Intruders S1E2 - "And Here… You Must Listen" Recap

Madison's mother finds that she is missing and frantically begins searching for her but to no avail. Madison is at a train station. She becomes lucid and remembers the journey she took to the train station but also the stop she took to meet a Chinese woman who welcomed her back before giving her a black book with a gold nine on the front. The book also contains an envelope full of cash and a pair of keys inside. Her train ticket is set to take her to Seattle, Washington. The opening message of the book reads, "In the beginning, there was death."

Jack visits Amy's place of work but her boss Todd is evasive, saying he doesn't know where Amy is. He offers to pass her mobile phone on and says that she isn't in Seattle that week, or at least not with them. Jack dreams and it's unclear whether he's recalling a memory of something that actually happened. He and Amy are in bed and she begins speaking Russian and moves towards the window. He tries to wake her and asks if she is okay. She says she is because "in the beginning, there was death."

Madison's father Simon comes in and is tearfully embraced by his wife whilst she he is being interviewed by a police officer.

In El Cajon, California, Tim Truth is covering for Oz Turner. He tells listeners that Oz's death is being ruled a suicide but does not believe this to be what truly happened. He says to Bill Anderson that if he is listening, they are all there to ensure he doesn't get captured. He also insinuates that Oz was killed for revealing the name of the secret society, Qui Riverti. He says the killers are out there listening but he and others will never forget.

Madison's visitors are visited by Shepherd who is claiming to be an FBI agent. His manner of questioning is rather abrasive and oddly specific so they ask him for some identification. He retaliates by saying that Nick Coulson is the man Madison's mother has been sleeping with. Simon storms out angrily and his wife chases after him. This leaves Shepherd to go snooping through Madison's belongings and he finds a torn out page in her notebook and finds that she had written the message, "What goes around comes around."

Jack goes asking around to various cab drivers for George, the man who had found Amy's phone. George receives word that he is looking for him and goes to meet Jack in a bar. George says that Amy frightened him and that he overheard her say she used to live in Russia and that she assassinated a Czar in the 1800s.

Madison reads a message in the book that welcomes her back, saying she has been missed but now her river flows again. It says to not be afraid of uncertainty, headaches, or unfamiliar memories, adding that this has all happened before and will happen again. Only Qui Riverti can understand. There is no such thing as death. Her pupils dilate as she finishes reading the message, likely indicating her switch back to Marcus. She then presents her ticket to the worker, who despite Madison's best efforts, refuses to allow her onboard as an unaccompanied minor. He flatly apologises but she rebuffs him, ominously saying that what goes around, comes around.

Shepherd goes to Chinatown and visits the woman Madison saw in her vision. She questions him as to what he has done since they have never had a nine-year-old visit them before. He demands to know where she has gone. Shepherd fights and kills off her hired muscle. She pleads with him to not kill her, saying she will be 72 next month and that it's not her time yet. He ignores this and shoots her anyway.

George admits to Jack that Amy was with a man but it seemed like they were just friends. Jack continues on his search for her by looking for the nicest hotel in town. George helps him with his search but they are then chased by some men in dark clothing. George is badly beaten but Jack is able to fight them off using his skills as a police officer. A man is about to shoot Jack but then one of them says, "No, she said no," and they run off. Jack helps George up and George says that those men were after Jack and leaves, saying he is done. Jack receives a call from his friend, enquiring after the car he borrowed. Jack apologises and then admits that the reason he is in Seattle is because Amy went missing. It's then that Amy is patched through, saying she is home, and asks where he is. He looks up and sees someone watching him before going inside and turning off the lights.

Madison tries to bribe a man to pretend to be her father so she can board the train but he believes that she is a trap to bait predators so he refuses. She spots Shepherd searching for her so she runs out. She runs outside and is able to shake his tail before bribing a woman to drive her to Seattle. In the car, Madison continues to read the message from her little black book.

Intruders airs on Saturdays at 10PM on BBC America.


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