SacAnime Day 0 is Today! Pick up your badges early and meet JMichael Tatum! SacAnime Summer 2014 is August 29 - 31, 2014 at theSacramento Convention Center.

SACANIME is being held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday August - 29th - 31st, 2014 at the Sacramento Convention Center, Sheraton Grand Hotel and Sacramento Community Center Theater.  For more information, check out the website at: 


Friday Only: $30 | Saturday Only: $40 | Sunday Only: $25

Weekend (All 3 Days): $45 | Sunday Exhibitor Room Only: $15

Day 0 Event!

Pick up your badges early on Thursday from 4pm - 10pm and get a bonus Panel & Autograph session from Special Guest J Michael Tatum. (8pm in Camelia at the Sheraton Grand).  We'll also be selling on site registration.


SacAnime Winter 2015 Early Bird VIP Info

Book your room at the Sheraton by September 7th and get a
$1 VIP Weekend Badge for every room night booked!

We've Added More Photo Ops! 

Celebrity Photographer Craig Damon will be taking photos of some of our guests and YOU, delivering a beautiful 8×10 print within minutes!


The cost for this opportunity is $40.00 USD and can be purchased at the event, but space is limited!

 4pm - Johnny Yong Bosch
5pm - Cristina Vee & Christine Cabanos
7pm - J Michael Tatum

10am - Johnny Yong Bosch
11:30am - Cristina Vee & Christine Cabanos
12:30pm - J Michael Tatum
3pm - Mark Sheppard
5pm - Camilla Luddington

10am - J Michael Tatum
11am - Christina Vee & Christine Cabanos
12:15pm - Johnny Yong Bosch
1pm - Mark Sheppard
Mark Sheppard Photo Ops


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