Masters of Sex S2E2 - "Kyrie Eleison" Recap

Rose is a sexually active 18-year-old girl with controlling Waspy parents. She is brought in on Bill's first day at Memorial Hospital due to vaginal bleeding. Her parents are big, important donors to the hospital so she's supposed to receive the finest care.

Dr. Langham tends to Vivian's broken arm and tries to flirt with her but she couldn't be less interested, as she is still recovering from both her break-up and her father's suicide attempt. Vivian then runs into Virginia in the halls. Virginia tries to be polite but Vivian tells her off for breaking Ethan's heart.

Bill is stressed from Betty insisting on hanging out in his office. She is pretending to receive fertility treatments to fool her husband, despite being infertile. Bill diagnoses Rose with a perforated uterus due to a mishap during an abortion. Rose's mother reveals that Rose has been embarrassingly sexually active and wants her daughter to have a hysterectomy. She believes Rose to be incapable of controlling her deviant urges.

Virginia visits Bill to inform him that Vivian claimed that Scully has gone on holiday. Bill knows this is unlikely to be true and is concerned for his friend's well-being. Virginia then goes to meet Dr. DePaul. She has encouraged her into recording a video for the pap smear campaign. DePaul struggles to get her words out, feeling uncomfortable on camera and storms out. Virginia goes to check on her and is worried that her health is worsening. They agree to call her oncologist and set up an appointment.

Bill meets with Rose, who not only knows what her mother wants done but she agrees with her. She believes there is something dark inside of her and that she's unable to control herself when she thinks about sex. Bill tries to make her understand that the procedure is irreversible and that she should not be so hasty.

Libby has hired a new nanny, Coral, who Bill is skeptical of due to her only being 18. Libby and Coral bond over shared stories from childhood and similar scars from kitchen mishaps.

Bill meets Vivian and tells her he knows she is lying about the reason for her arm injury. Vivian then admits the truth about Scully's suicide attempt. Rose wants it to be an accident but Bill knows that the suicide attempt is due to his struggling with his "deviant" status as a homosexual.

Bill gets into an argument with his boss, who is throwing around words like "slut," "whore," and "queer," whereas Bill is saying that there are legitimate conditions to cause these so-called deviant behaviours. Bill is in trouble for not performing the hysterectomy.

Virginia meets a gastro-doctor who had claimed to be interested in paying to learn about the technology behind Ulysses. Instead, he gets off with her sitting right across from him when she's trying to be a professional explaining the device and the results of the study.

Bill visits Rose again and brings an IUD for her to use, saying that since she is 18, she doesn't need her mother's permission. He says it's the first step to helping her and she agrees to give it a try. When he returns home, the baby is crying uncontrollably and Libby is unable to make it stop. But when Cora is able to appease it by utilising a tight swaddle, Libby is embarrassed at being out-shined. Libby later condescends Cora by correcting her pronunciation of the word "ask" and says that they need to work as a team.

Virginia accompanies DePaul to her appointment and they learn that her terminal cancer is worsening. Virginia is concerned and appears determined to help DePaul both professionally and personally for whatever time she has left.

Betty has overheard everything about Rose's case over the course of her stay. She visits Rose when she is preparing to leave. She shares a story about how her mother used to slut-shame her and when she finally couldn't take it anymore, she stabbed her mother in the eye with a shoe. She says that though this is not the best way to handle things, there is still a life lesson in there somewhere. Rose is appreciative and says that Dr. Masters told her, "You're not your worst part."

Finally, we see Bill and Virginia heading off for another late-night rendezvous.

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