Forever S01E06 Recap: The Frustrating Things About Psychopaths

Call girl Mary, tips the bellman well as she leaves the hotel. He offers to get her a cab, but its a nice night, and she decides to walk home. She should have strung for the cab, as someone grabs her.

Lucas is disappointed to find that there is no action in their latest case. He wants Aliens to burst out of the guy's chest and reek havoc on Manhattan or something. All the graphic novels that he's been reading has enhanced his imagination. Jo calls, she wants Henry to come down immediately. They received a package at the police department, and its bleeding.

Henry and Lucas head down. No one saw who left the package, or when it was delivered, only that it was on Hansen's desk. Blood seeps out of the bottom of the black bow tied package. Inside it looks like a human heart. Well Lucas surely got his excitement.

Back at the ME office, Henry examines the heart, looking for any clues into the death.

Hansen sanitizes his desk. Most murderers try to hide their crimes, to avoid capture, but this guy is blatantly taunting them with the body part. Henry reasons that all killers with similar crimes have been psychopaths. He's found that the victim was female, 25-30, and she was likely alive when her heart was cut out. They look at the likely missing people. Henry nixs the first two quickly, but the third girl she seems like the likely victim. And two years previously she was busted for prostitution under the name Mary Kelly.

They head to the hotel she was last seen at. The door man first claims to have no knowledge of the girl, but they press him, telling him that she's missing. He opens up that she was there a few nights about, but that he hasn't seen her since. Henry sets off walking in the direction that she was last seen heading, and finds a hiding spot where the killer likely hid which made him completely invisible. The killer had the perfect view of the hotel,and a shady freight elevator could have assisted with his escape. No one heard her scream, cause he knocked her out first. The killer had a plan for her, somewhere significant. Henry sees the most likely place, and killed her at Dorset Brothers Fine Meats and Sausages. The killer has been toying with them all along. He's emanating another famous killer.

1888 Dorset Street, London. Henry rides in a carriage to the scene of another murder. The police has been keeping items out of the news for fear of copy cat killers. They want Henry to take a look at a body and see if anything was missing. Its a prostitute lying carved up on a bed.

Now, inside Henry sees the same scene before him. It looks like the work of Jack the Ripper. The copy cat was very studiously. The have the area locked down. This Mary Kelly was murdered just as the last one was, and just as brutally. Henry gets a call from his mystery man. It's been awhile since we heard from this other immortal. He wants to know what Henry is looking at, but he already knows, and is a little nostalgic about it. There's no way he could have just heard about this crime. The crime wasn't in the paper yet. Jack was never caught, and the mystery man hopes that he has better luck as Henry tries to pin point the caller, knowing that he's close by. Henry finds where he was, but only his phone remains.

Abe gives Henry the bad news, the phone as a burner. Adam was incredibly vague as normal. He did say that he was in London at the time Jack the Ripper was terrorizing the area, leading him to think that it is possible he is the ripper. Henry has a shard of a antique surgical knife, one that would be very hard to come by. And he wants Abe to help him get in touch with Frenchmen about it. Abe is less than open to the idea, but Henry knows that Abe would have more lucky dealing with the Frenchmen alone than he would. Henry has other creepy things to deal with.

Past. Henry studied the case. He found plenty of clues into Mary's death. He asked for more time with the body to search for more clues.

He's searching the current Mary's body as well. The killer has left few clues. He's been comparing the current body to one of the past. He finally finds a mistake. The original Mary Kelly had a newspaper mistakenly add that she had a star cut on her wrist, but it wasn't a star. It was a semi circle. That newspaper went under before the digital age, so there would only be one place where they could find that article. Henry grabs his scarf and he and Jo head there.

