Haven S5E1 - "See No Evil" Recap

When last we saw Audrey, Nathan, Duke, and the rest of the gang, they were in the chamber below the lighthouse. They successfully closed the portal by throwing William in, and Audrey had reverted back to her original self, Mara, shortly thereafter. Duke had his trouble reactivated by Audrey in order to save baby Aaron from the crying curse. Season 5 resumes mere seconds after the cave collapse.

Gloria and Vicki don't know what's happening in the cave. They are with baby Aaron under the gazebo. Gloria is now Aaron's guardian and is struggling to adjust, wanting to be the best that she can be but stressing over all the little details, such as which lunchbox to give him or when to give him his first phone. Aaron is crying and Gloria is struggling to make him stop. Vicki draws a picture of the gazebo and uses her trouble to make flower petals float through the air and calm him. But the peace is short-lived, as the ground begins to shake. They then watch as the lighthouse breaks apart and a burst of energy shoots through Haven. They're concerned over whether people were in their.

Duke and Dwight wake on the shore. The last thing they remember is being in the cave under the lighthouse and they need to find the others. Dwight is concerned about Duke's eyes bleeding earlier but Duke doesn't want to deal with that at the moment. Vince and a wounded Dave wake in the woods, while Nathan wakes in another part of the woods and finds Audrey. They hug but she takes the opportunity to trap him in his cuffs and steal his weapon. Audrey is not Audrey, but Mara instead. Mara wants to know where Jennifer is and Nathan believes that Audrey is still inside Mara, though Mara says that she's gone, though all the memories from the identities are still inside. Mara needs the Troubles for something and she says she has a job for Jennifer. Her priority is also to get William back. Nathan insists that Audrey is stronger than her and will come back but Mara denies this and knocks Nathan out.

Duke stumbles across Nathan right as he is waking up. They fill each other in on what little they know and Duke picks the lock to get Nathan free from the cuffs. Duke is worried about Jennifer and doesn't want Audrey getting to her and having her re-open the door. They return to the now-destroyed lighthouse, which is now crawling with cops. The damage is being documented and Bill Stevens is concerned that the town could go bankrupt to try to build a new one, particularly if anyone died. But then Bill's eyes are inexplicably sewn shut.

Bill isn't troubled and Duke and Nathan assume that this is the threat Mara promised to unleash. Dwight carries out his normal method of investigation. Nathan talks with Vince in the hospital where Dave is unconscious and being tended to. The door to the other side seems to be destroyed as well but Mara had mentioned something that makes Nathan believe there may be another door. Vince doesn't know where any other doors may be so he offers Nathan Cabot's journal to try to help. Dave had hid the journal but Vince knew where it was.

The sewn-eyes Trouble is proving particularly problematic, as the leather threads are impossible to cut through and therefore cannot be removed. Duke is on his boat, still trying to figure out where Jennifer is.

Mara uses her Audrey-memories to impersonate her, heading to the coffee shop and go back into the stockroom. There is an energy that seems to be a portal but she has difficulty getting it to cooperate. She tries to take the coffee shop owner's keys but when he says that her strange behaviour makes him think he should call Nathan, she shoots him in the head.

Another Trouble manifests but this time, the victim's eyes and mouth were sewn shut. Vince calls Nathan and Duke to see the map he has found in the Cabot journal. There are thing spots throughout the town, which allow for easier access to the other world. There are five, including the one at the coffee spot and the no-longer-working lighthouse. The group then splits up to go to the remaining thin spots. Mara goes to the thin spot Dwight is guarding and fires her weapon, which sends bullets into Dwight's vest. She tases him to further incapacitate him and then asks him who is sealing up the "thinnies" after failing to get the other thin spot to work. He confronts her about the sewing Trouble and she says it isn't her but that she can make that work for her. Dwight doesn't know about the thin spots being sealed so she leaves him in the woods.

Dwight later calls Nathan to tell him what has happened and how someone is sealing the thinnies. Duke, upon being filled in, believes that Jennifer is alive and the one responsible for doing so.  Dwight heads to the hospital and learns that the sewn-face Trouble has claimed another victim. The last documented incident of this particular Trouble was in the 1920s, generations back in the Barrow family. But the Trouble hasn't been active since Constance Barrow died.

Dwight goes to visit the Barrow family and learns that Constance Barrow's death was ruled an accident, but it may have actually been a murder. The prime suspect was a Crocker and after the night Constance died, the Trouble was never again active in their family. Dwight visits Duke, who realises that he may be the one causing the Trouble. After his Trouble was reactivated, all of the Crocker-absorbed Troubles are now inside of him. This is a whole new threat they've never dealt with before. Duke also lets it slip to Dwight that Mara was the one who helped create the Troubles. Duke thinks that his stress over Jennifer's disappearance as well as his blood getting leaked may have caused the Barrows' trouble to manifest.

Comatose Dave is having flashes to the cave while asleep in the hospital. He may be the one sealing the thinnies but it's not entirely clear yet.

Mara visits the ocean thinnie being guarded by Nathan. He mentions his theory that Jennifer is sealing the thinnies, but Mara says she isn't strong enough to do that. Mara wanted Jennifer in order to be able to send a message to William. Mara is unable to get through the ocean thinnie and she can't make any new Troubles either because she doesn't have the box of goo, which she called "aether, the essence of the void." Because she doesn't know where it is, she wanted to get that message to William. Nathan continues to insist that Audrey is still inside Mara, noting how she hasn't killed him even though she's had opportunity. Mara gets irritated and shoots Nathan. He hits the ground but of course he's only injured. He is lying there, waiting for Mara to deliver a kill shot to the back of his head and he says, "I'll always love you, Parker." Mara appears confused and then walks off without shooting Nathan.

Audrey has proven to be a truly remarkable reincarnation but seeing the return of Mara should prove for one hell of a ride for the Haven gang. They'll have to defeat her but not in a way that destroys Audrey. Audrey is undoubtedly still inside there so perhaps we'll be treated to a Gollum-like argument between the pair? Given that this season has been split into two sets of thirteen episodes, will we see this battle with Mara extend into the second half? We'll have to stay tuned to find out!

Haven airs on Thursdays on Syfy at 8PM.


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