WALKER STALKER CON Announces DAVID MORRISSEY Plus Additional Guests For NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY December 13 & 14, 2014

Secaucus, NJ – In addition to the 15 guests previously announced, Walker Stalker Con announced 7 additional guests that will be attending the convention located at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ on December 13 & 14, 2014.

David Morrissey, known for his portrayal of great characters such as Ripley Holden (Blackpool), Jackson Lake (Doctor Who) & The Walking Dead’s The Governor, will be in attendance.

Additional guests for the convention include (with more to be announced):

Josh McDermitt / Brighton Sharpino / Howard Sherman
Kyra Schon / Terry Alexander / Lori Cardille

The full event schedule can be found at http://walkerstalkercon.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=c419cc2ced13e931f32be4e38&id=3a08ddd028&e=27df263f59

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