Bad Education S3E2 - "After School Clubs" Recap

Alfie decides to crash Rosie's book group but mistakenly thinks it's a BDSM session and makes an arse of himself. He later learns that Rosie's ex is in the group, and presumes it to be an off-putting man named Orlando.

Mitchell announces that he'll be leaving Abbey Grove. Fraser allows a farewell party to be thrown since rooms are being rented out to various after-school clubs and organisations to raise funds for the schools. Fraser offers to make some paperwork Alfie has to do disappear in exchange for his attending a LARPing session with him. This will be happening at the same time as Mitchell's party, and Alfie's schedules is further complicated when he decides to go to another book club meeting, wanting to impress Rosie.

Alfie's pupils are working on their personal statements while Alfie has to try to finish reading "Love in the Time of Cholera." As it's Mitchell's last day, he unleashes a series of pranks. He puts a mouse in Stephen's bag, a snake in Alfie's desk, and even orders 200 pizzas for the students using the school's account. Alfie's struggling to get through the book so with the help of Joe, he decides to have his pupils each read a chapter of it and present him with notes on it so he can get through it easier.

Mitchell tries to ask Cleo out but her qualifications for who she will date seem unachievable for him. He still lets her know about his going away party.

When Alfie meets Phillip and Malcolm, two other members of Fraser's LARPing club, they demonstrate their self-importance and propensity for bullying. He runs back to the book club and initially embarrasses himself again for not knowing anything past the first seven pages. He then makes it out to Mitchell's party where Joe gives him the notes all the pupils have written up. Upon returning to the book club, things work well briefly when using Xing's notes but upon getting to the others, Alfie comes across as a fool yet again.

Phillip and Malcolm capture Fraser and use him as bait to slay Alfie in the LARP session. Alfie learns that Rosie's ex wasn't actually Orlando, but Richard, the older gentleman in the group who was Rosie's lecturer at Oxford. Rosie wants space to think and now Alfie is even worse off than he was to begin with.

Mitchell approaches Cleo and babbles, trying to express his interest and worth, despite not meeting her standards. Cleo offers to kiss him if he'll only shut up, which he agrees to. Alfie is cornered by the LARPers and refuses to play any longer, opting to actually hit them instead of the make-believe violence within the confines of the game.

Mitchell tells the group that Cleo has agreed to go to Nando's with him if he doesn't brag about the kiss on Facebook (a kiss she described as the worst she's ever had). He says his goodbyes to the group, which are surprisingly touching but still in character. Rem Dogg even breaks his emo-silence to tell Mitchell he loves him. Alfie is arrested when he mistakes a cop for another one of Mitchell's pranks.

Bad Education airs on Tuesdays on BBC Three at 10PM.


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