The Strain Recap S01E06: Occulation

The sun rises on another day, a lunar event is about to occur. New York has reached a new level of crazy, even for the city that never sleeps but it hasn’t seen anything yet. Things are about to get even wilder. What can be wilder than human ken dolls? A virus running rampant that will consume everyone.

Thomas in full Vordormort glory pays his chained up victim a visit. He pulls the man’s chain to get his head into position. Once in position he uses his throat spear and sucks him dry. Was the whole chain contraption really needed, or did he feel like a bit of kink with dinner?

FBI agents pay Kelly a visit. They look legit, and not like ghost hunting underwear models, and they’re asking about Eph. Apparently they aren’t that good since they had no clue that she and Eph are separated. Little do any of them know just how close Eph is as he hides out behind cars watching them talk to his ex. She asks if its about the whole airplane thing, but they’re stingy with the information. Matt tries to play the whole man of the house card, but Kelly is tightlipped, and sends them away. They go figuring that Eph couldn’t be in the house with the new boyfriend there.

Two pest guys chat it up in a diner, wondering about the current rat situation. Fet throws in his theory about the mass rat displacement, and shares with them the things he saw down in the sewer. Its so much worse than any of them could imagine. It’s not mole people in the tunnel, mole people would be a blessing. Fet warns them to be careful, and the two mock him as he leaves.

Gus does a little sparring in the ring as Felix watches. He has a visitor from Mr. Eichorst, and the muscle isn’t budging. Gus sees that he’s packing heat, and decides the better option is to go along and see what the man wants.

Zach asks too many questions, wanting to know if his father is in trouble, because he’s on TV. Eph sneaks in, and Kelly wants to know what he’s done. He claims its all BS. He tells Kelly to get Zach out of the city, that something bad is happening, and worse they’re discrediting him. Matt who listens in at the top of the stairs decides to throw his weight in, and asks why Eph is here. Kelly is freaked out by Eph’s warning, and Matt doesn’t quite believe him because the government would totally warn people. Right? Sure, let’s not believe the guy who works at the CDC who is genuinely concerned for his family. The government is trying to turn things around on him, and its not a conspiracy theory. Zach reminds his dad that they can trace him by his phone. Kelly sends her son upstairs so that Eph’s crazy talk doesn’t frighten him. She’s concerned that he’s lost it because of the custody hearing, he’s always told her that she can’t outrun a virus. But this is one that Eph is sure that she has to try to, this is important. The FBI interrupt with a knock at the door, Matt’s a total dick, and hopefully Kelly throws him out now. Eph tries to make for the back door, but of course they have that covered. By gun point the FBI claim that they only want to talk to Eph. They cuff Eph and take him into custody. Eph tells Kelly “Run” as he’s taken away.

Matt is upset that the neighbors may have seen Eph taken away in cuffs. Kelly is more angered by the fact that he called the FBI on Eph, but Matt didn’t want to be an accessory and points out that he forced his way into “their” house. But it isn’t his house, or their house, its her house, and her ex husband and she’ll be the one to decide how to deal with them. Zach is curious as to why his dad was arrested, and asks if they’re going to Vermont. Kelly wonders if it isn’t a bad idea, but Matt isn’t willing to risk anything apparently but infection if Eph just went off the deep end. Seriously you would risk being infected with a deadly virus rather than to admit that maybe your girlfriend’s ex isn’t crazy and there’s a serious virus on the verge of an outbreak. And why is no one reporting on what went down in that senior center, does no one care that elderly people were attacked? Or is the StoneHeart Group’s hacker just that good? Matt knows she’s upset, but Kelly points out that he’s a guest in her house and he needs to start acting like one. She considers that she made a mistake, and Matt changes his tune. He is trying to protect this family. Kelly is done talking though, and heads off to work. Matt resorts to childish tactics of fine, well I have to work late, but Kelly is past the point of caring.

