Teen Wolf S4E11 - "A Promise to the Dead" Recap

Deaton saves a girl named Calissa from being killed by a psychopathic supe named Patrick. Deacon doesn't kill him, only promising to return him to Eichen House. At Eichen House, Deaton visits a dangerous patient named Dr. Valek in order to get information on Kate Argent, the bone woman, and what they did to Derek and why he's dying. Valek reveals that he has a hole drilled in his head. He tells Deacon to come a little closer and have a look. Deaton does so and we see an extra eye in the hole that supposedly gives Valek extra-sensory abilities.

Scott comes home and Melissa confronts him about the money that he has found. She knows it belongs to Derek but he has yet to return it. Scott admits that he has had it too long and had planned on giving it back. He admits that he held onto it because of her financial struggles. Melissa is guilt-ridden and tells him that though he can save people's lives, he can't save them from life. As always, Scott has good intentions but Melissa makes her point by showing that the money literally has blood on it.

Liam is suffering from nightmares about the Berserkers. Scott later warns him that though he's free to keep away from the pack, he shouldn't push his friends away too. Later, during a lacrosse game, Liam suffers from a vision of a Berserker and it allows the other team to score.

Derek and Braeden are enjoying some post-coital spooning when the alarm goes off letting them know someone is headed their way. They grab some guns and when they open the door, a rain-drenched Lydia lets out a Banshee scream.

Scott returns the money to Derek, who isn't mad about the delay in doing so, saying that even an Alpha can be tempted. Derek then says that the money is Peter's and that his own money went into buying the building he currently lives in. Scott assures Derek that if anyone can find an answer to why Derek's dying, it's Deaton.

Deaton wakes in a dank room full of bones that are also weapons. In actuality, his body is catatonic in Ichen House.

Argent tracks Peter down in the sewers and has to fight off a Berserker, which ends up overpowering him. Peter then impales and traps him with a piece of metal. Later, Argent is rescued by Deputy Parrish who is unable to get the metal free by himself and coaches Argent into getting angry, thus releasing adrenaline that will help him to break free.

Scott takes Kira on their first real date. She brings along Star Wars for them to watch, at the request of Stiles since he's never seen it. But they don't end up watching it, choosing instead to get their mack on while surrounded by dangling lights. However, the date is interrupted by Kate and a Berseker crashing in and attacking. A brutal fight ensues in which Scott and Kira are overpowered. Scott asks what Kate wants. She says she wants insight into her family, saying that her family has a great legacy but now it has been decimated by a teenage boy, "What the hell is so special about Scott McCall?" Scott offers himself up to her but she says they're all going to church.

Sheriff Stilinski tells Stiles that their debt to Eichen House has been wiped clean since Stiles and Lydia were almost killed there. To celebrate, he offers to take Stiles and Malia out for dinner. Later at the lacrosse game, Peter comes to meet Malia and tells her that he has found her mother, the Desert Wolf. To get the information from him, all she needs to do is kill Kate Argent.

Kira wakes up trapped in an unknown location. Scott does the same but he is chained up and surrounded by Berserkers. Kate is standing over him and promises that she is about to turn him into something unrecognisable and that the gang will not know what they're fighting… or killing… and places a mask created from a skull on Scott as he screams.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.

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