The Strain S01E09 Recap: The Disappeared

Zach gets dropped off at home by Diane, who tells him to have Kelly call her. She's left her a lot of messages, all not returned. She's worried, with the cops and everything. The lights are all off in the house, and Diane asks if he's sure at least Matt is home, Zach is, and he heads into the house. Eph and the group arrive at the house. Inside the house is trashed, and an infected Matt goes after Zach. Zach manages to evade him as Eph arrives. Eph kills Zach, but Kelly is no where to be found. I never liked Matt, but I almost feel bad for him, almost, but not really.

Abraham wishes to search the house. Eph shows him the door, but makes it clear that if Kelly is there, nothing happens with his son in the house. Abraham goes down, Fet goes up, Dutch looks for food. Zach hasn't seen his mom since the morning when she fought with Matt. Abraham declares that the house is empty. Abraham tells him that if Kelly is infected she will come after Zach, and they should leave quickly, but first they need to torch Matt's body.

Felix is getting worse in lockup. No one is listening to Gus as complains. The Bailiff tells him that many are sick, and Felix's best bet would be to finish his processing, where every inmate gets to be checked out by the doctor.

Zach is a little impressed that his dad escaped the FBI, and Eph glosses over a lot, without lying, giving his son enough information to get moving. He packs him up some items and prepares to send him with Abraham to his pawn shop while Eph cleans up the place. Not exactly a lie, but certainly hedging the truth.

Fet digs around the fridge. Nora is still in shock over Jim. Abraham reiterates that there is no hope once you're infected. It's an immediate game over. The hacker, Dutch agrees, but her opinion isn't welcomed. Nora tells Fet that if someone was going to help him die it should have been her, but Fet points out that she wasn't ready. They prepare to arm up at the shop for the next battle.

Past. Abraham digs a giant hole, maybe grave, with the other men while Eichorst watches.

Fet introduces himself to Zach, and they all prepare to leave. Dutch hesitates, and offers an apology before leaving. Eph watches Zach leave, only Nora remains with him.

Fet and Abraham drop off Dutch. Fet walks her up to her flat. Dutch is hoping that Ricki made it back, and she finds that something is missing. Ricki stole all her cash, and worse her laptop. Dutch has a bit of a breakdown.

Abraham asks Zach to come sit up front with him, but ultimately goes to the back to him. Zach thinks that his mom is going to be upset over what his dad did to Matt. Abraham explains that Matt went after him because he loved him, and that he wasn't angry with him, but rather hungry. Matt was like a dog with rabies, he couldn't control his actions.

Past. Abraham runs below, hiding a knife in his sock. Eichorst finds him below, thinking it has something to do with the box and its magnificence. Dust flies, bombs are being dropped above. Abraham asks what will happen to them, for now they will join the others, but its clear Eichorst has something bigger planned.

Fet tells Dutch to get her shit together. Her neighbor Ronnie stumbles in, and Dutch thinks he's just come to the wrong apartment by accident, its happened before, but Ronnie is infected. Fet moves quickly as Ronnie goes after Dutch, killing him with a hammer. The apartment is infected, Dutch can't stay.

Abraham has his sword drawn, waiting. Fet and Dutch return to the truck. Lucky for them, Fet took the keys or Abraham would have left without them. At the pawn shop, Nora's mother isn't exactly pleased that he left her for so long, or that he's brought new people. They all head down to Abraham's batcave. Abraham gives Zach a large tome to read and get educated on the stigoi. As Abraham talks about the type of people drawn to the master, Dutch shrinks away. Abraham needs Fet and his lack of emotion to kill the Master as much as he needs his city knowledge. The Master is nesting somewhere in the city. Fet has something to do first. Seeing Nora's mother likely made him think of his own.

Nora and Eph wrap up Matt's body. He wonders if Kelly was the one who damaged Matt's face, and Nora thinks that's a good assumption. Kelly got away, but to where. Nora mentions how people disappear in Argentina all the time, but this isn't Argentina, and Eph isn't going to let his son lose his mother. Outside, Eph lights Matt's fire. Nora thinks about Jim, his kindness. Eph admits that when Jim lifted up his shirt that was the worse moment of his life. Nora asks if they should say something about Matt, its his funeral pyre and all, but Eph has nothing nice to say.

