Haven S5E3 - "Spotlight" Recap

Nathan still has Mara in his custody but hasn't told Dwight, who believes Nathan to still be looking for him. Duke is giving Nathan only 24 hours to fix Mara/Audrey or else he will call the guard on him. Nathan is more determined than ever to get Audrey back after talking to her. Two members find Nathan and Mara on the side of the road but after a struggle, Nathan is able to overpower them and make off with Mara. He tells Mara they're headed south while still within earshot of the guard members to throw them off their trail.

Duke, as a way of starting new after Jennifer's death, cuts his hair off. His friend Jodi stops by the Grey Gull and reveals she is having trouble with a newly manifested trouble. Things go dark and light beams shoot out from her chest, ruining whatever they hit, be it clothing or furniture.

Nathan takes Mara up north to his father's cabin. Mara knows where they are because of the time he spent there with Audrey. Mara gives Nathan a hard time over the tryst he had with Sarah and implies that his "love" is borne more from the physical. Nathan claims to have a plan to get Audrey back but it's unclear just what exactly he thinks will solve this problem.

Dwight and Duke are trying to figure out what to do regarding Jodi's trouble. She has already killed her sister and injured her daughter, presumably by accident. It seems as if she's getting more and more light beams so they need to stop her quickly. Through their investigation, they determine that she needs light to survive, but the more light she absorbs, the more dangerous she becomes. When she absorbs light, she shoots it back out, destroying anything in her path.

Nathan makes out with Mara, but whatever it was he was hoping to accomplish by that doesn't seem to work. Nathan meets Audrey again when Mara goes to sleep. She implores him to talk to her like Audrey because it helps her to hold on but she quickly goes under yet again. So when Mara wakes up, Nathan has pancakes ready and is calling her "Parker." He later tries to dance with her, after which he begins tickling her. It works, and Audrey surfaces yet again. She reminds him again that treating Mara like Audrey helps her to fight off her influence. She attempts to warn Nathan about the aether in Mara's pocket.

Duke and Dwight are trying to figure out how to help Jodie. Duke doesn't want Jodi to be harmed so he tells Dwight he'll find Mara and Nathan, leaving out the part where Nathan has been e-mailing him and told him where they're hiding out. Duke thinks that Mara can help, though it doesn't make much sense for him to assume that she will. When he gets up to the cabin, he interrupts Nathan right as Audrey was attempting to warn him about the aether but the stress of the situation breaks Audrey's hold and returns Mara.

Duke is angry at Nathan for acting like he's on a honeymoon. He's also in bad physical shape because of all the troubles inside of him. Mara tells Duke that he will die from overload. But she can help by releasing one of the troubles, which will alleviate some of the pressure. She says she can release one of the easier ones that will be easier for them to manage but she'll need a list of all the Crocker-killed troubles. They're all in Duke's grandfather's book, which is buried with his brother. Duke is in no shape to go after it so he has to send Nathan to retrieve it. After Nathan leaves, Mara begins taunting Duke about the trip he had taken with Audrey to Colorado. It doesn't do much, as Duke is already in bad shape. Mara talks him through the process of what they'll have to do to release the trouble but the conversation is short-lived as Dwight and the guard come crashing through the door.

Haven airs on Thursdays on Syfy at 8PM.


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