Sleepy Hollow S2E2 - "The Kindred" Recap

Ichabod has a dream in which Katrina is blood-bound to Headless in a ritual performed by Henry. It seems to be a premonition, based on the research Ichabod has been doing. There is in fact a ritual that Headless will be using to take Katrina as his bride. Abbie gets Ichabod back on track by reminding him that he knew Abraham Van Brunt so perhaps he's holding Katrina somewhere he deems worthy. But Abbie has to go and meet the new lady sheriff.

Abbie arrives to the station late but Sheriff Leena Rayes already knows Abbie from when she was a teenager. When Rayes was still an officer, she responded to a few calls that Abbie's mother had made to the police. Rayes has experience with border patrol and drug cartels and knows how to beat chat. She won't let fear or hysteria take root in her home town and is determined to bring sanity back to Sleepy Hollow.

Ichabod figures out that Headless likely took Katrina to his family estate. In a flashback, we see Abraham give Katrina the emerald necklace, while exchanging longing looks with Ichabod. In the car ride to the estate, Abbie suggests that they've lost sight of the big picture: stopping Moloch and the apocalypse. Ichabod assures her he hasn't forgotten that duty and is simply honouring his other duty, as Katrina's husband. Still seems like a whole lot of fuss for a so-called powerful witch that has been shown as little more than a damsel in distress.

Abbie and Icahbod arrive at the estate and it's dark and spooky. Ichabod spots Katrina in the window, but Abbie, being the only one with some sense, stops Ichabod from going on what would be a suicide and pulls him back. She tells him they need to come up with a plan that won't lead to their instant death. They convene with Jenny back at the cabin and learn that Katrina's coven had been working with Benjamin Franklin to complete a spell to put a piece together to bring forth a powerful creature that could rival the Horseman of Death. It's called the Kindred, but given that it's assembled from various pieces, we'd wager it's more like Frankenstein's Monster. Katrina's coven weren't able to complete the spell because they were missing one final, crucial piece: a piece from the Horseman of Death. Would a head suffice?

Henry is summoned to Purgatory by Moloch, who is angry at Henry's failures. But Moloch chides him and says he'll find his own way, warning him not to fail him again.

Ichabod and Abbie are in a heated argument over whether to raise the Kindred. Abbie eventually relents, even though she and Jenny both make strong points in their arguments, like the fact that they have no way of knowing if they'll be able to control this thing. (Come now, Abbie and Jenny, it's the beginning of the season, and monsters need to be fought and defeated… even if you're the ones who created them). Abbie tells Jenny to get some guns and Jenny gets a sly dig in about how the last time they tried to rescue Katrina, things didn't go so well.

Katrina is having a conversation with Headless, through the use of necklace which allows him to appear as Abraham. He points out how Ichabod had left her in Purgatory for centuries but he rescued Abbie after how ever long she and Ichabod were trapped… a day? Maybe two?

Abbie goes to visit Irving, who's still incarcerated and has a nasty shiner on his face. Abbie fills him in as quickly as she can on what's happened and says how they need the head. Irving tells her Headless' head is in a safety deposit box at Sleepy Hollow Savings and Loan. Abbie tells Irving he should start telling the truth so that he'll be thought to be insane and be transferred to Terrytown Pschiatric, which would be easier for her to visit.

Abbie and Ichabod visit the bank, which Ichabod is not too fond of. He's also appalled at the fact that the pen is chained to the desk or credit crds that have no collateral. Abbie comes back to get a leash on Ichabod who is off on a rant at the bank employee. And just like that, they've got the Head and head out with it hidden in Ichabod's coat.

