Teen Wolf S4E10 - "Monstrous" Recap

Kira saves two werewolves, Brett Talbot and Lori, from hunters who got their names from the Deadpool. Scott takes a moment to offer Liam some guidance, as he is struggling to find the strength to fight these supernatural battles. He then meets Kira at the clinic where Satomi and what's left of her pack are also waiting for him. Scott says they're going to need help to provide protection. He plans to enlist Chris Argent.

Stiles and Malia make up following their respective near-death experiences. They then find that they're locked in to his hospital room. They then determine that the tape from Lydia's grandmother was made at the boathouse.

Lydia works on getting Meredith to give up information but she only agrees to do so if she can talk to Peter. When he comes in to talk to her, she reveals that they have met before. She knew him while he was burned and comatose. He mind-melds with her and begins rambling in a way only Lydia can understand. Meredith was near the comatose Peter and could hear every thought of Peter's. All his thoughts were about the fire, getting revenge, and a plot to hire the assassins of the Deadpool to kill off the supernaturals to create a stronger breed of supernaturals in his image. So now we see that the entire idea came from Peter, although he doesn't even remember.

The hunters come for Satomi's pack and they fight them off alongside Scott, Kira, Derek, Braeden, and Chris. During the fight, Scott transforms into a more severe wolf form but shifts back to his normal werewolf face when the bloodied hunter he is beating surrenders. It's then that the system is shut down. He receives a text, which he shows to the hunter, from the system saying that all contracts have been terminated.

Stiles and Malia are in the creepy room and find old computer servers in the wall that house the Deadpool. Malia considers smashing it to pieces but Stiles warns her that doing so may not stop the Deadpool so they must find a way to shut it down properly. They call Lydia and she figures out instructions that help them find the key and turn it off.

Lydia talks with Meredith, who says that she set her plan in motion after hearing Lydia's post-Allison-death scream. Meredith believes they're all monsters. Lydia assures her this isn't the case, using Scott as an example. Meredith says Lydia isn't a monster either, touching Lydia's cheek, and then being horrified upon realising the gravity of what she's done.

Peter meets with Kate and decides to carry on with his plan to kill Scott and obtain his Alpha powers.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.


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