Bad Education S3E4 - "Fundraising" Recap

Martin Wickers is teaching Alfie to drive but Alfie gets distracted when Martin begins talking about his upcoming sexcapades, causing him to run over the school caretaker Pod. The school begins fundraising for a surgery for Pod. Alfie takes it upon himself to help Pod take care of himself with cleaning himself and the chores around the house.

Rosie arrives at school in Richard's ambulance, which she has after he showed up to visit and drank himself out of his ability to drive home. Richard is also shown to have left his phone in the ambulance. The school raises over a thousand pounds for Pod's surgery.

School bully Grayson is transferred to Alfie's class, as no one else wants him in their class. Alfie wants to prove to Rosie that he can reform Grayson but then decides to enlist Grayson's skills to break into the ambulance and snoop through Richard's mobile. But then Grayson decides to take the ambulance for a joyride. Grayson has Alfie put the paramedic vest on and Stephen suggests Alfie try texting Rosie with Richard's phone to try to find out if there is more going on between then. The text replies make him believe Rosie lied about not being involved with Richard but he doesn't realise it's actually Martin replying, as he found the phone after Rosie misplaced it at school.

When Grayson parks the ambulance, Alfie is mistaken for a paramedic. There's a man struggling to breathe that keeps saying "pen." Alfie decides to perform a makeshift tracheotomy using a pen tube, after which Grayson says he has found the man's epi-pen in his bag.

Xing, Chantelle, Joe, and Stephen are still in the car and spot Pod walking about, who is not at all paralysed and runs away upon realising he has been seen.

Alfie and Grayson flee when the real medics arrive. The other pupils try to tell Alfie what they have seen about Pod but Alfie doesn't believe them. Grayson decides that the best way to cover up what they have done is to torch the ambulance.

Grayson later pretends to make Alfie look good in front of Rosie as an opportunity to swipe the key to the lock box off of him. Rosie catches Alfie when he's confronting Grayson about his attempts to steal the cash. At the assembly, the pupils get into an argument with Alfie over Pod faking his paralysis. Joe blurts out the truth regarding their stealing the ambulance and going for a joy ride. Alfie punches Pod in the legs repeatedly to prove the truth of the paralysis and the argument carries on until Rem Dogg pour hot coffee onto Pod's legs, causing him to scream and stand up.

Finally, Alfie confronts Rosie about the sexts between her, leading him to get caught for having Richard's phone. This argument is taking place in front of Grayson and Martin. Rosie says she lost her phone so Grayson tells him to call the number, and Rosie's phone goes off and explores Martin.

Martin and Alfie go out for dinner and it's revealed that Martin's new girlfriend is Grayson's mother. Alfie and Grayson are now on the way to being stepbrothers. Also Martin has pulled some strings to keep Grayson from getting expelled for his latest indiscretion.

Bad Education airs on Tuesdays on BBC Three at 10PM.


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