Gotham S01E06 Recap: Spirit of the Goat

Gotham City, ten years ago. A man slowly embodies the Spirit of the Goat, going from meek to fierce. So far the Goat hasn't spoiled the Waynes family celebration. They're opening their home to orphanages. On a rooftop a girl is grabbed by the Goat.

Harvey is eager to get inside, but his partner is willing to let the girl die. The maniac has already killed two, and Shelley Lawson may soon make three. Randall Milky believes that he's embodied an ancient spirit, who is sacrificing the girls. Harvey rushes in, and his partner has no choice but to follow him in. They find the girl, and she was recently placed there. His and his partner fall through the floor. Harvey shoots and kills Milky, but his partner does not rise. Harvey sounded a lot like Jim Gordon back there.

Now. Harvey is haunted by a murder scene that is very familiar looking. Nygma tries to get Harvey to play his game, but Harvey isn't interested in riddles. The girl comes from money, likely the eldest in the family, the Goat always killed the first born. Harvey isn't happy to have a copy-cat killer on a case that brings up troubled memories, and he's definitely not happy about being on the clock before Gordon.

Gordon and Barbara are fighting again. She's unhappy about secrets, and Gordon has no choice but to keep them. The city is corrupt. He came to be a cop, but the city needs something else. Barbara isn't asking for it all, she just wants half of what he carries. They're not still fighting but rather negotiating. She wants him to just let her in, and then they're okay. His phone continues to vibrate across the table. He promises to tell her everything he can, to make it right.

Montoya and Allen continue to canvas the water front trying to find anything to prove that Jim Gordon murdered Oswald Cobblepot. If they don't get some hard evidence soon, then the MCU is dropping the case. They speak to a homeless man, and he points the finger at Gordon, saying that he killed in cold blood. Though he'd likely say just about anything at the moment as long as he doesn't have to leave his spot.

Jim Gordon shows up to the crime scene. Harvey is in an extra good mood this morning. The Goat being back, even as a copy cat is bad news for the Gotham PD. He figures that the Goat knew the victim, and the pair head to speak to her family. Harvey wants Nygma to alert him before the autopsy starts, but doesn't tell him what he's looking for exactly, and the normally easy going Nygma hardens at the secret.

Mr. Hastings has been having nightmares about a dark presence. He claims that his daughter was loved by nearly everyone. His hand begins to spasm, and his response time slows. His therapist suggests a break. Neither of the Hastings are really up to dealing with their daughter's death, but Mr. Hastings is especially weak the therapist informs them.

Nygma goes to the Records Annex, sniffing at the record keeper. He's looking for information on the Goat killings, and he finds that interesting. He also finds it interesting that the keeper's parents kept their surname and named her Kristen Kringle. They must be humorous people. She doesn't seem to appreciate Nygma, reminding him that he needs to check out any records. Nygma moves onto the poor organization of the place. She warns Nygma that she has everything where she wants it. He offers to help it, and she doesn't take him up on it or the double entrende.

Gordon and Harvey look for clues. Harvey remembers on the last case, they didn't find any signs of entry either, but that the victims were taken from their homes. Milky had keys to the building because of his work. Gordon puts a call in for all personnel who have access to the Hastings building.

Oswald pays his deal old mother a visit. She thinks that he ran off with some hussy. There was no hussy, only cruelty, and savagery. He just wanted a little respect. She tells her beloved boy that they are only mean because they're jealous. He plans to be someone in Gotham, and she is confident he will be.

The autopsy reveals that the girl asphyxiated. Harvey asks the ME to look at the base of her skull for a small incision, stitched closed. The ME is surprised to find it, and inside is a foreign object, a penny. That was a fact that was never released. It can't be a copy-cat.

Milky always put a penny in the back of the heads of each of his victims, but Harvey has no clue about it. The detail was left out of the file for a reason. The ME that worked on the case is dead, so that only leaves Harvey, and his former partner. Captain Essen sends him to go pick Diggs's brain for ideas, and see if he leaked the coin info.

Bruce watches Goat Watch. Many of the Gotham elite are headed to the Swiss Alps in order to slip from the threat. Alfred points out that Bruce is fits the victim description, and suggests that perhaps they should slip away just in case. But Bruce refuses to leave, he doesn't think the Goat will come for him, and he has work to do.

Kristen is horrified to return and find that her Records room has been reorganized by Nygma. She freaks out. The room was perfectly organized. She wants to know what she ever did to him, wondering if he wants her job. He doesn't want her job, but her... to keep her job. Seeing her distaste he makes a getaway, leaving her to her files.

