Grimm S05E02: Octopus Head

Remember last week when Renard died and we were all devastated? Well we pick up right there this week. Elizabeth enters, but the doctors try to stop her. Her eyes glow blue and time freezes. She uses a two headed snake jumper cable on our favorite shirtless captain. The black headed end bites Renard and the red her, as it transfers life away from her, turning her pale. She drops the snake to the ground where it turns to ash, and time comes back into play as she collapses to the ground. Renard comes back to the land of the living.

In Vienna, Victor's man reports that there are no traces to the dead FBI guy, which is a good thing, as the King will be out for blood. Adalind has arrived at the gate, to Victor's surprise. She tells him that she has done what he's asked, but Victor wants proof. He tells her that there is conflicting information, and one of their operatives was beheaded. Adalind has no idea about that, she just needs to see her baby. Victor's man will get confirmation that she's done as she was suppose to, and Victor has the gates opened. He has the west wing readied for her to stay in while she's there, since she'll be there for a long time.

Mr. Octopus head returns to his hotel, untentacled. Trubel follows him at a discreet distance. Outside, Hank asks how Juliette is handling things, and he tells him that she's trying not to blame him. If telling everyone and throwing him under the bus constantly is not blaming him, then sure, that's what she's doing. Hank reminds him not to blame himself either. Trubel reports in.

Adalind asks about her baby, hoping that she's eating well. Victor claims that she's brightened up the entire place, and is a joy to everyone. Victor asks how it was to shag a grimm. Adalind claims to have done her duty, and not not for enjoyment. She wonders about the dank conditions, but Victor assures her that its the most secure place in the castle. He asks her if she knows about Renard, that he was shot in Nick's home. Adalind is in a state of shock. Victor opens one of the doors and traps Adalind inside before revealing that he doesn't have the baby, that she was taken by the Resistance. Adalind did what she thought she had to for her baby, but she did it all for nothing.

Trubel listens in as “Mr. Anderson” checks in, learning his room number. Octopus Head takes the elevator, and Trubel books up the stairs, because you know she didn't just hear the room number and all. She watches him enter the room. He strips down, things to do, and Trubel goes to make a call. A little just for men is calling.

Kent calls Henry, but he's not answering the phone anytime soon. He's still in the hospital, probably trying to eat paste or something.

Trubel tells Hank and Nick that she's found the room number. She wants to go in and take him out, but they don't have enough evidence to do much with him. She wants to go all Grimm on him, but they're playing this one by the books. Trubel asks for a little lunch money, and Hank gives it to her, but asks for a reciept.

Rosalee and Monroe have hit a brick wall. They're striking out all over the place on what to do to help Nick. So far they've come up with nothing. They figure at the least, Nick still being a cop, can figure up where the antedote was cooked up so they can maybe reconstruct it.

Trubel stuffs her face with a sandwich. In his room, Anderson pours over pilfered memories. He shuffles through to get Kent's address and contact information. Trubel tries to listen in, but doesn't hear more than a little heavy breathing. Anderson gives Kent a call, pretending to be a colleague of Henry's. Kent asks if he's seen Henry, he's been trying to locate him. Anderson tells him that Henry was in a bad accident, and his girlfriend murdered. Anderson doesn't want to go over the bad news over the phone, Kent agrees and give him his address, which Anderson already had. Trubel hauls butt away from the door before Anderson leaves. She makes it to the laundry just in time, but drops her sandwich in the process. Anderson notices the sandwich, but doesn't see her. Anderson heads off onto the streets. Trubel tries to keep up with him.

Elizabeth checks on her patient. Renard awakens to see his mother there.

Hank has a problem with Lawrence Anderson's motor vehicle records, but Nick finds some information on his job. He works in aerospace technologies like Henry did.

Anderson waits for a bus, as Trubel watches.

Nick calls Lawrence Anderson's work. His former boss tells him that Anderson suffered a devastating head injury a few weeks back. He was once a brilliant mind before the accident, and a defense contractor. Octopus head stole his identity, memories and likely military secrets. He's like a super Wesen spy, and there's no way for them to prove it as it''s all stored in his head. Chavez takes Nick aside for a chat. Trubel fills Hank in on Anderson's appearance change. She was suppose to stay at the hotel, but she insists that she has this. She follows him, and Hank warns he how dangerous he is, and urges her to check in continuously.

