True Blood Recap S07E03: Fire In The Hole

In LA, Sarah Newlin, or rather New-me finds her new self through a little yoga, meditation, and rocking some brunette locks. That’s great and all, but that little intro was a little overly long, we’ve only got some many minutes left. It’s time for some bad things.

Pam questions how long Eric has been sick, and he’s slow to respond. It’s been about a month since he’s been in St. Peteresburg, and Pam really hates the Russians. Eric feigns that he didn’t know Pam would come looking for him, as if. But he kept on moving to avoid detection, but she outwitted him, only because he’s unwell he tells her. She breaks the news to him that she felt Tara meet the true death while she was in Morocco, and all he can do is ask if she played the bucket game, which she did. He likes that game, but he’s such a Debbie downer, totally un-Eric Northman like. Pam isn’t ready to throw in the towel on him yet. Godric, Nora, and soon Eric too will die.

Flashback. He remembers a time in Rhone, France 1986. He seduced a girl in a vineyard. She thought she was seducing him. Sylvie knew what he was, and she liked it. She gave herself to him freely amongst her father’s wine vines. It was the first time he met Nan from the Authority. She got an eyeful, and although she had heard rumors she was still impressed by his… height. In private, she brought to him charges, failure to register with his sheriff, failure to pay taxes. Pam instantly dislikes her, although Nan thinks that under different circumstances they could have been friends. Nan tells them that they cannot be in hiding when they’re biting and fucking under the moonlight, and to get a room. Nan also tells them of Tru-blood, and mainstreaming is soon to be a reality. It’s big business and big money, so everyone has to fall into line. Although Pam understands, Eric would rather play with Sylvie. Nan isn’t so pleased with Eric’s answer, and although he tells Sylvie not to worry Pam sees plenty to worry about. Pam wants to leave immediately, but Eric has other ideas. Eric doesn’t like Pam’s tone, and he puts his foot down. Side with daddy, no matter what.

Now, a very wet Alcide finds the house empty. Sookie has flown the coop. He uses his super sniffer to find Sookie, which leads him straight to Bill’s door. Alcide kicks the door in, knowing that Sookie was there. Sookie and Bill are driving. Werewolves may be the best trackers, but Bill covered their tracks, and they have a pretty good head start. Bill asks if its too late for him to talk her out of her crazy plan, and it looks like that’s the case. Alcide slides into his wolf fur, and takes off after his stupid lady love. Sookie asks Bill why he can’t feel her anymore. She thought that after she had his blood it was forever. After feeding all the vampires in camp he was completely drained, and only Jessica and James feeding him brought him back. He has a clean vampire slate, how very convenient. He’s not the same vampire who did all the horrible things to her he says, although he has the memories, and Sookie seems satisfied with the answer. Bill tells her that if they are to go through with the plan then she has to take his blood or he won’t be able to help her. She agrees, but while he starts to enjoy the sucking, she reminds him that she has a boyfriend, which makes his fangs retract instantly.

Wade wonders if his brother Rocky is okay. While Adilyn is sure of Rocky, she isn’t so sure if his mother is okay. But Adilyn tells him a secret to cheer him up, that they made out once, but a vampire glamoured it out of him. He thinks it’s the best news he’s heard and when he tries for a 2.0 version, Jessica arrives on the scene, with Andy pulling up the rear. Adilyn asks that she not tell her dad what she was about to do, but there are bigger things to worry about. Andy wants to know who did this to her, and Wade tells him that they tried to stop the mob, but they took all the guns and ammo. The whole town has gone mad, and although Wade wants to protect Rocky, Andy tells him that they’re all in trouble. The mob is after anyone who’s different than they are.

Sam pour out his soul to the Reverend of the horrors he saw in the neighboring town. Reverend Daniels tells Sam that he’s going to get Nicole back but that he has to have faith. Sam tells him that they all had faith, and it got them no where. The Reverend tells him whether he sees death coming or not, spending all your time waiting for it isn’t a life worth living. Willa flashes in, trying to get to the Reverend ahead of Lettie Mae. She tells him that she’s freaking out again, that she gave her her blood. Lettie Mae is seeing Tara again. Willa explains that she was hurt, and she didn’t know what else to do. Reverend Daniels asks everyone to leave while he tries to get control of his wife.