At the library, Jo has to make focus on their case, as he's lost in nostalgia. They find that someone did check out the edition, under the name Freddie Appaline, who was the lead investigator on the Ripper case. And someone has it now. J. Elroy. Jo tries to spot the psychopath, and when a man runs, she gives chase. Henry gets a call from the mysterious Adam. Henry kept Adam's phone to his delight. Jo eventually tackles to man. Adam warns Henry that he missed something at the crime scene. The killer isn't just copying the ripper, but he also left a clue to the next murder. Henry looks in the bag that was left behind. He finds a notebook with sketches of the next killing. The killer will be copying the Black Dahlia next.

Abe heads to see Frenchmen. Frenchmen turns our to be a woman, and very flirty. Abe is there on business, not pleasure. She did have the knife in question, but she sold it. She wont' however give up her buyer, but when she's called away, Abe gets a case of sticky fingers, and grabs her sales book.

Jo questions her suspect. He's checked out a lot of Jack the Ripper books and articles as of late. She asks him about the crime, but he claims to have had nothing to do with it. He was merely getting research material for his graphic Soul Slasher. He even carries around a bone saw to get into the mind of the killer. She asks why he ran, and he claims to have some seriously crazed fans. They follow him everywhere, and he fears them a bit. They write poems, fantasies, and some even claim to have killed. In fact he almost hopes that one of them did. Their crimes linked to his books would be a PR dream, you can't pay for PR like that.

Lucas supplies the group with the Soul Slasher novels from his personal collection for research. Hansen cannot believe people actually read that sort of thing. The book is very accurate, and Henry notes that with the book its almost a step by step recipe to reenact the murder. Jo wants to monitor the fan page before there's another death, but its too late. Another mutilated body has been found.

The body was sawed in half just like in the Black Dahlia case. Jo notes that they're in the middle of a park in day light, she had to have been carried in. Henry finds all the blood was drained before the body was brought, there won't be a blood trail. Lucas finds something in the girl's mouth. Her murder is just like the Boston Strangler. Henry finds some deep boot prints, and a leaf.

Henry finds that the leaf is from a Ginko tree, which is nothing like any of the trees around. Abe looks over the Frenchmen's ledger, but he can't make any sense of it. She uses code, and its not like he can ask her about it without admitting that he swiped her book. Jo gets a hit off the Soul Slasher website, there's some claims of the Black Dahlia killing, but still too many suspects to narrow it down in time. Henry asks if any of the fans live in Brooklyn.

Hansen and a swat team go in after the one suspect in Brooklyn. They take down the man at the computer, but Jo reports that the suspect is still typing. Swat heads up to detain the man's teenage son. Jo questions the smart-ass kid. He's looking at a double life sentence she tells him. He thinks that his cred on the Soul Slasher group is going to go through the roof. He points out that she's going to need more a couple of blog posts to convict him. His father speaks to the captain, he knows his son is technically an adult, but he still wants to be allowed in. His mother arrives. Devin refuses to see any of them, even his lawyer. Devin's mother blames his father for the whole incident, having introduced him to the Soul Slasher comics. Henry watches their whole exchange, while the Captain uncomfortably tries not to. Henry points out that his love of horror movies and comics are the father's fault, but if Devin is the killer, his victims point to an issue with women, likely caused by a particular one in his life. Mr. Bentley wants to know the charges and what has been found. They found shoes matching the foot prints at the murder scene. Mr. Bentley doesn't think that's enough, and threatens to get his lawyer. There' s also the ledger, that he needs to confirm, and then the son really will need the lawyer. Hearing about the knife is news to Jo. Henry tells her that the ledger is written in code, and Henry plans to crack it. Jo tells him that since he obtained the ledger illegally the evidence would be inadmissible in court. She moves to get a judge to subpoena the records before the Frenchman reports it stolen. Henry wants to come and assist, but Jo tells him to stay put. Henry is so not staying put.