Jenny's retrieving weapons from the station but Sheriff Rayes is not keen on escaped psychiatric patients coming into the police station and taking a duffel bag full of weapons. So Jenny is placed under arrest. Abbie and Ichabod arrive and Jenny takes the fall so that Abbie's career and quest is not deterred. Sheriff Rayes also doesn't see why Ichabod Crane is consulting for the department so he's fired. Rayes does however apologise to Abbie about her earlier comment about "bringing sanity back" to Sleepy Hollow, as it may have been insensitive given Abbie's mother's history…

Irving is being given a lie detector test and begins talking about how a demon was responsible for the murder for which he is currently incarcerated. Sheriff Rayes doesn't believe him, but the lie detector shows that he is telling the truth so Irving will be transferred to Terrytown.

Ichabod and Abbie are in the tunnels searching for the Kindred. They get lost and Abbie teases him for not asking for directions. Some bats come flying through and they're forced to drop down. Ichabod senses something is wrong, and Abbie admits that the bats reminded her of Purgatory. He never did ask how Purgatory was, but he's asking now. She says that it got to her, and clawed at her mind and soul. The worst part was seeing the demon version of Ichabod right when the place was about to break her. Ichabod tells her that she's not to blame and that Purgatory simply finds people's greatest weakness. But this is what scares Abbie: her faith in Ichabod is her greatest weakness. Ichabod asks if Katrina is his biggest weakness and she says that could be, or perhaps it's Henry, since despite everything he's done to them, Henry is still Ichabod's son.

It's then that Abbie discovers the hiding spot and nearly touches it but Ichabod stops her, saying that it's the family crest of Luigi Giovanni, who invented the battery. The spot was booby-trapped with electricity. The door opens up and they go inside, triggering what is needed to bring out the coffin containing "Franklinstein's monster."

Katrina is walking around her captive house, which seems strange. Why hasn't she just run off? Where are those big, bad powers everyone's always going on about? She eavesdrops on a conversation between Henry and Abraham but of course she is discovered because not only is she a terrible witch, she's a terrible spy. So Abraham ties Katrina back to the chair and it about to walk off but then Katrina tells her that his haste to make her his wife was what pushed her into Ichabod's arms, who gave her all the time she wanted.

Abbie and Ichabod prepare the ritual and Ichabod recites the incantation. Inside, Henry is using a fountain pen to turn on his suit of armour. Back outside, the Kindred comes to life and Headless attacks. The two battle and Ichabod heads inside to presumably rescue Katrina. But instead of getting free, like a reasonable person, she tells Ichabod he needs to leave her there. If she runs off, Headless will just chase her. Newsflash, Katrina: he's going to go after them no matter what. Katrina wants to be a mole and get information on Moloch's plan, not to mention trying to save her son. One: you were terrible at eavesdropping. Two: your version of parenting involved making a creepy doll that nearly killed your husband.

The Kindred gains the upper hand on Headless but then Henry astral projects himself in the armour and comes to help Headless. But then Abbie comes in all her badass glory, firing off a shotgun. Not that that will kill them but every little bit helps! War comes chasing after her on a horse but then the Kindred comes fighting on a horse of its own.

Ichabod and Katrina kiss but then Abbie comes charging in saying they have to go. Katrina is left behind. Again. So Ichabod and Abbie return to the cabin and Katrina tells Abraham how she could have escaped but chose to stay. The Kindred's missing for now, but hopefully we'll see it again. It made for an exciting monster.

Abbie visits Jenny and tells her they need to play by the rules in order to make things work with Rayes. It seems like Jenny will be headed back to Terrytwon but this is good! Irving's in there now! Time for a Mr. and Mrs. BAMF reunion! But wait, Irving's restrained to his bed and Rayes is trying to question him when who should show up but Henry! He's apparently Irving's lawyer. Say what? He gives Reyes some paperwork that forbids her from torturing him, which is basically what she had planned on doing. She leaves, defeated for now, and Henry begins to undo Irving's restraints. But what's the catch? Henry has some pin put in his pen that he gives Irving to sign a document. So now whatever paperwork he has just signed… has been signed in his own blood. Oh no…

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  1. 'By trickery' Irving signed the papers in his own blood... now his soul might possibly belong to Molloch.


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