Intruders S1E4 - "Ave Verum Corpus" Recap

Madison is Seattle, in a new car being driven by an older man. She has a dream of the day her parents rented the beach house. She was able to play the piano even though she had never taken a lesson. She tells the man she wants to go home but says that "the man" makes her not remember.

Fischer brings Jack to the building Amy had visited when claiming to be at home. It belongs to a wealth businessman named Joseph Cranfield, who is also one of Fischer's clients. He's always done well with money but a year ago, he had Fischer dissolve his fortune and disperse it. Most of it will be gone by the time he dies, however, part of it has been put aside in a ten million dollar check that Bill Anderson, the recipient, is refusing to cash. The second part of the fortune still intact is a building where Fischer saw Amy. The building is in the Crane family. Todd Crane is a partner at the firm Amy works at. For the past 150 years, the Cranes have been trustees on the board of a charity called the Sycomacy Trust. This charity has been leasing the building under the name of three trustees: Todd Crane, Marcus Fox, and Cranfield. When Cranfield dies, his authority will transfer to Amy. Fischer doesn't trust Amy and just wants to find the truth. Jack tells Fischer to send him everything he has on Bill Anderson but never call again afterwards. Jack heads out, leaving Fischer alone in the building, and it's then that an old-fashioned phone rings.

Amy is at home watching a program about a jazz musician named Leon "Bix Beiderbecke, who died at 28. She appears entranced by him and touches his face on screen, whispering "soon" to the television set before flashing back to her miscarriage. She becomes agitated and smashes the television screen with a fireplace poker. Later on, her phone rings and she hears a computerised noise much like the one Jack heard when he called Cranfield. She smiles eerily.

Jack gets a call from a person using a voice scrambler, warning him not to go into the Anderson house but he does anyway.

Shepherd also receives a call from the voice-scrambled person, whom he calls Rose. She berates him for not taking Bill Anderson seriously. He tells her Anderson is long gone but Rose says he's still in Seattle and was seen by Frank Shepherd.

Madison codes to the children's corner in a library. While there, a book by a woman named Alison reminds her of her mother. He photographs the serial number on a machine in the basement before being apprehended by police. She then heads to a breakfast diner and orders some food and coffee. The name Alison has been written repeatedly in her little black book. She grabs a newspaper and then a sports headline jogs her memory of her mother's phone number. She calls her mother, who becomes emotional on the phone. Madison says that the man inside won't let her come home and that he wants to see a man named Crane. Madison then passes out.

Jack is interrogated by a cop who thinks Anderson murdered his wife for the life insurance. Jack says if he were looking for money, he'd just cash the ten million dollar check. The cop also knows something about the darkness in Jack's past as an LAPD officer. Fischer posts Jack's bail and Jack insists that he call Cranfield. Upon doing so, he hears the strange computerised noise and shows it to Jack.

Madison goes to visit Todd Crane and storms into his office. Marcus in Madison's body makes creepy comments about Crane's daughter and threatens to cry rape if Crane throws her out. He even asks if he's doing it with his secretary and demands to be put in touch with Cranfield. Marcus is also angry that Madison won't go down quietly. Crane tells Madison that Cranfield can't help anymore, as he is sick and on his way out. She asks who's next and whether Rose was triggered. Crane gets exasperated and calls security. The secretary comes to take her out and Madison is frantic, claiming Crane forced himself on her. Before leaving, she menacingly warns him, "What goes around, comes around." Madison leave, and Crane calls Rose, saying it's urgent and that they have a problem they thought they'd never have to face again.

Jack and Fischer go to Cranfield's house where they are turned away by a guard. They go around back and hop the fence in order to spy on what's happening inside. They see Cranfield wrapped in gauze. He is suffocated to the point of death and Amy is there to hold him down with the others. Once Cranfield is dead, Amy shuts the curtains, preventing them from seeing any more. Jack has recorded what has happened on his phone. Jack and Fischer are spotted by guards but are able to get away. Jack grows enraged in the car, yelling at Fischer about not knowing what is going on.

Jack then decides to reach out to Bill Anderson and calls in to Tim Truth's radio show with an encrypted message that includes the serial number of the machine from the basement. Anderson meets them at a restaurant, where he tells them he returned Cranfield's check because it was given to him with the condition that he stop his research. Fischer was not aware of these conditions. Bill says that his research was on infrasonic signal vibrating at 19-hertz. These were sounds not heard but felt. Essentially, he constructed a ghost machine. He is trying to give further explanation but Shepherd shows up and shoots him twice before walking out. Before dying, Anderson says, "Qui Reverti."

Intruders airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 10PM.


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