Harvey tries to let Gordon out of seeing his former partner, Diggs, but Gordon won't have it. Diggs is in a wheelchair now, after the incident with the goat. Number one rule in Gotham, no heroes, Diggs reminds him. He'd been wondering when Harvey would come to him about the case. They sealed the records, so no one should know about the coins. Harvey reveals that the current killer is also stitching pennies into the heads of the victims. Gordon asks if there was any ideas where that trademark came from. If none of them talked, then Milky wasn't working alone. Diggs thinks its s conspiracy. Harvey doesn't buy it. Diggs remarks that Harvey has always thought he was the smartest one in the room. Diggs warns Gordon to be careful of Harvey, that he's a loose cannon with a white knight complex, that could get him hurt. Gordon is surprised at his description of Harvey. Harvey checks with Diggs's nurse to make sure that he's still getting the stuff that he's been sending.

Another socialite gets ready to leave. She sends her maid to grab some things for her while she heads upstairs. The maid is grabbed by the goat and tossed aside. The girl comes down stairs to check on Anita, and is also grabbed.

Harvey wants every free cop on the case. It's their guy. Milky's past crime to dress and display the victims took about eight hours so they have a little bit of time.

Barbara confronts Montoya, but Montoya doens't think she should be there, or seen in public with her. Barbara asks her to keep an open mind about Gordon, she knows he's protecting her. He wants to open up to her, but he's afraid. Montoya knows he has a good reason to be afraid, that what he knows, who he knows could kill her. The judge has issued a warrant, and she warns Barbara to get out. If Gordon is going to be arrested, then by his side is where she needs to be.

Harvey and Gordon narrow down the possible suspects, while Nygma is all too quiet. His cracks are showing more and more.

Harvey and Gordon arrive to the most likely location. The girl is still alive, but drugged. Shes already in position, and its deja vu all over again. Same place, same scenario us running. Gorodn heads after the girl, who is still alive, and Harvey goes after the goat. Harvey and the Goat tussle, and the Goat throws Harvey down the stairs taunting him. You can never stop the Goat, he always comes back. Gordon rushes in to assist Harvey, throwing more than a few punches. He knocks out the Goat.

Cat creeps into the Waynes mansion. Bruce is asleep on the couch as she looks at his wall of suspects and information. Cat grabs a trinket off the desk, but exits quickly when she hears Alfred down the hall.

Penguin takes a bath. His mother has pressed his suit. His overly dotting mother, takes up the sponge and rubs him down. She worries about his safety, but he's made a friend with a police man, a good one.

Harvey and Gordon update Captain Essen. They've done good, but Harvey something is bothering Harvey. Prior to taking up the goat persona, both the current and previous Goat's had the same job, were mild mannered with no violent or criminal. It was like they were over taken by something. Harvey is haunted by the cases. He watches the man through the window as his demeanor suddenly changes from fierce and confident to scared.

Gordon returns home, Barbara is packing. He's exhausted, but she tells him that he has to listen. Montoya has a witness to the Cobblepot murder. Gordon insists that he didn't kill the man, and she believes him, but there's a warrant for his arrest. She wants to know what he's hiding. She wants to know what's changed, he's been different since he started the job, and she wants to know what happened. Barbara wants him to run. If they take him away, she's scared that she'll lose him, but he refuses to run. Allen and Montoya come to arrest Gordon for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot. Barbara watches him taken away in handcuffs.

Harvey pays the Hastings a visit again. He wanted to speak to the therapist, rather than Hastings. She's a hypnotherapist, and he wants to know a little about her pro bono patients. The current Goat is one of her patients and she's been doing pro bono work for 12 years. He noticed that Mr. Hastings had clenched his fist the day before, when the questioning got intense, it wasn't a spasm, and researching Harvey found that sometimes that tactic is used to teach patients to do that rather than another compulsion. But the guy being held also does that. Harvey wants to know what he's fighting. Harvey also knows that she treated Milky as well. She hypnotized the crap out of the men, to make them forget who they were, turning them upside down. She underestimated him, and he continues to unravel the scheme. He wants to know the reason behind it. It's all about therapy, not for the men, but for Gotham. The city use to have hope, until the rich and powerful gunned it down in the street. If they believed the Goat was real, that they wouldn't tolerate it, then they would shape up. Its true that you can't hypnotize someone to do something they don't actually want to do, but they were willing. Mr. Hastings comes to check on his doctor. Harvey plans to arrest her, but instead she unleashes Hastings on him, while she gets away. Harvey gets free of Hastings, and shoots the Dr in the leg.

Harvey has to explain to the Captain why he drove to the nice part of town and shot the doctor. She was an accomplice he tells her. Gordon is brought in in cuffs, and he's not happy. They all want the same thing, and he's actually progressing in cleaning up the city. Captain Essen isn't happy about seeing her detective in cuffs. Allen lists the charge against Gordon, which Gordon says is a lie. Harvey backs him up like a good partner, but its the truth. Allen and Montoya arrest Harvey as well, the witness identified him at the scene as well. Captain Essen isn't willing to stand for them taking down the GCPD, and Harvey and Gordon are apart of it. There's no need for haste though, Cobblepot makes an entrance, announcing himself, and Harvey is not pleased.


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