Grimm S04E01 Recap: Thanks For the Memories

Grimm is back tonight, and if you've been watching my twitter feed you know that I've been anxiously awaiting the Grimmiere. It's finally here, and maybe just maybe the writers won't be too mean and answer some of the cliffhangers. Just how permanent is Nick's grimmlessness, will Renard survive, and will Wu ever come into the light and know about Wesen?

Captain Renard is rushed into surgery. Hank gets the news where the Captain is, but nothing on his condition. The shooter didn't know Trubel was a Grimm until he vogued, which gave her time to grab the machete and behead him and probably saved Renard's life. Trubel has no clue what was in the vial only that Renard told her that Nick had to drink it to undo Adalindd's spell. As a hexenbeast, her spell is likely permanent, and Juliette drops the bomb that Adalindd also used a spell to look like her and sleep with Nick. I get she's pissed, but her anger is misplaced. Nick had no clue. If it looks like a duck, walks and talks like a duck, how did he know he wasn't suppose to diddle the duck, well Juliette, but you know what I mean. The street is closed off, and Trubel wants to turn around, but they have to face the heat eventually. Hank tells the group that if they're going to lie, and really they have to then they need to be telling the same lie.

A man has a flash of memories. Military mixed with science. He approaches a house, Henry Slocum's. Henry doesn't know Dr. Anderson, but he's familiar with his name, a friend of a friend. He's always spoken highly of. He has some bad news, Danny has been in a terrible accident. He was in town and didn't think it appropriate to deliver the news over the phone. He vogues into an octopus man, and sucks face with Henry. Poor guy, that has to well...suck.

The doctors continue to work on Renard. Our poor Captain does not look good.

Trubel worries that she's going to be arrested. Wu reads Trubel's book when he's told that Nick and Hank have arrived. Wu recognizes Trubel, and she says that she was staying with Nick. Wu thinks that its a good thing that she wasn't there, but Nick clarifies that she was, and that she was the one who beheaded the attacker. Nick and Hank get a good look at the crime scene. The body has already been identified as Weston Stewart, but a passport with a different name and a whole lot of Euros was found on the body. He wasn't planning on sticking around after gunning down the Captain. Wu asks if Teresa was staying in the guest room, and Nick says that she was. Wu asks about the book, and Nick tells him that its his. The working detectives question Nick and Hank. They stick to their story, Poge and Meecham head out to question Teresa, but the FBI arrive. Teresa is freaked out, and her first instinct is to run, but that's not an option.

Anderson continues to suck at Henry's face drawing memories out of him. He gets the memories of Alexandra, his girlfriend from him, as well as those of involving his classified work. With the memories extracted, he leaves Henry on the ground, but Alexandra comes home early. She was suppose to be in Paris. With Henry on the ground, Alexandra runs to his aid, but he doesn't recognize her. She tries to get away from Anderson but he attacks her with a bookend. Had she just come home as planned she would still be alive.

Special Agent Chavez and Special Agent Ronson take over the questioning. Since Nick wasn't there, they take Teresa alone to go over the details. Nick is worried about her, but Juliette is sure that she can handle herself. Nick and Hank will need to go to the precinct to make a statement. Juliette refuses to leave the house, its hers and she's feeling violated and affronted.

Inside Trubel goes over the details of what lead to the beheading. She sticks to the truth, omitting the vogueing. She goes over the fact that he broke in, shot the Captain. She'd never seen the shooter in her life, but he came after her, and shot at her. She hit her head on a table when she was trying to get away, she grabbed the first weapon she saw and fought back in fear of her life. The agents take her down to the station, Wu listened from the hallway the entire time.

In Austria, Viktor continues scheming against someone wishing to be elected. He's interrupted with news that Stewart shot Renard, but he was beheadded. The man is unsure if Nick did the beheadding, only knows that it happened in his house. Renard isn't dead, but in critical condition. Viktor's uncle would be devastated to learn that another son perished, especially this one, since he's so attached to him, which makes the secret of Viktor's involvement all the more important.

Dr. Anderson tosses the murder weapon into the harbor before contacting his boss. He tells him that he ran into a problem. The job isn't finished, and he needs to stay until its done, and now the boss is headed there.

