Teen Wolf S4E12 (Season 4 Finale) - "Smoke and Mirrors" Recap

Kira wakes in the tomb and finds the door to her cell open. She calls out for Scott, who when we last saw was in the process of being turned into a Berserker by Kate. Kira makes her way through the cave and is attacked by a Berserker. She realises it is Scott when she spots his arm tattoo. Kate comes out and Kira asks how she turned Scott. Kate shares the story of how she survived and how she came to control and create Berserkers. She is Mabola (the bone woman). Kate is determined to have Scott finally kill someone and he is commanded to stab Kira with his bone weapon.

Stiles is arguing with his father. Stiles wants to go to Mexico and rescue scott and the rest of the gang. His father insists he could throw him in a cell but Stiles says he'd find a way no matter what. He says to give him a bit more time to do some investigating, after which he'll book a flight for both of them if nothing turns up.

Braeden and Derek are preparing for their trip to Mexico. Derek think he won't be coming back alive and Braeden is not happy about his attitude. He kisses her reassuringly and says he's okay with dying if it means saving Scott and Kira. Peter comes in and says killing a berserker is next to impossible and that they'll need help from him, Malia, and Liam. Malia gets Scott's scent. Liam wants to come with Stiles and Malia but they're worried about his lack of control during the full moon. Liam says there has to be a way and Braeden gets a prison transport van, which she has access to as a U.S. Marshal.

The group has all assembled but they're still missing Lydia. She's at the school to get Kira's jacket from her locker so Malia can track the scent but it's then that she's attacked by a berserker. Stiles is not happy about having to leave without Lydia but Liam says his friend Mason can look for her and Lydia will just catch up when she can. Peter warns the group to not try to fight the berserkers but go in for the kill. In the van, Derek gives Liam the triskelion to try to help him control himself when he transforms. Stiles and Derek are both in the prison transport van while Liam is chained up.

Back at the school, Mason finds Lydia's phone, Kira's jacket, and finds himself cornered by the berserker.

Malia is sitting shotgun with Peter driving. He is trying to coax her into seeing his way of thinking and the importance of killing to survive. The full moon is arriving and is effecting both Liam and Malia.

Kira is still alive but badly injured. She hears her mother advising her to fight and that she's seen how wolves heal and she needs to now do the same. Kira says they use pain to heal. She pounds on the cave wall and breaks off a sharp piece that she uses to cut her hand, causing her eyes to glow and her healing to begin.

Mason wakes with Lydia over him. She's fine but Mason's phone is gone. She says it doesn't want them to leave.

Derek teaches Liam the mantra, "The Sun, The Moon, The Earth," and teaches him about the Triskelion. He coaches him through his struggle to prevent his transformation but it's not working. Malia is able to control her transformation but Liam is not doing as well. Braeden, who is driving, tells them they're almost there. Just when things seem dire, Stiles is able to coach Liam back into control. The group arrives at their destination.

Derek opens the door of the van and is attacked by a berserker. Braeden quickly shoots it dead but Derek has already been badly injured. Derek tells the gang to go on and find Scott, saying he and Braeden will be just behind them. Derek tells Braeden that Lydia was right in her prediction of his death.

The gang is in the cave when Stiles gets a call from his father, who is furious and worried about Stiles' safety. He then asks what he can do to help and Stiles asks him to find Lydia and Mason. The sheriff tells Stiles to save his friends and Stiles warns him he'll need to bring serious fire power to take out a berserker. The gang is then chased by a berserker.

Braeden tells Derek he's going to be alright and he tells her to concentrate on saving herself. She scopes out the area and spots Kate and a berserker coming for them. Malia prepares for battle and Braeden is attacked. Just then, Chris, Parrish, and several hunters arrive and begin shooting at Kate and the berserker who flee from the gunfire.

Stiles finds Kira, who tells him that the berserker is Scott and that the gang might kill him if they don't know it's him. Meanwhile, Malia, Liam, and Peter are battling Scott, not realising that it's him. The hunters outside take out the berserker and Derek dies while Braeden tearfully calls out to him.

Lydia and Mason are attempting to fight off the berseker but it's not going well. It's then that the sheriff arrives and blows the berserker up. Lydia knows that they tried to keep her away because she has determined that Peter and the berserkers are trying to kill Scott. Malia, Liam, and Peter have managed to overpower berserker-Scott and are just about to kill him but Stiles and Kira get in there just in time to stop Malia from dealing the deadly blow. They explain that it's Scott and Peter moves away, angry that his plan has failed. The group begins to plead with Scott not to kill them.

The hunters are still in pursuit of Kate and the berserker and it's one hell of a fight. They're running out of ammo and nothing seems to be getting through the armour.

Scott has Liam by the throat and is about to kill him but Liam pleads with him, saying he's not a monster but a werewolf. The words sink in and Scott releases Liam before breaking the bones off of him. He lets out a might Alpha roar and calls Peter out for being the one behind everything and for teaching Kate about berserkers. Peter says the Hale family power has been usurped by a teenage boy that doesn't deserve it and transforms into a werewolf. Malia attempts to attack him but he easily knocks her aside, saying they'll talk about this later. The fight resumes, this time between Scott and Peter. Kira tries to help but Scott calls her back, needing to finish this fight himself.

The battle outside is still on but Derek has risen form the dead as a fully evolved black wolf. He attacks Kate and badly injures her. Derek resumes his human form and tells Kate he has evolved, something she'll never do. With his now amplified strength, he destroys the berserker and Chris shoots the final bullet into Kate.

Kira, Stiles, Malia, and Liam are watching the fight between Scott and Peter. It's a tremendous display. Peter initially appears to have the upper hand but Scott eventually finds his rhythm and begins to block and dodge Peter's blows with ease. He sends Peter flying with one good hit and stands over his defeated opponent. He tells Peter he was never an Alpha, simply a monster. He hits Peter with one more punch but doesn't kill him.

Kate is still running and Chris is pursuing her. She asks if he wants to kill her and he says no, but doesn't want to see her either. They're both injured and Kate says that Scott's no hero and that the group killed Allison. Chris says that Allison died saving her friends and asks Kate who she would die for. Chris lets her get away, for now.

In the morning, Chris tells the pack that he'll be going with the hunters to hunt down Kate and take her out. The pack watches them leave. Braeden tells Derek that she was in fact a US marshal but lost herself to an obsession over finding someone codenamed Desert Wolf. Everyone heads home. Stiles and Malia are welcomed home by sheriff Stilinski, who cuffs Stiles to a desk as punishment while taking Malia out to grab some food.

Kira receives her first kitsune tail from her mother. Scott, Stiles, and Liam attempt to explain to the coach why they missed the game and he doesn't believe their excuse but advises them to look out for each other and have each other's backs. Deputy Parrish and Lydia are researching the bestiaire to try to figure out what he is.

Peter is put into Eichen House where he immediately begins plotting revenge. He has been shot up with wolfsbane and is now in the same cell as the man Deaton had visited to get information from (the one with the third eye). Peter asks who he is and the man says it would be easier to show him. He lifts up the covering to show Peter his third eye and Peter then screams in terror.

Teen Wolf will return for season 5 on MTV.


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