Intruders S1E5 - "The Shepherds and the Fox" Recap

In Seattle, Washington, nine years ago, police raid Marcus Fox's home. A record plays Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus," and find a wall of knives. There is a fish tank with several sand dollars in it and under all the floorboards, there are dead bodies.

In present day, Jack is questioned by the same cop that questioned him after he broke into the Anderson home. Witnesses confirm that Jack was trying to help Bill so he is not under suspicion for being involved in the crime. However, Fischer ran out when Anderson was shot which doesn't sit right with the cop or Jack.

Madison visits the building owned by Crane, Marcus, and Amy but is sent back outside by a woman working inside.

Shepherd is in a hotel room when he gets a visit from Frank, who had helped him shepherd Donna in 1990. Other members of Qui Reverti are having doubts about Shepherd's commitment to the cause, especially after his highly public disposal of Bill Anderson. Frank wants to kill Marcus Fox, as well as whomever helped him to return. He asks Shepherd if he was the one, but Shepherd denies doing so. Frank believes Shepherd, who is of course, lying. Frank tells Shepherd to find the person responsible and "be as sloppy as you want" in taking them out.

Amy calls Jack to see how he's doing. He's in a motel room drinking but lies and says he's in Le Soleil, the hotel she stays at when in Seattle, doing research for his book. Next he's called by Rose, who tells him he is only alive because of his wife and to go to Pier 9 the next morning. Jack later tries to call Fischer but he doesn't answer. He tries calling the firm he supposedly works at but learns that he hasn't been with the firm for several months now.

Fischer calls Jack back while Jack is at the pier, and promises to explain everything later. Frank arrives at the pier to meet Jack, telling him Miss Gilchrist sends her regards (Rosie). Jack just wants to make sure his wife is okay and that any involvement she has in the organisation is by choice. Frank tells Jack he'll see Rose again, but not in this lifetime, donning a pair of gloves and preparing to take Jack out. They fight, and just as Frank is about to kill Jack, Shepherd shoots Frank. Frank turns to face his killer and Shepherd tells him that if what Qui Reverti says is true, than this death won't matter much. Shepherd tells Jack that if they ever meet a third time, it'll be because someone has told him to kill him.

Madison is wandering and comes across a house that looks familiar. She shouts out for her mom and dad and goes pounding on the front door. But the home belongs to a man named Larry, who answers the door. Madison runs in and forcibly uses the phone to call her mother. Madison doesn't know where she is so Larry takes the phone. Madison's mother, Allison, tells him that she's been missing for a week so he gives Allison the address. Madison then begins to realise why the house was familiar. It was Marcus' house and flashes of memories include the wall of knives. Larry doesn't believe in ghost stories but Madison stabs him when his back is turned to try to answer the phone Madison had hung up.

Jack goes to see Fischer at Le Soleil and asks what he is hiding from. Fischer's room is scattered with several files and paperwork. Fischer said that the trouble began with Bill Anderson. He went to learn why he wasn't depositing the check and learned that the ghost machine actually worked. When Fischer arrived at Anderson's home, no one answered. He knew someone was there so he went around the back. There was a vibration and he looked through the basement window. He grew terrified and began to feel sick. Fischer returned to Chicago but there were lingering aftereffects from the machine. He felt sick and began to have trouble sleeping. He would sit in his daughter's room trying to figure things out. One night, he went to look at his daughter but something changed in her eyes. It wasn't his baby anymore. It was another soul - Donna. Donna was the girl that killed herself while they were in high school. Her suicide note was written entirely in the third person. Fischer says Donna came back to warn him about Qui Reverti.

Shepherd figures out where Madison went and tracks her down at her old place. He scolds her for returning to this home. Madison wants to see Rose but Shepherd tells her that's not going to happen. Shepherd says he didn't think their deal all the way through and pulls his gun on her, preparing to fix the mistake he made. Madison tries to play innocent, and is successful just long enough to run outside and steal Shepherd's car. Her driving is erratic as it's difficult to see over the steering wheel in a nine-year-old body. She crashes the car and Shepherd finds it after stealing Larry's car. He is upset to discover that she has spilled his sunflower seeds.

Fischer is still trying to convince Jack of his theory. Fischer makes Jack note the changes in Amy as of late. Fischer says everyone is born with two souls and that Qui Reverti goes around triggering the second souls back into consciousness. Anderson's machine exposes the second soul to everyone. But Fischer can't go home. After he shook his daughter, his wife filed a restraining order. Fischer becomes emotional so Jack puts him to bed, telling him to sleep. On his way out, Jack spots some pills on Fischer's nightstand and pockets them. He spies through the peephole to get a look at room 909, where Fischer claims Rose is staying. He spies Shepherd coming out of the elevator and knocking on the door. Amy answers the door, and Fischer tells her, "We need to talk, Rose."

Intruders airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 10PM.


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