to turn back into a rat, but he does. The ladies are filled with hope that they may actually make it, but that hope is short lived, as one o the H vamps comes down.

Eric struggles to break through the wall. Bill asks to do it, and smashes through with one blow. Poor Eric is getting weaker. Sam gives the good news, he found the ladies. The vampires prepare to go in, and Pam stops Eric from going. He needs to conserve his strength, she insists. Eric is left to protect Sookie. Pam and the other vampires use their super speed to get to the girls, but one is missing.

They already have Arlene upstairs. Bill tells the others to get the two women to safety, and he'll go up after Arlene, who lets loose a banshee scream. Pam doesn't really like him, but she gives him some advice, don't be a hero.

Bill finds Arlene surrounded and being fed on. Eric knocks on the door, he tells them that he use to be sheriff of the area and he's diseased as well. They don't care, and don't wish to let him in until they get a whiff of what he's brought with him. One asks Sookie what she is, and she tells them that she's Eric's.

The group of dumb rednecks are planning something bad. They cannot believe that Rosie let Jason and Sam into her home. She claims a lapse in judgement as they ready their moltov cocktails in the car. They're crashing the Fangtasia party.

One of the Hep V vampires really wants a taste of Sookie, in a nasty place. Sookie sasses them, and they drop fang. Eric coos at them. He'll share, but Sookie is special. They won't drink her blood like the others, but sip it like a nice glass of wine. The H vamps are chomping at the bit, the other vamps are in place. Eric asks if one of them likes it rough, and he wonderrs what sort of a question that is. Beofre the vampires can attack, the rednecks have arrived and cause a whole lot of trouble. Violet gets Jason out, and the H Vamps goes to attack the rednecks, killing many of them. Fangtasia is burning. Sookie goes to Arlene, she needs to feed off a uninfected vampire, and Eric goes to find one in the fray outside. Bill stakes an H Vamp that was looking to ambush Eric, proving he's no longer an asshole. Pam puts out the flames in her club. A redneck goes to light the place up again, and Pam puts a stop to it. Before Bill can give Arlene his blood, he has to run to Jessica's rescue. Sookie sends Eric off again for a healthy vampire. Arlene sees Terry, and Sookie cries trying to get her friend to hold on. Sookie sees Terry too. Before an H Vamp can attack Sookie and get the drink that he desires Jason taakes care of him. A healthy Keith arrives and feeds Arlene as she and Terry catch up a little, talking about the kids. Terry tells her that she should stay, and she agrees. Arlene comes back tot he land of the living and meets her savior.

The rednecks and H Vamps are all gone or dead. Eric is missing. Pam freaks out a little, looking for him, and finds him snaking on Rosie, which is really better than she deserves.

Eric comes back in, and sees Sookie comforting Arlene. Without more than a little nod Eric leaves her.


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