The Strain Recap: Creatures of the Night

Jim helps Abraham up. He's fine. Eichorst has gotten away. The silver bullet did little to him, because of his age. The group compiles their knowledge. With night falling, New York is easy pickings to the rapidly growing strigoi ranks, unless they can figure out a way to harness the power of the sun. UV light sabers anyone?

Manhattan. Eichorst limps, that silver bullet bothered him a bit more than was though. He has difficulty jumping onto the train platform.

The four take a cab ride to a medical supply store, but no surprise its closed, and the cab speeds off before they can come up with a new plan. A little B and E is added to their lists of crimes, and Eph smashes their way inside. Nora thinks she hears something as they look around. And Eph is held at gunpoint by Fet. Jim tells him they have a legitimate medical emergency, which doesn't make Fet lower his weapon. Eph tells him they're from the CDC, and that has his attention. Fet lowers his weapon, and the group get to looking for the UV lights, but Fet already took them. Fet recognizes Eph, asks if he's some dangerous criminal. Jim points out that the police will be there soon, with their breaking in and all, but they won't be. Fet disabled the alarm before he entered. Abraham asks about his experiences with the strigoi, and he's had some. Nora negotiates for some of the UV lamps, and Fet allows them to take a few. Jim, Nora and Eph seek out some go phones, while Abraham chats with Fet. Fet warns Abraham off of the subway, telling him that there are dozens down in the tunnels, but Abraham corrects him, more like thousands at this point. He asks if Fet knows the tunnels, and as a rat catcher he does, well.

Eph and Nora grab supplies, Jim tries to pay, but the machines are running super slow at the gas station. Little miss hacker is inside, and she's fairly gloating about her work, and the large wad of cash she was given to do the job.

Abraham asks for Fet's contact information, but Fet works alone. Abraham spots one of the infected, and excuses himself.

Nora knows things are going to get worse before they get better. Once news gets out of the strigoi, there is going to be mass panic and looting. A strigoi comes to the gas station window, and throws a throat stinger at it before Abraham removes it's head with his sword. Abraham moves onto the second one, and what does the hacker inside notice, the infected guy? Nope, the crazy old man with the sword. Abraham almost coos at it before shooting it with his nail gun and beheading it. Fet arrives, bashing a third one in the skull coming to Abraham's aid. Jim throws money at the gas station attendant, as Eph and Nora run to assist with the oncoming group of strigoi. Others, oblivious to the danger also exit, but they don't fare too well against the throat stingers. Jim digs for some extension cords while Fet, Abraham, Eph and Nora fight off the oncoming horde. Jim manages to fry one, but he can stop another from smacking him with its stinger. The group retreats into the gas station, and the delivery man finally notices the commotion around him. One of the Strigoi comes to the door, but changes course. Jim goes to clean up his cheek. The hacker isn't so happy to hear about the strigoi as Abraham scopes out the garage. Eph charges up some of the UV lamps to give them a fighting chance.

Abraham knows they have very little time, and Fet asks for the rules. He needs to know how to kill the strigoi. Lead is useless, but silver seems to work. Fet is interested in Abraham's nail gun, standard issue from Home Depot. The hacker's friend, Frankie, tries to call for help, but that system has been disabled too. Maybe the hacker should have been less worried about notoriety and more concerned with why the StoneHeart Group wanted to crash systems and shut down the internet.

The gas attendant makes note of everything stolen, and Eph explains that they're doctors from the CDC, and there's an outbreak which essentially turns people into vampires.The delivery man isn't buying it, and he wants to leave. Eph stops him, but none of them see Frankie making for the door until she's through it. Nora locks the door behind her, and they watch Frankie bob and weave her way through. She makes it past the strigoi, and they don't give chase. Fet's truck is too far to risk running to safely. The deliveryman and the hacker want to try for is, and they try to make a run for it. The hacker freezes in fear, and the deliveryman isn't nearly as agile as Frankie, and gets eaten. Eph and Nora come to the hacker's rescue. They all leave together or not at all. They won't last through the hour if they don't move soon. More are coming, all connected to the master. Eph doesn't believe, but as more gather, he doesn't have a choice.

Fet keeps watch. He decides to throw some money to at the lottery. His luck can't get any worse he assumes. Jim hands Nora a water, and tries to hands Eph some milk. Eph refuses, and Nora notices something. Under the UV light she and Eph see that Jim has a worm. Eph prepares for some field surgery. He's going to cut the worm out of Jim's head.

Nora takes her gathered supplies into the office. Jim drinks up as Eph prepares his worm hunt. Eph hopes to get to the worm before it reproduces. Footsteps clomp around on the roof. Jim is panicked as they start. Fet and Abraham prepare to defend the gas station. The hacker has an idea. Eph manages to extract the worm, and Nora fries it. Fet puts one a car wheel. Eph stitches up Jim. The gas attendant makes some noise, one of the strigoi breaks through the glass door. Eph runs for the UV lamps and fries him, and Abraham shoots him for good measure. He knows a diversion when he sees one and runs outside to find one of the strigoi cutting the power. Lights out. 

The charged UV lights are placed at the shattered door, but the strigoi attack at the garage. Fet beats them back. They've twenty minutes of UV light, and few options. They're sitting ducks. Abraham wants to move. He calls upon Fet's knowledge. The strigoi try to break through the AC, but luckily they haven't reached full maturity yet, and don't have super strength. Even at maturity,  they won't be as badassed as Eichorst. He's one of the chosen. Eph isn't comforted by Abraham at all. Fet tries to get the gas attendant to come with him, but he feels safer inside of his box. Fet pays for everything they've taken, and then some with one of his winning scratchers. Eph makes up some moltov cocktails, while Jim apologizes for his past sins and thanks Eph for his efforts. Eph tells him it was nothing, ,but then spots something, another worm. Jim tells him he's fine that he doesn't feel anything. Eph lifts up his shirt, he's completely infected, there are worms all over his back. Jim knows that he's done for. Eph wants to take him to the hospital, to try everything to save him, but Jim knows that this can't be stopped. He asks Eph to kill him, but he won't. Abraham knows there is no time for all of this, that he's going to die. Eph wants to help him, as Abraham tells him to save Jim's soul. Jim can't handle the thought of killing his loved ones, of turning into a monster. The strigoi are almost through the AC, and Fet ends the debate, by shooting Jim in the head killing him. Eph loses his shit, but Fet did what he couldn't. Jim wanted to die, and they were wasting valuable time arguing.

 Abraham says a prayer over jim's body, but there's no more time for tears the strigoi are inside. Abraham, Nora, Fet, Eph and the Hacker make a run for it. Eph promises to repay the favor should Fet get hit by a stinger. Fet pumps some gas, while everyone else tries to hold back the strigoi. Eph makes his way to the delivery guy, who is still kinda alive. Eph pays him a kindness, and everyone loads into the truck as the gas station goes up in flames. They're free and clear for now.


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