Haven S5E2 - "Speak No Evil" Recap

Duke is coming to terms with his being responsible for the havoc his troubles are wreaking and Nathan is in disbelief over Mara shooting him. Meanwhile, Mara stabs a woman in the eye with the pencil in order to steal her outfit. She then asks Vicki to use her drawing Trouble.

Dwight confronts Vince about Mara being the creator of the Troubles and Vince says that Audrey had told him in confidence, not wanting to worry Dwight. Dwight also informs Vince that Colette Barrow called to say that her family's Trouble has popped up again and needs protection from Reverend Driscoll and his goons. Dwight gets a text about the woman stabbed in the eye and before leaving to investigate, tells Vince about Duke being the one causing the Troubles.

Mara has Vicki draw the patch of woods with the thinnie, and then tears up the drawing, causing it to re-open. Mara tells Vicki when she returns, she will spare her from her wrath and attempts to go through the thinnie. But when she tries to go through, she is still unable to do so. She then decides she must make a new one, and uses a taser on Vicki to take her badge.

Gloria is working in the morgue when she finds that the black orbs in a vial have begun to shake. She then notices Mara outside. Nathan arrives later and finds Gloria hiding in one of the body bags with the black orbs tucked away on her person. Mara had used Vicki's badge to get inside and made a mess looking for the orbs but then took off when she saw Nathan coming up with his shotgun.

Dave wakes up and is greeted by Vince with a stash of his favourite things. But first, Vince wants Dave to tell him where he was. Dave doesn't remember much except for terrible pain, then reveals terrible injuries all over his body. He had the same injuries the last time he came back from the void.

Dwight and Duke go to the Barrows resident and find it ransacked, as well as an injured man bloody on the floor. Meanwhile, Nathan is still with Gloria who has several more bodies coming in, all dead at the hands of Mara. Dwight and Duke head to the hospital, where a nurse is accidentally effected by the sewing Trouble. Colette recommends that Dwight talk to her father, as the Trouble was eradicated while he was a child. He offers up a story about the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys being active when he was young and that the trouble would go on those that spoke from a place of denial.

A nurse shows Dwight the body of a Jane Doe that washed up on shore. It's Jennifer. Paramedics say there was no fluid in her lungs so she was dead before she hit the water.

Gloria looks over Dave's x-rays at Vince's request.

Mara returns Nathan's call about the aether. Nathan insists on meeting her in person to deliver one black orb in order to leave through a thinnie. He wants her to leave Haven and never come back. She says this will work if she can Trouble someone and suggests him. He's fine with it, saying she's nothing but an evil reminder of what he lost.

Dwight tells Nathan about Jennifer being dead. He also tells him the sewing trouble is triggered by denial. Nathan goes to Duke to deliver the bad news. Duke is in a state of denial regarding this so Nathan's eyes and ears are sewn shut and finally his mouth. Duke flashes through his relationship with Jennifer and comes to terms with her death, releasing her scarf into the ocean. The trouble ends and Nathan's face is restored to normal. Duke begins to blame himself for Jennifer being in Haven and dying but Nathan assures him that she would have come no matter what and that she died saving them. He promises that she won't have died in vain. He says he'll give Mara to the Guard and hopefully they can get her to stop all of this.

Nathan goes to meet Mara and gives her the aether while she holds him at gunpoint. She tells him she won't be leaving Haven and that she and William are not done perfecting their gifts. She then says she's going to turn Nathan into a battering ram to get the thinnie open. It's then revealed that Vickie has been doing a drawing. Mara become angry and strikes her before breaking her hand in the car door. Nathan has already gotten hold of the drawing. She says it won't work, as she is immune to the troubles. He reminds her that she's not immune to their world and uses the drawing to knock her out with a branch. The aether dissipates from her hand and Nathan cuffs her, taking a moment to look lovingly at what was once his love.

Vince and Dave are reviewing some security footage. 11:21 a.m. was when the lighthouse collapsed. There is a sort of surge in the video at that time and when it returns to normal, it is 12:19 p.m. They don't remember the noon whistle sounding but they should have, since they were in the lighthouse at the time. They have no idea what happened during that missing hour. Colette then comes in and says that her boy may never walk again. She is angry at Vince for ignoring Dwight's advice to send protection for him. She slaps him and leaves. Dwight says they need to get Mara and he has told the rest of the Guard about Mara being the creator of the Troubles. The Guard has decided they want Dwight as their leader, he is ready and willing to take on the responsibility, so Vince gracefully bows out of the position. Dwight tells Vince to focus on helping Dave and to not get in his way.

Gloria asks Duke how he's doing. He's sad. She offers him the opportunity to be responsible for putting Jennifer's funeral together, and he is thankful to her for being willing to ignore the government protocols. Duke says he's really going to miss her and Gloria says she misses her son.

Nathan looks over Audrey/Mara's body while he waits for the Guard to come pick her up. He says, "Goodbye, Parker," before lightly kissing her on the lips. Audrey then wakes and tells Nathan she's still in there and it feels like Mara is crushing her. She then comes out of it and Mara returns, angrily asking why Nathan is so close to her and threatening that he will regret this. He replies, "Maybe," before shutting the truck up and driving off with her in the back.

Haven airs on Thursdays on Syfy at 8PM.


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