The Big Bang Theory S8E3 - "The First Pitch Insufficiency" Recap

Howard has been selected to throw the first pitch at a baseball game for the LA Angels of Anaheim as part of Space Day celebration. Howard is excited at the opportunity until he learns that he'll have to throw the ball a distance of 60 feet. Bernadette offers to help Howard, having played softball in school, and Raj also accompanies them but it doesn't help. Howard seeks the advice of Michael Massimino, who advises him against it, as no one will care if he does well but will make fun of him if he throws badly. Howard decides to use a prototype of the Mars rover to pitch the ball but the crowd, including his friends, boos him because of how slowly it moves.

Sheldon is taking Amy on dates to fulfil the contractual obligation under the terms of The Relationship Agreement. He has to make up all the dates he missed while he was away. Sheldon invites Penny and Leonard to join them on a double date. They're to head out to a pub and Sheldon tells Penny and Leonard that his and Amy's relationship is stronger than theirs. Sheldon explains that he and Amy took a scientific test to measure compatibility and they scored an 8.2. Leonard wants to take the test but Penny tells him not to. She admits to him that she is worried that the results will reveal that they don't have anything in common despite their being engaged. Leonard tells Penny that he worries about this too but they can get through it together. Amy says it would make her happy if Sheldon said things that romantic and Sheldon says that she is already happy since they scored an 8.2.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Mondays on CBS at 8PM but will return to its Thursday timeslot on October 30.


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