Special Agent Chavez looks through Trubel's things. She finds one of her books on Wesen and vogues into a bird like creature. She asks her partner his take on the girl. She saw the police captain get shot, and then the shooter went after her. If it was his daughter she'd be a basket-case. Both conclude that he girl isn't normal, but because she isn't she's still alive. Chavez places the Grimm diaries under the nightstand, not where she found them and heads out.

The body is finally removed, and Juliette gets her house back. It is a mess, lamp still knocked over, and blood in the hallway. You would have thought they would have cleaned it up a little, for sanitation reasons at least. There's bullet holes in the hallways, and blood upstairs, but Juliette heads straight to her desecrated bedroom, focusing on that. Monroe and Rosalee arrive, they skipped their honeymoon in all the chaos, which is the last thing Juliette wants for them. They couldn't go anywhere with what is going one, they didn't even want to try.

Trubel continues to be questioned at the precinct, by the detectives as the special agents watch from behind the glass. Her story remains consistent. Everything she says matches the crime scene and Ronson thinks that she's telling the truth. Chavez remains silent.

Hank gets flight information. Nick gives Hank a cup of coffee, and he cautions him to calm down. He doesn't want to appear nervous. He needs to lay off the caffeine. The flight information was Adalind's, and boy is she in for a surprise when she arrives in Vienna and there is no baby there waiting. She's headed straight to the Royals, but they can't hold up their end of the deal. The Special Agents conclude that Trubel is free to go. Her story is consistent and there's no reason for them to charge her. Hank asks why their agent would want to shoot their Captain. He's been off the grid for weeks. They have no idea of motives. Chavez is cold towards them, and they know that something is up, but no clue that she's Wesen. Nick isn't even getting a tingle from his grimmhood. They go to check on the Trubel, but she's fine. Hank heads to check on Renard.

Dr. Anderson pours over his new found memories to get into the Sitre Corp system. One of the techs notice something odd about Slocum's login and decide to call him to verify that he was logged in, but the transfer is complete. Anderson got what he wanted, and no one answered the tech's call.

Hank arrives at the hospital, Wu is already there waiting for news. Wu is still struggling with things that he's seen, and the books at Nick's house is only making everything worse. The pictures in the book look like what he thought he saw, there are monsters inside of people. Wu is on the verge of discovery or breaking. Hank tries to play it off that there are monsters inside of people, that their faces change when they get angry. Wu confesses that he's still having nightmares. Hank is about to shed some light on Wu, when the doctor interrupts. Renard is out of surgery, but he's lost a lot of blood and there's a good chance that he goes into renal failure. They suggest that his next of kin be contacted.

Still in their wedding duds, Rosalee and Monroe go into full detective mode trying to figure out the cause. They know that Renard brought something for Nick to drink, and assume that it has something to do with the attack. Renard would know what was in the bottle, but he's not in any position to talk. Adalind would know but she's not likely to talk. Trubel and Nick arrive, Nick voices his concern over them being there when they should be enjoying their honeymoon. They couldn't enjoy it with the current crisis. Trubel apologizes for crashing their wedding, and sort of ruining it. Rosalee doesn't blame her, she knows that she was trying to save Nick. They need to find Adalind but she's headed back to Vienna. Trubel blames herself for their predicament, but Juliette reminds her that it isn't her fault but Adalind's, and she blurts out that Nick slept with Adalind. Seriously give the guy a break. He thought his girlfriend was seducing him, not some crazy Hexenbeast wearing her face. Nick has to explain himself as Rosalee thinks she knows what happened, hoping its not an entwining curse. They're headed to the spice shop to look for answers. Nick doesn't want Monroe screwing up his life over him, but Monroe reminds him that he wouldn't have his life if it weren't for him. Trubel wants to go to the trailer, but Juliette puts the kibosh on that for the night, so she heads off to bed. Alone, Juliette wants answers. Nick gives them to her, but she's not happy about it, he really had no clue. He offers to sleep on the couch, but she's not putting him completely in the doghouse.

Chavez stares at Trubel's mugshot. Ronson has been investigating Stewart, and found that he placed a call to GQR Industries before his death. They're still working on the connection. Stewart's car was also found about a block from Burkhardt's and inside was a packed suitcase.

