Patrick Warburton and Julie Benz announced for ECCC 2015!

Patrick Warburton

The list of amazing characters that he has portrayed, either in animation or live action, is immense. He broke out as Puddy on Seinfeld and other shows like Dave’s World and Newsradio, and then literally personified The Tick. He’s played recurring or regular characters on 8 Simple Rules and Rules of Engagement, and can be seen on College Humor quite frequently. His new series, Sequestered, is streaming on Crackle right now.

He’s the voices of Agamemnon, Buzz Lightyear (TV/Video version), Mr. Steve Barkin, Kronk, Rip Riley, and most importantly: Brock Samson.

Mr. Warburton will be appearing at Emerald City Comicon on Saturday and Sunday only. SPOOOOOOOON!

Julie Benz

Currently starring as Amanda Rosewater in the SyFy hit Defiance, she has been a fan-favorite ever since playing Darla onBuffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. She’s starred in the Punisher, Saw, and Rambo franchises, played a superhero in the ABC series No Ordinary Family, and was Dexter’s better half, Rita.

Ms. Benz - who was one of ECCC's very first celebrity guests ever - will be returning and appearing all three days of Emerald City Comicon!


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