Hemlock Grove S2E4 - "Bodily Fluids" Recap

Two teenagers are out for a midnight rendezvous. When the girl goes off to pee, she discovers the torn up head of Christina, which is rotting and infested with maggots. Police are called and arrive to deal with the body and investigate.

At Godfrey Institute, Norman threatens Pryce, believing him to be responsible for Marie's disappearance. Roman orders blueprints of the Institute's subbasement, wanting to uncover Pryce's secrets. Miranda comes back after her night out with Peter, leaving those details out of her conversation with Roman. He begins to feel ill, focusing in on her heartbeat and feeling his blood thirst building. He panics briefly, apologises, and heads outside where he runs into Norman. Norman asks about Christina's gravesite, saying that police found footprints in the area matching Shelley's. Norman has re-hired an investigator to look into Shelley's case.

Peter is attempting to decipher his dream when the dealers, Richie and Dom, come crashing into Destiny's place with baseball bats. They want their money back and begin beating Peter. Peter doesn't have it so they get violent, leading Peter to partially change and use his were-strength to break one of their noses. The other grabs an ice pack from the freezer, following Peter's orders, and the two run out of the house while Peter feels sick from the partial change. He even has lacerations on his abdomen.

Miranda is doing laundry when she spots a baby blanket in one of the other machines. Her curiosity is piqued but the butler interrupts her snooping to return a sock. Her curiosity is growing about the door that no one talks about. There's a coded key pad that keeps it locked. She later begins to lactate, despite never having given birth to any children.

Roman's bloodlust is shortening his temper, as he snaps at a secretary and some other employees for their incompetence. The head of HR later shows up and sends him out of the building for a de-escalation period. When going out for a walk in the town, he grows consumed by his hunger, staring at a bloody slab of meat in a butcher shop.

Sheriff Michael Chasseur, Clementine's brother, visits Olivia to ask about Marie Godfrey's disappearance. In the course of his questioning, Clementine also comes up in the conversation. Olivia lies, saying she doesn't know anything, but it seems unlikely that Michael believes her. Michael moves on to questioning Norman, asking about the nature of his relationship with Marie, and Marie's relationship with Olivia. Michael points out that Marie and Olivia had met behind his back, which comes as a revelation to Norman.

Peter continues on with his investigation into the contents of his dreams. He finds a plane company that does promotional banners but as he drives off to follow this new lead, he begins to realise that it may be too late to stop his premonition. But in true dramatic flair, Peter arrives just in time to get in the path of the White Mask man driving a car to try to hit the little boy, Jackson. The masked man gets a good look at Peter before driving off. Jackson's mother comes out and Peter aggressively warns her that someone is after her and her son and that they need to get out of town. She says she will, fully afraid of both the near-death of her son and Peter's behaviour. Unfortunately, he is later pulled over by cops and brought in for questioning by Sheriff Chasseur. The woman lodged a complaint with her local sheriff before skipping town and now Michael wants answers on various events from that took place in season 1.

Richie and Dom arrive back home and find their boss, Beaumont, waiting for them with a shotgun in hand. They don't have his money and he has one hell of a punishment for them. They're forced to take off their clothes, after which he hogties and partially castrates them. He says he's only taking one ball from each of them because he "believes in second chances."

Norman writes an e-mail to Shelley, not knowing if she'll get it but wanting to try anyway. Shelley is still being helped by the little boy with the abnormal toe. For once, Shelley has someone who doesn't mistreat, condescend, or manipulate her. They're hiding in the basement of an abandoned home next door to the boy's when they hear voices upstairs. Some junkies have broken in and begin shooting up. Shelley and the boy then hear the boy's drunk father yelling for him. The boy promises to save half his supper for her, and kisses her on the forehead before she lifts him up and out through the window. Shelley is saddened when she hears the boy's father speaking cruelly to him.

Norman visits Olivia to confront her about keeping her meeting Marie secret from him. She claims she was trying to protect him, saying that Marie had said horrible things about him and that Marie blamed Norman for Letha's death. Per usual, Olivia utilises her strong manipulative skills to get Norman back on her side.

Miranda's lactation is too weird for her to process. She packs her things up and prepares to leave but then, upon seeing that the mysterious door is unguarded, she plays with key code until she gets the right combination. She enters the room and finds Roman's crying baby. As soon as she enters, the baby stops crying and giggles at her.

Roman succumbs to his bloodlust by stalking and killing a homeless man, feeding on him after promising to take good care of the man's remaining family. Upon leaving the alley, he throws out a wad of cash to distract the homeless witnesses but on his way out, Michael Chasseur sees him.

Peter is in a holding cell in jail for 24 hours and has another dream. He shouts for help, trying to warn the police but no one will listen to him.

Roman returns home and appears emotional  over what he has done, having already wiped the blood off his face, though there's still some on his clothes. He spots Miranda's bags on the stairs and upon going up them, finds the door to his baby's room open. Upon entering, he finds Miranda breastfeeding, looking just as confused as he is to find her doing so.

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