Alexandre Aja ("Horns" Director) SDCC Interview

Based on Joe Hill's novel of the same name, Horns is a dark fantasy thriller film starring Daniel Radcliffe as Ig Perrish. After Ig is accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend, he wakes with two horns protruding from his head that give the supernatural ability to compel people to reveal their deepest secrets. The film also stars Juno Temple as Merrin Williams, Ig's late girlfriend. Daniel Radcliffe, author Joe Hill, and director Alexandre Aja were all present for a Friday panel in Hall H at SDCC 2014. This marked Daniel Radcliffe's first appearance at the con.

The following interview is with director Alexandre Aja, who is also famous for directing other horror films such as "The Hills Have Eyes," "Mirrors," and "Piranha 3D." Aja discussed why he wanted to adapt the book into a film, the blending of genres in the story and the subtext within it, the consulting done with author Joe Hill, what it was like to work with Daniel Radcliffe, the issue of violence in film, researching Christian mythology, his perceptions of human nature, the use of snakes and the corresponding difficulties of using live animals in a film, and his thoughts on Comic Con.

Horns will be released in theatres on 31 October 2014.


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