Intruders S1E3 - "Time Has Come Today" Recap

Jack is driving home, drinking, texting, and scrolling through Amy's phone all the while. He returns the borrowed car and while leaving the key under the mat, Bobbi appears with a gun drawn on him. At first, it's like she doesn't recognise him. He says he's returning the car and then she lowers the weapon. He then gets home and Amy's in bed, saying that she couldn't remember Jack's number without speed dial, was hunting for jobs at other firms, and didn't stay at her usual hotel or she'd get caught by people who know her. She asks about his bruises and dumps his liquor down the drain, assuming that was part of the reason he ended up in a fight. Apparently alcohol has been a problem for him before.

Shepherd is also on the road, looking for Marcus/Madison. In a flashback, we see Shepherd meet Marcus, who was worried about the Nine trying to kill him. It would also seem that Marcus is thousands of years old. Marcus made a deal with Shepherd, who was called Richard at the time, in which Marcus would give Shepherd some money and then Shepherd could claim to still be hunting him. The Nine wouldn't stop till they killed him but Shepherd could bring him back. Marcus would get control of the Nine and reward Shepherd. Marcus gave Shepherd a sand dollar and warned him, "What goes around comes around."

Madison is still in the car with Karen, whom she hitched a ride from to get to Seattle. Karen is concerned that Madison is a runaway and that in taking the money Madison gave her, she has put her own greed before the well-being of what she sees as an innocent young girl. Madison talks about classical music while Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus" plays on the radio. Madison says that a young girl was murdered by a serial killer on May 29, 1791, during the piece's first performance. Madison goes on to claim that she was there that night, playing in the orchestra.

When Madison goes to sleep, Karen pulls over at a rest stop. She takes the "9" card from Madison's pocket and uses a pay phone, since her mobile phone is dead, to call the number of the back. Shepherd answers and Karen is able to give him their location before Madison comes and yells at her before violently smashing the phone repeatedly on the machine. Madison then claims that the man she just called was her Uncle Marcus, who had molested both her and other children. She spoke up, no one believed her, and now she's on the run. Karen believes the story and agrees to keep driving Madison. They head into the bathroom, after which we hear the sound of banging and Karen's screams.

Amy's still keeping secrets, as she goes outside to have a smoke and make a phone call. Jack tries to ask her about it and she tells him she wants to separate. He doesn't take the news well and it's implied that he has been abusive in the past when he drank. He thinks she's having an affair and punches the glass door. She says she never meant to hurt him, adding that she's not leaving him but leaving herself. Amy gives Jack a speech about how death is a lie they're told to be controlled, saying that they can return from death. We learn that they lost a baby at some point in their relationship and Jack is angered by this "new age hippie shit" that she has never said before. It seems as if their relationship can be mended, as they begin to make out on the couch, but once her pupils dilate she ends it and moves to sleep on the other couch. Later, Gary calls Jack to tell him he has things to show him that are about Amy and "not good." Gary has surveillance photos of Amy, who wasn't home when she said she was. He believes Amy is connected to the Anderson murders.

Shepherd arrives at the rest stop and finds Karen's empty car. He heads into the bathroom and finds a mess of blood and Karen dead in a stall. "Goddamnit, Marcus," he says. He speaks to Karen's dead body, chiding her for picking up hitchhikers. He sets the rest stop on fire, along with her car, and throws her teeth out his car window as he drives off so her body won't be identifiable via dental records.

Intruders airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 10PM.


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