Trubel does some light reading, as she relives the moment they realized Nick was truly Grimmless.

In bed, Nick can't seem to sleep. He replays his moments with Adalind as Juliette, what she said prior to him stripping her down. He puts his sleepless night to good use, and heads downstairs to clean up the blood. Juliette finds him scrubbing. He didn't want her to wake up to the blood, but she isn't willing to let him do it alone. Nick wonders if him no longer being a Grimm is a good thing for them.

Ronson inventories the contents of Stewart's suitcase. On the surface it seems completely innocent, until they find a special pouch. It is filled with money and passports from multiple countries. He was definitely ready to run, and obviously working for someone besides the FBI.

Nick gets a new case. Neither he nor Juliette got much sleep. Losing his Grimm is kind of weird, and he wonders if he'll still be a good cop without it. Trubel watches him leave before she heads down. Juliette isn't okay. Trubel asks to borrow her bike, and Juliette allows her, reminding her to be careful since she's now the only Grimm in town.

Nick's new case is Alexandra. Slocum was there when the police arrived, but he was so out of it, that they sent him to the hospital. There was no history of domestic disturbances. About ten minutes after they arrived, the neighbor ran over to tell them that they heard a scream and then Slocum racing off in his Porsche. But the car is still gone, and Slocum was there. It's possible that he took the car somewhere, and came back via cab, or more likely that someone else was there. Wu puts out an APB on the car, and Nick and Hank head to check on Slocum.

He's got wounds to the back of his head, and swelling and damage to the area of the brain where memories are stored. His doctor isn't surprised he's having trouble remembering anything, and looking at him, he still looks lost. She took pictures of his wounds, looks like someone was boring holes for a bowling ball, they just added an extra one. It's like nothing she's ever seen before.

Nick drives Hank out to the trailer. Its on property that's hard to find and not in his name. Trubel has already arrived, and she comes leaping out with a Katana in hand. She wasn't sure it was him or not. She rode all the way out to do some reading, trying to learn all that she can since now she's the only Grimm. She goes to work to help them find out what ate the man's memories.

The bossman meets with Anderson. Time is short, and he needs him to deliver. They need to prove to their client that what he is stealing is worth the fee that their asking. He offers up a key to entice them. His boss wants to hear about the collateral, and Anderson reveals Slocum's girl's death. He left it clean though. He can't be tied to the crime, as soon as he dumps the car. The boss tells him to get rid of the car. Anderson goes to the car, and a pair of officers stop him, questioning him about the car. He tells them that his friend Slocum loaned him the car for the weekend.

Trubel finds something in the books she thinks may be their culprit. Its some sort of memory eaters. The book isn't sure how the memories are taken exactly, but that the memories are stolen leaving the victims with a debilitating dementia. Nick gets the call that a suspect has been apprehended, and Trubel heads with the guys to the station.

A blonde walks the halls, definitely not Adalind, with her headed to Vienna. Renard seizes, and his heart stops prompting a code blue. A crash team responds while Elizabeth looks on.

Anderson goes over his story. He tells them that he was visiting his friend when his girlfriend arrived home from her trip early. The two began fighting, and Slocum gave his Porsche to use to check into a hotel. He was on his way to return it when he was brought in for questioning. Hank breaks to him the death of Alexandra, and Slocum still being in the hospital. He's worried over his friend, but offers to do whatever he can to help. Hank has him write up his statement, while the pair head to the other side of the glass. Nick didn't pick up anything, his confidence in himself diminishing. Anderson could be telling the truth, but if he's not they have nothing to hold him on. There's only one type of Wesen that could make the marks left on Slocum, and if Anderson isn't that kind, they're wasting their time. Hank plans to deploy a little Trubel. Anderson is free to go, but the Porsche stays. Anderson rushes out in a hurry, and walks right into Trubel who tries to mug him. He fully vogues on her, and she runs off, reporting to Nick and Hank that he is their man. She heads back out after Anderson.

Renard's heart refuses to start, and his death is officially called.

He can't stay dead right?!? And worse, there's no sign of him in next weeks previews. Why, oh why? That Hexenbeast Elizabeth is there for a reason, and it's not to watch Renard die, so do something already! 


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