Teen Wolf S4E7 - "Weaponized" Recap

A man in a lab coat is experimenting on a werewolf in a lab and listens to a cassette while sipping some tea. Scott and Stiles listen to a cassette with the same message on it and discuss Garrett's money. Scott wants to give it back to Derek but Stiles isn't as keen on the idea since it would mean giving a large sum of money back to Peter, too, who he sees as dangerous. Malia shows up and tells them she and Derek found Satomi's pack, most of whom were dead.

Derek rushes Braeden to a hospital, cradling his beautiful bae in his arms. Deaton encounters Satomi outside his clinic.

Scott, Stiles, Malia, and Kira are at the school to take the PSAT. Lydia's not there because the girl-wonder took it her freshman year. The man in the lab coat, the Chemist, is supervising the test. Coach is supposed to be the other supervisor but when Lydia's mother goes to check in on him, she finds him passed out at his desk. She assumes he has fallen off the wagon after fifteen years of sobriety. The test begins and one of the students falls over. Lydia's mother spots red welts on the girl's arm and leaves to go check Coach and finds the same marks on his back. She calls the Centre for Disease Control and the school is quarantined.

Satomi has brought a sick Beta of hers to Deaton. She describes how her pack got sick in the woods. Deaton says they need to bring him to a hospital, where Melissa can help. Melissa heads to Braeden's room, where Derek is watching over his bae, and wakes her up. Braeden says that Satomi's pack wasn't poisoned, but infected by a virus engineered to kill werewolves.

Lydia is at her lake house with Meredith's possessions and tries and fails to communicate with her. However, among her possessions, she finds a photo of Meredith in the soundproof room in which Lydia currently is in.

Scott, Stiles, Kira, and Malia are all infected but it is effecting them in different ways. Malia asks Kira if she knows what Scott and Stiles are hiding under his bed but Kira doesn't know anything about it. A CDC worker tries to draw blood from Kira but electricity shocks the needle hand the worker rushes out to in case a hole has been burned through her suit but it only hit the top layer. She chalks it up to static electricity. Stiles worries that the virus could make them lose control of their shift so they all head down to the Hale Vault to seek refuge. Malia tells Scott and Stiles that she knows their secret. They're worried she means the money but she then says that she knows she's on the list. They admit this is true and when asked, they tell her that the bounty on her is 4 million. She says that since it's less than Scott and Kira's, they'll be taken out before her. She then uses her claws to open the vault. Stiles and Scott convinced her to open it by claiming that Scott doesn't have control over his claws at the moment but in reality, only a Hale can open the vault. They then lock themselves inside.

Satomi's beta dies at the hospital while in the elevator with Satomi, Melissa, and Deacon.

Scott and Stiles argue over whether to tell Malia about Peter being her father. Scott wants to tell her, ever the noble one, but Stiles doesn't trust Peter. His name isn't on the list and perhaps he could be the Benefactor? Stiles thinks that Malia will leave them if she learns the truth. Lydia has arrived at the school and the Sheriff asks her if someone is going to die. She is certain someone inside will.

Deaton performs an autopsy on the Beta and determines that the virus is a weaponised strain of Canine Distemper, a disease deadly to wolves.

At the hospital, Derek is still watching over Braeden. She asks what he's still doing there and he unconvincingly claims to be protecting his investment. Just ask her out already, sweetie. Melissa then bring Satomi in to meet him. Derek, Melissa, and Satomi are filled in by Deacon. Satomi's not infected so she may be immune but they must determine why. She notes how Derek looks like his mother and Derek mentions tea Satomi used to always bring. Deaton asks what kind and Satomi says reishi, which is a powerful inoculate against sickness. Behold, we have a cure! Derek says some of this rare tea is still in the vault.

Stiles leaves the group to avoid suspicion and plays detective as always. In the vault, Malia is about to look on the list and see her last name as Hale but Scott's worry is for nothing: she has already gone blind. The virus is progressing. Scott's vision is blurring. Stiles determines that the ink used to fingerprint the students for the test is how the virus was spread. The Chemist catches him and holds him at gunpoint. He wants to know where the kids are. All the non-supernatural people infected are getting better, since the virus isn't intended to kill them. The group in the vault are only getting worse.

The Chemist is preparing to shoot Stiles but then Agent McCall shoots the Chemist in the head, sending blood spraying into Stiles' face. Honestly, it makes no sense. How could the Chemist be shot in the back of the head, have a bullet wound through the front of the head, send blood spraying in Stiles' face, and all without Stiles getting shot, too? McCall relays a message from Melissa about an antidote being in the vault in a jar.

An assassin arrives at the hotel. She tries to shoot Satomi but Derek jumps in the bullet's path. Satomi then dodges more bullets like The Matrix, only cooler, and kills the assassin.

Stiles is at the vault entrance but can't get inside since he's not a Hale with claws. He pounds on it, shouting that there's a cure in the vault in a jar on one of the shelves. Everyone inside is blind now but Scott is able to use the last of his Alpha strength and vision to find the tea leaves. He smashes the jar, the spores are released, and the group is cured. Scott opens the vault and is reunited with Stiles.

Malia sees her real name, "Malia Hale," on the Deadpool and walks away from Stiles feeling betrayed.

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