Intruders S1E6 - "Bound" Recap

Shepherd tells Rose he's willing to take over where Frank left off. Frank's dead now but he doesn't tell her that. She's about to become a member of the Nine, which will make her too visible so she reluctantly accepts Shepherd's offer to help. Frank had been on a mission to find the man Rose loves. For anyone who doesn't remember, Rose is Amy (kind of). They have the same body but Amy "has gone to sleep."

Jack calls Amy and claims to be out at Gary Fischer's hotel. She tells him she's home on the couch and to come home. But he's already returned home and is looking at an empty couch. He begins tearing up the house, looking for clues to figure out what on earth is going on with his wife. He has a flashback to him time as a cop, when he shut three mean dead as he came through their door. He comes across a onesie in a drawer, reminding him of the baby Amy miscarried. He goes through the office next, finding divorce papers in a manila envelope, and then a small safe which he cracks the code to. Inside, there's Qui Reverti books and a box full of various items, including a small coin. He spots someone outside, so he pockets the items and then heads out of the room, shutting off the lights and keeps his gun in hand, because someone is coming into the house. The door unlocks but it's only the neighbours Brud and Bobbi Zimmerman, who had come to check on the place. These are the same neighbours who he had borrowed the car from. He puts the gun down on the desk before him.

Shepherd visits a Chinese restaurant and calls his waiter Peter Noone, without him introducing himself first. He later plays jazz music and Peter looks uneasy. He then calls Amy to tell her he has found the man she's been looking for.

As it turns out, Brud and Bobbi have already been shepherded. Jack is ordered to leave and he should be considering himself lucky, as Rose liking him is what has kept him alive at all. He is permitted to pack a bag and begins to do so but attacks them on the way out, gaining the upper hand and pulling a gun on them. But Rose has arrived to tell Jack herself that Amy is gone, as is the life Jack had with her. Jack asks about the books and the trinkets, which Rose explains are mementos from her past lives that can trigger her back. Jack doesn't believe in Rose and thinks that Amy is simply suffering from a breakdown following the loss of their son Dylan. Rose suggests that Jack prefers Rose to Amy, implying that they have already had a relationship consisting of his most intense moments with Amy. Jack kisses Rose before shoving her away, and Rose says that she caused the miscarriage. Jack begins to strangle her but lets go. Rose demands her triggers, and Jack drops them on the floor. He sinks to the floor, saying he feels sad for her, and apologises to Amy for not saving her or protecting the baby. He says he'll never let Amy go but Rose says she's not there anymore, but she at least doesn't know that Rose terminated the miscarriage. Rose buried the baby with respect so they could all be together someday. She then leaves her wedding rings by the door, saying they can be Jack's triggers in his next life.

Madison's parents arrive at Marcus' old home and smell the dead body before breaking in and finding it. They're horrified at seeing it up close but are at least relieved by the fact that it isn't their baby girl. They call the cops to come investigate and the lead officer recognises the killing style as belonging to Marcus Fox. Outside, Allison tells the officer how much she loved being pregnant and how it gave her purpose. Loving her baby is the only thing she's ever been sure of.

Jack is drinking and remembering the gruesome scene when Amy miscarried. Afterwards, she had claimed to have had the body cremated. They went into the woods to scatter his ashes and planted a tree in memoriam of him. But one night, Amy had come back from the woods, and proceeded to wash her hands thoroughly. So Jack heads back into the woods to the tree and begins digging it up. He finds Dylan's remains and cries while holding the baby bones.

Rose meets Shepherd and he warns her that nothing good can come from her making contact with Peter. She insists it's worth it, though he says that they'll be kicked out of Qui Reverti and lose their ability to keep on living if they are caught. They knock on his door and show him one of a Rose's trinkets. It's a mouthpiece to a brass instrument. Bix is also given one of the books. Rose says that since this is new for him and she was an amateur working in secret, it may be a difficult adjustment. But she's happy that they're back together again and kisses him on the cheek. He then asks how she found him.

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