Abraham has reached his next address. He skips the front door, and makes for the back one. No one in this town locks their back doors. He sees that there was a wake of some sort. Lots of food and drink, and he removes his hat to get a closer look, and leaves it on the counter. The guy sure knows how to make himself at home in the homes of people he’s about to murder. He heads down to the basement, good choice, its blood splattered. Someone’s heart beats way too loudly. Abraham finds more than one creature, they’re all huddled together, but they don’t attack. The original passenger comes after Abraham and he uses his trusty nail gun and cane sword to dispatch him. The victim creatures shamble towards him, and it’s Abraham’s heart that’s been making all the noise. He’s on the verge of a heart attack, but he can’t get to his pills with monsters looking to eat him. He fires off his nail gun to incapacitate them and makes his way back upstairs and into the sunlight. Where is a UV light saber when you need one? Abraham gets the door closed to the basement, and grabs one of the candles from the table. He turns on the gas stove, grabbing his hat and leaving the candle behind. That should take care of the creatures.

Nora is awoken with her mother’s vacuuming. She asks if she remembers anything, but all she remember is a lovely dinner. Jim calls and tells Nora that Eph brought Redfern’s video to Everett, and that he’s been arrested. Nora can’t believe her ears, it doesn’t make any sense. The doorbell sounds, and Nora springs to action preventing her mother from opening the door. They need to make a run for it she says. Nora packs a quick bag.

Abraham takes a cab away from the scene of the crime, and he looks like hell. The cabbie tells him not to die in his cab, he even goes as far as to ask if Abraham has enough cab fare. He does, and he wants to be home before the eclipse starts. The city has reached new levels of crazy, but the cabbie isn’t so sure it’s the eclipse. Abraham tries to recruit him to his cause, but the cabbie isn’t taking him seriously.

Gus and Felix meet up with Thomas, who was nice enough to don his nose in the creepy underground. Gus isn’t looking to play again, he’s done. Thomas isn’t taking no for an answer. Gus didn’t look in the box so he wants to just walk. Thomas wants him to recover a body from the hospital, probably Redfern’s. Gus tries to walk away, but Thomas looks to sweeten the deal. In addition to $800.00, his dear mother won’t be deported. Don’t mess with his mama! Thomas has found his weakness, and as he taunts Gus about the love’s ties that bind, Gus loses it, and punches Thomas and smudges his makeup. He wails on him with little effect. Gus is shocked, and even more so when Thomas catches his fist and throws him against the wall. Felix remembers that he has a gun in his hand and fires off a shot, but that doesn’t effect Thomas either. Thomas warns him that he is his salvation or his downfall, and warns him not to be so foolish again, and sends him on his task.

Eph has a little sit down with homeland security. He’s told his story and he’s sticking to it. They think that he killed Redfern, but he most certainly did not. He asks the one agent to text his son since he was cuffed in front of him, but the agent isn’t sure that Eph is in his right mind. He is, but him saying that they need daylight to hunt these things, probably isn’t the best avenue. When he tries to check the time via the agent’s watch, the agent backhands him. The guy doesn’t care who Eph is or what fancy medical school he went to, he owns him, and plans to keep him locked up for awhile. Seriously, I wasn’t aware this was a pissing contest.

Gus and Felix wait for their pick up. Jim collects them, and gives them their uniforms. So Jim is still working for the bad guys too. Et tu, Brute?

Nora’s cell is still on the fritz. Her mother is worried about where they’re going. But Nora knows they need to get someplace soon, it’ll be dark soon with the eclipse. Nora looks up Abraham, he’s the only one left to help them.

Fet heads back to his office, and it’s completely empty. Even the flirty secretary is gone. Fet hears a noise in the back room, and goes to investigate the locked room. H can hear a rat or something squeak, and that’s when he notices his boss is in there sitting in the dark, and he’s not quite right. The man leaps up to attack, throat stinger and all. Fet is able to get away, and draw the blinds. The sun fries the man, and Fet takes another look around. The secretary is there too, and she’s infected. Before she can completely turn and attack he opens the blinds for her too.