He goes to see the Frenchman, and return her ledger. She knew that Abe stole the ledger. Henry admits that Abe didn't want to steal the client list, but rather find out a clients name in regards to a knife sold that was used in a murder. The Frenchman is confident that he wasn't able to crack her code and gleam the information he needed. Henry did manage to decode the customer's last name as Bentley. She asks how he figured it out. My guess is that he didn't, but rather lured her into confessing. He tells her that he would appreciate her cooperation when the police question her about it, and not mention his thievery. The Frenchman isn't feeling so generous since he did steal from her. That is irrelevant with a murderer on the loose, one whose sole pleasure in life is killing women. He also points that she wouldn't want to see him nor Abe in jail. She wouldn't, but tells him that he should be lucky she remembers what the guy looks like. When she calls him an Ochison, he realizes that they have the wrong Bentley. Henry rushes out, right into the elder Bentley's waiting knife. Looks like Henry is about to take a little swim as Bentley leaves his body on the stoop and rushes into the store.

Jo calls Abe to get the Frenchmen's address. She got the subpoena that she needed. Abe feigns to not know any Frenchman, but Jo already knows about his sticky fingers, so Abe smartly gives Jo what she wants.

Henry is still alive, crudely crawling on the ground. Bentley has the Frenchman bound and gagged. She's definitely not into his Christian Grey moves as he prepares to take his kink to another level. Henry manages to get to his feet and through the doors before Bentley can strangle the Frenchman. The pair fight, and take a tumble down the stairs as Jo arrives. Henry is on his last leg of life. Bentley wakes up, but Henry isn't likely getting up any time soon. His back is broken and he's in shock. Bentley heads upstairs, and Jo has her gun trained on him. He draws his weapon anyways, and Jo fires at him.

Henry is still not dead, as he lies on the floor. Adam pays him a visit. He didn't want them to meet like this, but he had no choice when he saw his partner enter in upstairs. Jo is calling in the shooting, as the Frenchman cries on her shoulder. Adam doesn't want Jo to see Henry die, it wouldn't be good for anyone he thinks. Adam removes the blade from Henry's back, and slits his throat. He can thank him for it later. Henry instantly dies and comes back in his normal watery spot. Jo hears Adam leaving, and rushes to investigate the noise.

Abe bakes Henry some scones, figuring that he needs some comfort after the night he had. Henry isn't feeling very hungry after being murdered. All things considered, Abe thinks that it was probably for the best. Henry worries about the sheer coldness in Adam's act, but Abe feels like there was no time. Adam knows everything about Henry, and he knows nothing about Adam. Henry panics about the danger that he's putting Abe in,but Abe points out that Adam probably also knows hes just a regular guy, and Abe has a big bad of his own to stare down. He's headed to the hospital to see the Frenchman.

Hansen wonders how Devin was so clueless to his father's acts. The cops didn't figure it out sooner, and he's was in the building. The Captain points out that because of Jo lives were saved, and she asks if she is okay. Taking a life for any reason can take a toll on ones soul. Jo says that she's fine, as she looks over her case files.

Those who kill for spectacle may never be understood, but that may be why they're so fascinating. Everyone has the capacity to kill, the real question is how to live with yourself afterwards. Jo orders herself a cheap whiskey, but Henry upgrades it. Jo asks if that's his way of apologizing. Henry knows that he could have compromised the investigation with his side investigating. Jo worries what would have happened had Bentley come at him from behind as he had her. Well he would have been stabbed, and oh, wait that did happen. Henry watches her take her drink, only saying that she's right. Jo feels guilt over Bentley's death. She's never done it before, even if it is part of his life. He's glad she's feeling so awful. He's not a great drinking buddy. He thinks that the day that she's not affected by the killing that's the day she has a real problem. Jo notices his pocket buzzing, and welcomes him to the modern age. Henry rushes out of the bar to answer Adam's call. Henry's tense about Adam recently murdering him, but he has to admit his technique was masterful. When people suffer from their condition, murder is like breathing. Adam realizes that Henry has never murdered anyone, and he tells him to give it time. Henry doesn't plan on starting any time soon, perhaps Adam doesn't know him as well as he thinks. Henry tosses the phone into the harbor.


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