Teen Wolf S4E8 - "Time of Death" Recap

Malia and Stiles are still on the outs and Agent McCall must now face the consequences for shooting the Chemist to save Stiles. McCall tells Scott that he knows his friends know something more than what they're telling him and he wants to be in the know when he comes back.

The gang decides to fake Scott's death to try to lure the Benefactor out of hiding. They enlist the help of Noshiko, who instructs Kira on how to slow his heart so he goes into a dream-like state. Melissa plays the part of distraught mother to a tee but we see that she was brought in on the plan. Noshiko shows her that his heart is still beating and he's able to stay alive because he's an Alpha. However, he can only stay like this for 45 minutes; any longer and he'll die. Stiles and Chris Argent send word to the Benefactor that Scott is dead. They say that visual confirmation isn't possible because police are coming to claim the body in 40 minutes. They then threaten the Benefactor, saying that if the payment isn't sent, they'll go after the Benefactor.

Braeden wakes up in Derek's loft, goes to check on him, and finds he's not healing. He tries to play it off and she insists on seeing his real eyes. When he's unable to bring them out, she insists on knowing what's going on. He tells her what's going on and she patches up his wound. He insists he can still fight so she challenges him to arm wrestling. She "cheats" by poking him in the wound first, thus making him lose. She tells him that she's going to teach him how to "bend," since humans have to bend the rules when fighting the supernatural.

Scott is navigating a dream-state. Malia goes to meet Peter and reads a file on herself. The team is at the hospital watching the security cameras, waiting for the Benefactor. Lydia is at the lake house and her mother follows her there, asking what she's up to. Lydia says she's just trying to figure something out and Lydia's mother says she just wants to help if she can. Lydia shows her the photo of Meredith, and Lydia's mother knows her by name.

In the dream-state, Scott notes that he's gotten more fangs now than before. He also keeps meeting Liam and the Mute.

Braeden begins instructing Derek on using a gun, counting bullets, etc. Eventually the lesson leads to kissing and then sex.

Liam and Kira encounter a Berzerker on the hospital roof. Liam tries to fight it but is knocked away. Kira fights it with her katana but ends up knocked out, too. Kate has showed up but she's not the Benefactor. However, she still wants Scott's body, but they won't say why. Chris convinces Kate to leave with her Berzerkers, since she's on the list, too. He assures her they have a plan. Kira and Liam are still on the roof fighting the Berzerkers.

Malia is still having her father/daughter reunion with Peter. She confronts him on the misdeeds of his past, which he chalks up to "extenuating circumstances." He's not the Benefactor, either. He then points her in the direction of someone called the "Desert Wolf," which means coyote.

Lydia's mother gives her her grandmother's ashes, but it turns out it's actually mountain ash. Lydia then notes that the whole building is made of mountain ash.

Dream-Scott is being instructed by the Mute on how to kill Liam. Liam's blood splatters across his face but then Scott wakes screaming. Kira has shocked him awake. Liam then comes in and informs the group that Kira's mother is injured.

We see Kate return to Peter and tell him that he was right and that Scott is still alive. Peter replies, "Thank god."

Stiles meets with Malia who shares how Peter was helping her to find her mother. She says how she fought with her adoptive mother before the fatal car crash. Stiles says killing doesn't run in her family but Malia replies that maybe it does in hers.

Kira tells Scott that her mother has been airlifted to a hospital in Palo Alto. Scott shares how he realises that the Benefactor must be a Banshee, who wouldn't have to see the body in order to know if the person is dead. Finally, we see Lydia's mother showing Lydia so-called nonsense her grandmother had written. But Lydia says it's not nonsense, but code.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.


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