Sam rides with Matt, who’s quite a little chatterbox. On the way home they run into the town mod blocking the road. Maxine stands out front, everyone has their gun raised. Sam asks what they’re doing, and Vince answers that they’re taking their town back. Sam’s secret is out of the bag, used as fuel to their fire, and when Sam points out that he cannot believe Kenya is a part of this craziness, it gets turned into a race thing. Sam tries to appeal to Rocky, that he’s working on getting his mom back, but one of the mob points out that they’re safer with their guns than with some fag vampire. Matt tries to stick up for himself, and Vince shoots him, killing him. Matt didn’t deserve that. Vince names Sam the devil, accusing him of tricking the people. He tells Sam to go home, or better  yet to leave Bon Temps for good cause he’s the mayor now. Sam isn’t laying down though, he’s the law there, and he takes off in the form of an owl.

Oh, no. Jason has been thinking again. If they make it through this, he asks Violet if she will have a baby with him, or rather adopt. Violet bristles, but Jason goes on. A man isn’t nothing without a family. Violet is speechless, and when she finally does open her mouth its nothing but scorn. She calls him a girl for getting sentimental, that in her day a town of dead was nothing, the men didn’t feel anything because they were warriors. Jason breaks it to Violet that he’s a modern man, he thinks and he feels. Violet thinks that he use to be, that he may have been broken when he was thrown in her cell but he was still a real man. Andy and Jessica come knocking, and Violet tells them to fuck off, but they’re not taken aback by her bark. Jason tells them to come in, and they do. Violet singles out Jessica, pinning her to the wall, reminding her that its her house. Andy gives Jason the update on Vince and his band of idiots. They have all the guns, and Kenya has gone to the dumb side. Jessica tells him that Adilyn is worried that they’re after Sookie. Andy leaves Adilyn and Wade at Jason’s with explicit instructions, they are not to open the door or go outside. Violet makes Jessica a deal that they’ll call a truce until they find Sookie. Jessica is fine with that as she wasn’t aware that they still had an issue. Someone please stake Violet already. Her death is one I deeply desire. Jason grabs his gun and he’s all set.

Lafayette has a one man dance party, which is cut short by James knocking at his door. James has come back for some weed, but Lafayette has none left. He offers him some pills, but James can’t swallow. James is looking to forget his beautiful redhead problem. They live together, they even occasionally have sex, but she’s just not there, and he wants more. Lafayette asks if he remembers the last pill he took, and he does. James reminisces about his last tuinol. Lafayette plans to mix up his own concoction, and once he’s swallowed for James, then they can both party.

At Fantasia, the body count is sky rocketing. They’re down to 4 ½ victims left, or two days. They’re going to have to go back out to hunt, or they’re all going to die. They’re weak, and the humans are being protected by vampires now, but they have little choice, they have to eat every hour. They’ll bring a snack out to hunt with. Holly tries to invoke a protection spell, but the lead vampire puts a stop to it, and takes volunteers Holly for their snack.

Bill understands the plan, but thinks its shaky at best he tells her up above in a tree. Sookie is open to a better one, but she reminds Bill that this plan is half his. He said no such thing, but she reminds him that the first time they went to Fangtasia he called her vampire bait, which isn’t something a girl forgets. That’s not what he meant, and she knows that, but now she’s just fulfilling her fate. He asks if they take the bait back to where the other are being held, does she want him to bring Alcide along to find her. She wants him to bring Alcide and anyone else willing to help. She hopes that there are a whole lot of people that need rescuing. He asks if she loves Alcide, and she tells him its none of his business. Bill wants to be friends though, and friends talk. Sookie admits that Alcide wants kids. He asks if that’s what she wants. When she doesn’t answer he tells her that when they were together, and she interrupts. She loves Alcide she really does, but she fears that she doesn’t love him as much as he loves her, and she knows she should because he’s decent, and handsome, grounded and good. But when they say I love you she can hear it in his voice and in his thoughts that he means it more than she does and that makes her feel awful. Love isn’t always equal Bill admits, and maybe that she’ll grow to love him more. She’s settle for him loving her a little less.

