Teen Wolf S4E6 - "Orphaned" Recap

Kate wakes up in the backseat of a car. It's raining outside. She picks up a gun and uses it to turn off the radio. A cassette tape pops out. Seriously? Do Teen Wolf viewers even know what a cassette is? she looks it over and finds the message "Play Me" written on it. She plays it hears a recording of a man talking about werewolves needing to be trained to become Betas and a sacred object: the Triskelion.

We then see a bloody Kate questioning a man on the identity of the Benefactor, with the help of her Berserker minions. He points her in the direction of a group known as "The Orphans," who have apparently also been receiving mix tapes. One of her victims isn't dead and shoots her from behind. She tries to retaliate but something about the bullet forces her to transform and she proceeds to maul him to death.

The police are investigating the death of the student and Papa McCall tells Scott he should have been there to protect him. Parrish escorts Violet out, who after reading his name plate, realises he's one of the people on the list. Sheriff Stilinski has confiscated her weapon, the thermal cut wire. Liam tells Scott that Kira's gone, having left to see Lydia. Scott overhears his father talking to Violet about the weapon and says that she is one of "The Orphans." She is escorted away and then he says they need to find her boyfriend, Garrett.

Derek and Stiles have Brett, the poisoned werewolf, at Deacon's office. They're trying to help but he breaks free, only to be punched out by Peter. Derek is losing his werewolf strength and notices that the cuts on his arms aren't healing. Deacon cuts the werewolf's chest open and the poisonous gas shoots out. He thinks he'll be fine but be out for a while. He whisper-chants, "The Sun, The Moon, The Truth." Derek's cuts finally heal after a delay. Deacon says that the chant is Buddhist. Derek and Peter look at each other and have a flash to a Japanese woman. Peter says, "Satomi."

Scott breaks into Garrett's locker while Liam keeps watch. Scott lies and says he hasn't found anything, even though he has stumbled across a massive stash of cash.

Mama McCall is on the phone about the bills. She's three months behind and needs the power turned back on. Scott hears her from upstairs and with the cash hidden under his bed, it's obvious what he's considering doing.

Liam goes for a run and is hit by Garrett in his car. When Liam's friend Mason catches up, Liam and Garrett are nowhere to be found.

Malia hears a voice calling her name while in class and she leaves to follow it. She finds Derek who says he needs her help. He needs help finding Brett's pack and knows they have a meeting place in the woods. Since she's spent more time in the woods than anyone else, he gives her his jersey and teaches her to track using its scent.

Stiles and Lydia bring Parrish the hit list and show him the fact that he is on it. He's offended at the number "5," thinking it means he's worth five dollars, until Stiles clarifies that it means five million. He's then further confused, since he only makes forty-thousand a year. None of them know why he's on it. They say they need Meredith's help in order to get the last cypher and crack the last third of the list.

Mason tells Scott about Liam. They try asking Coach if he's seen him but he's no help. Scott gets a call from Liam's number and it's Garrett. Garrett says he wants his money and Violet or Liam will never be seen again. Liam wakes up in the bottom of the well because it's another horror-cliche that needed to be checked off the list. Scott meets with Garrett and asks what he expects him to do; Garrett wants his help pulling a heist when Violet is set to be transferred. Garrett reveals he stabbed Liam with the wolfsbane-tipped knife and when the poison spreads to his heart, he'll die. The well is revealed to be somewhere in the middle of the woods.

Derek and Malia arrive to the woods. Derek tells her how the leader of this pack is Satomi, one of the oldest werewolves alive. She is also revealed to be one of the people at the Oak Creek internment camp. She was a bitten werewolf and the one that killed Rhys, Noshiko's love. Malia smells gun powder and Derek finds a shell casing. Derek realises that the pack is hiding.

Scott and Garrett prepare to do the heist and they come up to the car only to find that it's already crashed. Scott is in a panic, worrying about his injured father and Sheriff Stilinski, who warns him, "They're still here." Garrett is approaching with his poisoned weapon drawn when the Berserkers reveal themselves. Garrett is impaled by one and Scott is attacked.

Stiles and Lydia visit Meredith at Radley, with the help of Deputy Parrish, who reminds the Orderly that they let him off with a warning when he was caught driving under the influence. Meredith says that the Benefactor doesn't want her to tell him.

Scott wakes in Deacon's office with a Berserker claw still him in and Argent pulls it out. Deacon tells him that his father and the Sheriff are in the hospital and will be fine. Scott needs to use his nose and the claw to track Kate down, who has Violet, who knows where Liam is, probably.

Malia suggests to Derek that they think like Stiles, a detective, to figure out where the werewolves are hiding. Where would Buddhists hide? An Eastern point, a lookout point. Time to head East!

Liam's trying to climb out of the well. But in perfectly dramatic cinematic form, he falls back down. He punches the wall and remembers a conversation with Scott in which he talked about advice from his father that said that angry kids either hurt themselves or hurt someone else. This spurs him on to try again, with a perfect product-placement shot of his Nike shoes.

Meredith becomes frantic and screams that she doesn't know. It's then that Lydia's ears bleed and Stiles caresses her face, looking horrified that his lady-love is injured.

Chris Argent and Scott have tracked down Kate and her Berzerkers. A fight breaks out. During the commotion, Scott finds Violet already dead. Kate roars to prevent one of her Berzerkers from killing Chris, for some as-of-yet-unknown reason.

Derek and Malia find the pack, dead from poisoning. Malia suggests that they run as fast as they can from Beacon Hills. Derek realises that someone among the bodies isn't dead. It's his BAE, Braden.

Liam's still climbing and we get another Nike-shoe-shot. He roars, eyes flash yellow, and Scott hears it.

Stiles suggests that the cypher follows the trend of dead names but Lydia says they've already tried all the names they can think of. Lydia blames herself for pushing Meredith over the edge and Stiles tells her it isn't her fault. Stiles then suggests that the third key is someone who isn't dead but someone who will be. Lydia closes her eyes, concentrates, begins to type, and the name she writes is "Derek." She enters it and it works. I know this is supposed to be suspenseful but come on. Derek is not going anywhere. The last third of the list reveals Liam's name with a bounty of 3 million.

Liam's just about to fall when Scott catches him and pulls him out of the well. Scott hugs him and tells him he's going to be okay. Lydia calls Parrish to warn him and he tells her that Meredith is dead, having hung herself in her room. Lydia is emotional but Stiles comforts her.

Deacon saves Liam and Scott tells him and Argent that no one else will die. He doesn't care what anyone on the list is; he's going to save all of them. Go on, honey!

Scott still has the money, in a Nike bag because this show isn't going to pay for itself, and Stiles tells him they should count it. They dump the money out and find a "Play Me" cassette. And how exactly are they going to play that? Who has a cassette player lying around?

Peter finds Kate in a sewer. He sasses her in his v-neck, though it's not as low-plunging as his others, and she sasses back. Peter offers to teach her to control herself in exchange for his money back. She says there's no way that's all he wants. He says he wants what he's always wanted: power.

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