The FBI agents continue grilling Eph. They want to know about that whole head smashed body from the airport and the infected people that need to destroyed. Eph asks them to consider for a moment that he’s right, to just go to any of the airline passengers’ house, and see that they are infected. They don’t believe a word he’s saying, until he claims to know where all of the bodies went. They want a location, he wants a deal. The slappy one gets threatening again, but Eph points out that they won’t find their answers there.

Kelly has a drink with her neighbor, Diane (our favorite succubus’s mama from Lost Girl!), who thinks that Eph’s behavior was purely about cockblocking. Kelly is feeling bad about her hard shutdown of Matt. He hasn’t called or text since, but good riddance I think. Diane knows its nothing but pride, and Matt has been showing his all over with this whole redecoration, she’s lucky he hasn’t been marking his territory another way. Kelly wonders if Eph is right, and maybe she should go to Vermont. Kelly invites her friend along, but Diane turns her down. She’s a Queens girl, they don’t run.

Felix, Gus and Jim go about the task of dumping the body, and Felix’s curiosity gets the better of him. He wants to see who they’re dumping. When he unzips the bag all he sees is the throat stinger. Jim wrangles the thing back in the bag with a stick, and he and Gus toss the body in the water, and it sinks to the bottom. If it worked for Hoffa, it must work for everything, right?

Fet takes a little walk. He pays a visit to his father, who looks surprised to see him. His mother isn’t home though. Fet is acting a little weird, and his pops jumps to the conclusion that Fet needs some cash, but that isn’t why he’s come. Fet continues looking around, asks about his father’s incomplete manuscript. It’s almost complete, and his father’s schedule looks to be busy. There’s plenty of strife between the two men. His father is still upset over fet’s chosen career, but Fet didn’t come to fight. He came to warn his father about the outbreak that is about to overtake the city, turning people into hungry savages. His father thinks that the job has gotten to him, and doesn’t know why he should believe his estranged son. When Fet goes to leave, his father asks him to stay for his mother. Fet asks him to leave for him.

Kelly and Zach prepare to view the eclipse with some styling paper glasses. She asks him if they should stay or go. Zach thinks they should go, but it may be too late for that. Kelly apologizes for the little scene he had to witness this morning, for all of the craziness. She worries about school, about leaving, and just holds her son as they wait for the eclipse.

The eclipse darkens the sky. The sun is completely blocked out.

People wander the street as normal. The FBI agents are completely stick in traffic. A crazy man runs through the streets, and Eph recognizes him as one of the men that was around when the bodies disappeared, the coroner. One of the agents prefers to twiddle his thumbs as the man tries to get into someone’s car. The other springs to action to intercept him and offer assistance. His partner is reluctant to offer assistance, as a woman fights to stay in her car. Poor Eph is left in the back of the car still cuffed. The coroner uses throat stinger on the first agent when he’s confronted and he’s still hungry. The second agent doesn’t stand much of a chance either. Now people panic. Eph makes it out of the car and to the second agent who is pleading for help. He gets himself uncuffed, but there’s no helping the agent, he was warned.

 Matt is still at work, still pouting over his fight with Kelly. One of his co-workers comes in holding his throat, he was attacked. Matt goes to investigate, yelling at two men asking if they did this. He approaches them, bad idea Matt.

Felix is freaking out still about the less than normal body. He thinks that they may need to wash with holy water or something, that they should have burned the body. He doesn’t like anything that went down, especially not the crazy German guy. Gus is in total agreement, trying not to freak out when they’re attacked by the coroner. He throws Gus aside, and goes after the tastier looking morsel Felix. Gus hits him with a pipe, and the coroner goes down, but not before he’s spit some white cum looking substance on Felix. He tries to remove it from his hand, freaking out about it on him. Two officers arrive and throw the pair to the ground, handcuffing them.

Abraham’s shop is locked up tight. Eph bangs on the door, and Abraham actually comes out. Eph is ready to join the cause, and Abraham allows him inside. He takes him down to the batcave, where Nora and her mother are already waiting. Nora welcomes him with open arms. Abraham is glad that they’re both ready because he has a new plan.


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