Jessica, Andy, Jason and Violet head out to look for Sookie. Jason gets her voicemail, worried since they stopped by her house and found the front door open. They come upon Sam’s truck. They get out to look around. The mob makes their presence known. Andy asks where the mayor went, and they tell him that he flew away, but Vince asks what he can do for them. Unless they can un-lock up the Sheriff’s daughter, or unsteal their guns, Jason just wants them out of the way or he can practice his shooting skills on them. Kenya complains that Adilyn struck her with lightening. Andy is a proud papa over it, but that’s besides the point. He wants through. The mob plans to hold their ground. Maxine guns for Jessica. She’s still upset that Hoyt left her, and she shoots Jessica in the arm. Violet rips her heart out, and everyone is kind of shock. The mob breaks apart, and scurries away. Violet goes to fetch Rocky for Andy, alive on his orders, and Jason goes to see why Jessica isn’t healing.

Holly sits in the middle of the HVamp hunting pack. They tell her to stay still, to say nothing. A pair take the two that they’ve found while the rest go looking for more.

At Lafayette’s he and James sit in a drug haze listening to music, enjoying the bass. James says goodbye to the past, since now is all that matters.

Alcide scours the woods. Sam catches up to him and the two shift back into their luscious human skin. Alcide tells him that Sookie is missing, that he lost her scent at Bill’s house. Two of the mob members fidget with their guns, and take a pop shot at the pair as they shift and run off.

Sookie sharpens a stick, waiting for her prey. She thought she smelled special, but so far no one is taking the bait. Bill assures her that she does. Sookie asks if Bill has ever been to Six Flags. She describes one of the rides there, and although immortal, Bill thinks it would scare him to death. Sookie tells him that it wasn’t the fall that was the scary part, but the waiting. You knew you were going to fall, it was just a matter of when. That’s exactly what this feels like she tells him. He tells her she should try to go to war, but this is war she reminds him.

1862 Bill’s daughter Sarah doesn’t want to take the picture, but her mother tells her that its for her father while he’s away. He asks what she’s frightened of, she doesn’t want him to leave. She asks why if he’s coming home why he needs the photograph. Bill wants the photo since it would be better to have something rather than nothing at all. Although the photos are expensive, Bill asks for one of him and his daughter for her to keep. Mr. Fortenberry takes the Compton family photo second.

Sookie stabs herself bringing Bill out of his memory. Danger Whore is sick of waiting. She makes the announcement that she tastes like sunshine and flowers and she’s right there.

Reverend Daniels finally has Lettie Mae calmed down. Willa wonders if she burned herself on purpose. He asks if she’s hungry, but she doesn’t want to be an inconvenience. He’s willing to open a vein for her though. She asks if he’s sure, being a reverend and all, but he’s sure. She hesitates, before taking her meal. He tells her that he moved to this town after the worse period of his life. He and his first wife lost their daughter six months prior. His first wife strayed and he lost all faith in god, his wife and self. His congregation would come check on him and he would pretend he wasn’t there. He hid afraid someone would talk to him. One morning he woke up put on his collar and headed out to the boarded up church outside. On the steps he saw a beautiful woman clutching a bottle of Captain Morgan. She told him that she had been waiting for him. Everyone said that he saved Lettie Mae, but she saved him just as much. Willa finishes her meals. Reverend Daniels points out that there is no liquor in the house, because Lettie Mae is a good woman, but she has a disease that’ll eat up booze, pills, drugs, gambling, sex, or vampire blood. Willa is a nice girl, and he’s so very sorry for all she’s been through, unfortunately though to Lettie Mae she looks like a bottle of Captain Morgan’s and he can’t have her around anymore. Lettie Mae manipulated her once, and she’ll do it again. Willa understands, but worries who will protect them. God will. Reverend Daniels thanks Willa for all that she has done, but he rescinds her invitation.