Dutch asks Abraham about the strigoi, if its all true how they've worked, how they attracted people who wish for power, importance to them. It's all true. And even though communication methods have changed, they always block those pathways, to limit knowledge of their infection. Dutch asks if he knows Eldrich Palmer, Abraham knows of him. Dutch tells him that Eldrich hired her. She thought it was about corporate money and greed, and worked her ass off to shut down the internet. She shut it all down, twitter, facebook, even the deep web that most people don't even know about. She felt superior, and raked in the money, which was stolen. She should have trusted her instincts, she didn't like Eichorst, which peaks Abraham's interest.

Past. Abraham tries to sleep as the strigoi hunts. He's ready though. The strigoi eats someone, and Abraham cuts his finger, drawing the creature's attention. The strigoi seizes him. He knew that Abraham had been watching him, and he mocks Abraham's tiny knife. Abraham calls out to his God, but the creature tells him that his God ins't coming, to prepare for something else.

Felix is rolling around, and one of the other prisoners doesn't appreciate it too much. Gus warns him that the two of them are going to have a few words when he's out of his cuffs. Felix looks like he's going to vomit, turns out he just has a stinger in his throat. He lets it loose, and Gus manages to duck it. Felix lets it fly again, this time at the prison transport driver. His snacking steers the vehicle right off the road.

Nora talks with her mother, sorry to have left her for a long time. Nora needs a little comfort after the conversation, and Eph is more than happy to comply. She strips down, and throws Eph to the floor.

Panic ensues in the prison van. The second guard comes back to check on the prisoners, and gets the stinger treatment too. Gus grabs the keys, and uncuffs himself, and grabs the fallen officer's gun. He shoots his friend, and leaves the rest of the prisoners to their own fate as he hauls ass to get away.

Abraham and Zach have a little more bonding time. Zach is worried about his father, but Abraham tells him that his father will be there, but it takes time to do what he has to do.

Past. Abraham has fellow inmate reset his fingers. Abraham is in bad shape, so bad that Eichorst notices. At first he thinks that Abraham is hiding something in his hands, but instead he sees that he's injured. No longer worth anything without the use of his talented hands,he sends Abraham to the group that is to been killed and buried in the hole that they dug the day before. Luckily planes fly overhead, shooting at the Nazis and sending them scurrying away. It gives the Jews the chance to make a run for it, and run they do. Some even help Abraham over the fence, as he could not climb it alone, and they run off to freedom.

Eph lies in the afterglow of his and Nora's little tryst. Diane storms in looking for Kelly, and not exactly pleased with what she finds. Zach isn't answering his texts now, Kelly continues to not answer hers, and she's worried. Eph tells her that it isn't safe in the city, that she should leave. It's not safe, but Eph still found time to screw Nora on the carpet, Diane isn't buying it. Diane asks where Zach is, and Eph tells her that Zach is with his colleague, and asks that she call Nora's phone if she hears from Kelly since he lost his. Diane warns him that if he hurts Kelly that she'll cut his heart out. Eph loves his wife, and he'll do anything to find her. Nora looks a little angry over his proclamations, being the other woman sucks. Diane doesn't exactly believe him, but she leaves as do Eph and Nora.

Eph makes it to Abraham's pawn shop. It's quiet, with everyone resting. Zach asks if he burned Matt's body, and he did. Kelly wasn't heard from, but he does tell him that Diane came by. Eph isn't her biggest fan, but Zach tells him that she makes his mother laugh. In the morning they'll look for Kelly more. Zach asks to help, and Eph agrees.

Eichorst finally extracts the silver bullet from his leg, and the sight of the offending object pisses him off.

Past. Eichorst runs through the woods to a secret bunker hidden in the snow. Inside lies the beautifully carved box. He lights candles all around the room, and drink heavily before breaking down in tears, asking why he's been forsaken. A wind brought on by the master causes some of the candles to be extinguished. The monster glides in. He's done all that the Master has asked, and he has. It's time. The Master reveals himself to be Voldormort's awkward brother. He slices open Eichorst wrist, and inserts a worm from his flesh. Eichorst begins his change.


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