Hemlock Grove S2E3 - "Luna Rea" Recap

Were-Christina rises from her grave. She chases after Shelley through the woods. Shelley keeps running till morning. Just when it seems like she's done for, she traps the wolf and beats its head in with a rock. She then tears the head off before ripping it in half to ensure it does not return again.

Peter is trying to figure out the meaning of his dream. He goes to Gone Sis to investigate and encounters a woman and her child, who live in one of the trailers. The woman has a gun to protect themselves but Peter says he's not here "for that" and tells her to lock up and take of herself. Peter begins to walk off and runs into Roman, who is annoyed to see him. They both had the same dream and both came to try to track down the meaning. Peter tries to reason with Roman as Roman is already driving away in his car but Roman is not interested in pursuing this lead if it means interacting with Peter.

Peter begins to head home but then sees police cars and an ambulance headed back towards Gone Sis. He turns around to see what has happened and finds there was an apparent murder-suicide of the woman and child he had just spoken to. Peter has flashes of his dream and realises they had predicted this. He returns back to Destiny's place where she scolds him for turning against the moon. She has him pull up his shirt and he still has a severe injury on his abdomen. Destiny says that the more one turns against the moon, the harder it becomes to turn back. If he keeps doing this, it will kill him.

Olivia spies on Norman and become jealous when he hugs his ex-wife Marie. Norman comes in to visit and tells her she should leave to get out from under Pryce's influence. Norman later visits Roman at his office to tell him he should forgive Olivia because there are no do-overs when losing someone. When alone, Roman is watching a video of a Godfrey Institute surgery and his bloodlust begins building. He starts sucking on the bone marrow from the bone of his steak lunch and starts to sweat. To try to keep his mind off of thing, he goes down to Pryce's labs to snoop. He wants to find something incriminating but is unsuccessful.

Miranda gets a call from Peter while she's still at Roman's place. He's found a cheaper car part for her and they make plans to meet up to get it. As they're driving there, Lynda calls from jail. Peter promises to get her the best lawyer in the country and tells her he misses and loves her.

One of the werewolf hunting priests tells Chausser's brother Michael off for not having killed Roman yet. Michael says he hasn't done so because he hasn't found any evidence that he killed Clementine. He's not about to kill some kid just because he is told to. Michael will kill whomever is responsible for his sister's death, and on on his own terms, not because The Order of the Dragon has said so.

Shelley finds shelter in an an abandoned place and is found by a young boy who is exploring the area. He later brings her food, drinks, and a shirt to use for bandages. He has a slightly disfigured toe and is therefore not put off by Shelley's appearance.

The dealers get in trouble from their boss Beaumont when they realise that the Subzilla he sold them is fake. Beaumont threatens the dealers by slaughtering a pig in front of them, warning that they need to get his money back.

Marie stops by to visit Olivia and tries to keep things cordial but it's short-lived. Marie forgives Olivia but Olivia doesn't see that there's anything to be forgiven for. Marie points out Olivia's role in Norman's infidelity and Olivia says that if she had wanted him to leave Marie, it would have happened any time she wished it. Olivia also tells Marie that she's not the only with dead daughters and to get over it.

Roman calls Pryce out at a board meeting for the secret ongoings in his labs. Pryce pulls Roman outside and threatens to quit and take his research with him, along with revealing Roman's baby's existence. Roman threatens him back, saying he can sue Pryce for malpractice for signing the baby's death certificate. Roman walks off and Pryce gets on the phone with the priest. Pryce says that Roman needs to be more desperate before showing him their secret. Olivia almost killed Pryce when she got her first treatments and Pryce doesn't want Roman using the secret against them. Pryce likens this treatment to keeping animals on leashes but the priest just wants to put them down.

Peter and Miranda pick up the car part and go back to Destiny's place to get a tarot reading from her but she's not there. They end up hooking up instead.

The Silver Masked people are staking out a home. One of them goes to talk to a woman and her child outside, disguised as a police officer. He warns her to lock her doors and set her alarms before getting back into his car with his partner-in-crime.

In the police station, two officers talk about their creepy new sheriff that's here to replace the old one that lost his mind and blew himself up with the bomb he had been making in his basement (Sheriff Sworn). The new sheriff is Michael Chasseure and his office is filled with pictures and information on Olivia, Roman, and the dead girls from season 1.

Roman and Peter are sharing a dream again. There's masked men and other disturbing imagery. Roman goes to cheek on his crying baby, who stops suddenly and points at the door. It's then that the doorbell rings and Roman goes downstairs to answer it. It's Peter, who wants to talk about the masks in their dreams. The people responsible for these killings are making them look like accidents. Roman and Peter still have a tense relationship but they agree to put aside their differences to try to stop this. They're dreaming halves of the same dream so if they must put them together to try to stop these killers.

Olivia calls Norman late at night, crying. He comes over and the two have sex. Afterwards, he suggests they go to Brazil together. Olivia excuses herself to the bathroom, where it's revealed that she has killed Marie and kept the body in the tub.

Season 2 of Hemlock Grove is now available on Netflix.


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