James wakes up, up Lafayette is slow to wake. James worries that he OD’d on him. He didn’t. Lafayette teases that James was worried about him, thinks its cute. James offers to fix his neck for him, and Lala lets him. With a quick bite of his fingers, and a little rubbing of his neck, Lafayette has to wonder if James is grooving on him. Lala didn’t misread the signals, but James maintains that he’s with Jessica.

Past, Pam feeds on some French food. A troop of sword carrying men arrive. Eric screws Sylvie in the vineyard when Pam interrupts. The men have Pam. The man in charge likes what he sees in Sylvie, and orders her to be taken. When Eric struggles, they threaten Pam. They’re from the Nakamoro corporation, the Tru-blood makers, and Eric understands the point. He will be more careful in the future. One of the women have to die, and Eric get to choose. Eric offers the man money, offers to double, triple the money, but he’s not taking it. Eric offers himself up instead, but the Authority wants him alive. Eric chooses Pam, and Sylvie gets a sword through his body. The men take silver chains to Eric and drag him away.

Now. Pam asks if Eric contracted the virus on purpose. Not on purpose, but he didn’t tread with caution either. Pam tells him that with an ample blood supply vampires are living longer and longer, and a cure is being worked on. She will help keep him well. He asks why, and she asks if he regrets the choice he made that night. He made the only choice that he could. She asks him not to make her watch this as he watched Godric. He tells her that she is free to leave as blood tears fall. For more than a thousand years the world has been his oyster, and he’s lost the taste for oysters. He tells her again to go. Pam rises to leave, but she stops. She tells him that Sarah Newlin still lives, and she’s still out there. No one has seen her, she’s in hiding somewhere. That has his attention. Eric rises, and wants to go find her.

At the moment Newme is screwing her yogi. She’s riding him hard, but he wants to climax together. She follows his instructions to fruitation.  He has made it his life’s work to steer his students to the right path, never thinking that a student could show him the path. She came five months ago thinking that life on earth was an audition to get into heaven. He tells her that there is no life on earth, there is only now, and now he tells her to go pick a nice bottle of red. She leaves bed. Outside walk the guys with swords and guns. Newme is in the cellar picking out her bottle of red while the guru is asked if he knows Sarah Newlin. At sword point he tells them that he does know her, but he will not give her up. They kill him, and she watches his blood creep into the room.

Bill alerts Sookie that a human approaches. It’s Holly. Sookie is happy to see Holly, but she doesn’t know where she’s been, she’s in a daze. Bill is taken by surprise by the HVamps. Luckily Alcide, Sam, Jason, Andy, Violet and Jessica are there. They take out the vampires around Sookie. Alcide asks Sookie what the hell she was thinking, but he doesn’t really want her answer. Sam unchains Bill. Alcide gives her the once over, asking for help to wash her off , which Violet takes care of while he give Bill the third degree for going along with her stupid plan. Bill has known Sookie long enough not to try to make her change her mind. Alcide tells him to tell him about Sookie like he doesn’t know her and he’ll kill him. Gunshoots ring through the air. Packmaster down, I repeat Packmaster down. Alcide is riddled with bullets. Jason and Andy shoot at some stupid rednecks, but its too late the damage to the beautiful flesh is done. Jessica offers to turn him, but Sookie refuses. She’s been down that road before, and Alcide is gone. It was Lou, and Andy leaves him to die as Sookie cries over her wolf.

I thought I was prepared for it all to end, for everyone to die. I couldn’t have been more wrong. That death was a low blow. Although I get Alcide had to die to make way for the Bill and Sookie ending that they seem intent on ramming down our throats making him go out like that was just wrong. And with the death of Alcide, another item on our wishlist goes up in smoke.


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