Teen Wolf S4E9 - "Perishable" Recap

Deputy Parrish wakes up zip-tied to the steering wheel of his squad car. Deputy Hague is pouring gas on it and plans to kill him for the 5 million dollar bounty. Parrish goes up in flames while Hague has his earbuds in.

Lydia and Stiles are thinking Lydia's grandmother faked her death and tell Sheriff Stilinski their theory about her being either the Benefactor or an accomplice to them. Hague is writing to the Benefactor to enquire about the bounty when an uninjured but naked and dirty Parrish comes in and attacks him. Hague tries to shoot him but Parrish beats him to death, while Sheriff Stilinski is shot and injured in the shoulder.

The gang brings Parrish back to Derek's loft. They haven't a clue what he is. They also have to weak it to him that they are werewolves, as his only understanding of the strange and unusual is that Lydia is "psychic." They give him the run-down on the supernatural. They now have to worry about who else might have the list and try to come after them.

Stiles is worried about the Sheriff's financial situation, especially now that he has a hospital bill added to his debts. Sheriff is angry, saying it's not Stiles' responsibility to take care of him. Stiles says they're supposed to take care of each other. Sheriff says they'll be all right.

Liam is trying to sleep when his printer starts printing for no reason. When he looks to see what's come out, it's the updated list with multiple names crossed out. He tries to turn it off and has to unplug it to do so.

Lydia shares a story with the group about her grandmother creating the code and how her experiments made Meredith go insane and put into Eichen house. Derek lets Scott know about his losing his abilities. Scott then shares that Derek's name was the one that broke the last third of the list. Derek notes that banshees predict death. Scott returns home and counts the money he has hidden under his bed.

The list keeps getting printed in various printers. Liam is now worth 18 million and he's still struggling following his fight with the Berzerkers. Deputy Parrish shows Stiles and Lydia the many suicides that have taken place in Eichen House.

Scott heads to a party and finds Malia trying to get drunk. He informs her that they can't get drunk, as it has something to do with their healing. She points him in the direction of Liam, who is trying even harder than her to get drunk. Scott looks concerned for Liam's well-being, sensing that he's been off as of late. Scott apologises to Malia about Peter and she tells him that Peter said that he would say that and that Scott was right to try to keep her away from him. She doesn't want to talk about Stiles, either. Scott becomes alarmed when he finds that she and Liam are both drunk or at least intoxicated for some reason.

Lydia and Stiles head to Eichen house and Lydia bribes the orderly to get in. The orderly then stun-guns them out.

Braeden interrogates Deputy Hague.

Deputy Parrish then finds that L. Brunski, the evil orderly, was the one looking after all the patients that apparently killed themselves.

Lydia realises that her grandmother predicted her own death and left clues for her to figure it out, too. The orderly does not believe himself a serial killer, believing himself to be a sort of angel of death. He believes the patients he killed needed release.

Scott then begins to appear intoxicated, too, but he hasn't had anything to drink. Scott then realises that their condition is being caused by the music.

Brunski plays the tape of Lydia's grandmother being murdered. Stiles tells her to not listen and to block it out, telling Lydia to only concentrate on the sound of his voice. He shouts at Brunski to turn it off and he responds by socking Stiles in the face. On the tape, Lorraine tells Brunski not to hurt Ariel, which was the code Lydia used to crack the updated list, which was from The Little Mermaid book they used to read together.

Scott is trying to get to the DJ to turn the music off when some law enforcement come and try to apprehend the "intoxicated" werewolves. One ties Scott up and pours gasoline on him, preparing to torch him. Liam's friend Mason realises that the DJ's music is causing problems and goes over and pulls the plug on it. With the music off, Scott's Alpha strength begins to return. It's then that Breden and Derek show up and take out the would-be captors.

Deputy Parrish arrives just in time, shooting Brunski before he can kill Lydia. Lydia says that he was the one who used Meredith to create the Deadpool and killed her when she tried to help them. But just as Brunski was about to die, he says he wasn't controlling her and that she was controlling him. Lydia then says that Brunski wasn't the Benefactor. It's then that a very-much-alive Meredith reveals herself and says that though Brunski wasn't on her list, he was a very bad person.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.


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