Halt and Catch Fire S1E10 (S1 Finale) - "1984" Recap

The team is still recovering following their falling-out. Gordon and Donna have to begin rebuilding their relationship. Cameron is back home with her father. Joe and Gordon return to work and the first test shipment of machines arrives. Joe is concerned about the new Mac and shows their new advert to Gordon, who doesn't want to waste energy worrying about it. He wants to push forward whereas Joe is considering them making revisions to their machine and delay putting it out to do so.

Donna sabotages her position at her place of employment during a work review so she can get fired and continue her work with Gordon. Back at Cardiff Electric, they find a glitch in one of the machines and immediately they become concerned that it could delay shipment. Joe thinks it's an opportunity to go with his desire to add a top-notch program to include on the machines and have it ready to send out with the machines in 60 days.

Gordon decides he wants to threaten to turn Cameron in to the feds in order to get Joe to leave Cardiff. Donna offers him fake proof to back up his bluff. Meanwhile, Joe pays Cameron a visit to ask her to return to Cardiff, saying he can't do this without her. She refuses and he then tells her to start her own company, or they could start one together. He says they could go anywhere; he just wants to be with her.

Gordon debuts a clean-shaven look for the launch party of the giant. The event goes well but Gordon and Donna are carjacked on the way home from it. Then Joe takes the truck with the shipments and sends it up in flames.

Gordon asks Donna if she'd like to come work at Cardiff but she politely turns him down. He promises to support her wherever her heart takes her. She then reveals that Cameron had offered her a job awhile ago and she wants to take it. Cameron is shown to be taking the lead with this new start-up company and Joe is hiking out in nature, no doubt doing some much-needed soul-searching.


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