Chavez takes Nick into a private room for a conversation off the record. She asks why Renard was in his house, if he knows Stewart or why he'd want to kill Captain Renard. None of these questions are ones that Nick has answers to. She alludes that its Nick's problem, but Nick thinks its more of a conspiracy. Chavez turns her attention to Trubel. Nick admits that he's been trying to help her, that she's had some tough times but is a good kind. Chavez wargs, but Nick doesn't flinch, not seeing anything.

Wu gets a step closer to putting something together. He pulls some of the footage of Trebel when she was a suspect in a murder, which she did commit.

In Vienna, Adalind gets served her meal of slop. Literally, slop. She's not pleased with the accommodations. She throws the slop across the room as Victor watches from his monitor. He's enjoying act one of his dungeon fantasy.

Hank tries to dig deeper into Slocum's work. Wu asks a bit about Trubel, wanting to know about her studies, before he can really crack the shell, Hank uses Nicks return to make a break for it. Wu is starting to figure things out, they should just tell Wu. It would make everyone's life easier. Hank found that Slocum had top security clearance just like Anderson, and now “Anderson” has left and changed his appearance.

Chavez reports that Nick is not the Grimm, but she suspects that she knows who the Grimm is. She's headed to confirm her theory.

Juliette pays Rosalee and Monroe a visit. She's on a mission. Rosalee apologizes for not having the problem solved yet, and Juliette doesn't want it to be. Being a Grimm hasn't been the greatest thing for Nick, and she says that he isn't sure he wants to be on still. She thinks that him being Grimmless may be the best thing for them. Monroe and Rosalee know that just because he can't see them, it doesn't mean his life will be easier, or that it'll go back to normal. You can't unsee something, and for her to ask them to do nothing is purely selfish. She wants a little time, and Rosalee and Monroe placate her. They plan to keep looking as good friends would.

Renard is back to the land of the living, and he's surprised that his mother is really there. He thought she was a dream. She's glad that she made it in time. Renard realizes that he was dead. She gave him life twice. She asks who killed him, and he tells her about the Wesen that was working with the Royals. Renard remembers about Nick, but he's in no shape to go after him to help. He tells his mother about her new grandchild.

Trebel continues to follow at a not so descret distance. Nick calls Trebel. She knows that he's going after someone, but not who. Nick warns her not to pursue him, that he's dangerous and they don't know much about him. She loses him for a moment, as she gives Nick vague cross streets. Trebel has a listening problem.

Kent's spidey senses are working overtime. He knows something is up. Not only did Slocum access data remotely, but he's had a sudden accident. He doesn't know the details but he thinks he's about to find out. Anderson arrives, and Kent welcomes him in. Anderson tells him a vague cover story. Anderson asks for a glass of water, and Kent goes to retrieve it. He gets ready to go all octopus when he spots Trebel lurking about outside. Kent comes back with his water. Trebel peeks in through the windows and sees a passed out Kent on the floor. Anderson knocks her out from behind.

Nick and Hank arrive at the cross streets and finds no Trebel. Nick gives her a jingle, but Anderson chucks her phone into Kent's aquarium. Nick wonders if she's still following him, and Hank wonders if she's been made. They decide to go to Anderson's room to look for clues.

Adalind wakes up surrounded by rats. She goes all Hexenbeist and scares the rats away. Poor thing just want her baby back. A light comes from across the room, and some creepy giggles from the cell next to her. She asks the giggles to talk to her, and tells him her name. But his name is for him to know and her to find out. Someone wants to play a game.

Anderson loots over Trebel's unconscious form, he slaps her a bit to wake her. He knows that she's been following her. She's too young to be a cop, and she has no ID and little money. He asks why she's been following him, but she doesn't answer. No matter, he'll find out soon. He goes all octopus head on her, but doesn't pry into her mind, but instead goes after Kent.

Nick and Hank have the hotel manager open up Anderson's room. She's concerned that he may return, and be violent. Nick finds an address near where they were, and Hank tells her if he returns to call the police.

Octopus Head begins prying information from Kent's mind. Trebel uses the opportunity to get up and kick him, even though her hands are behind her back, like shes Black Widow or something. Octopus head throws her through a table, and turns his tentacles on her. She can lie all she wants, but he can pull the information he wants from her.

Nick and Hank rush to the address knowing that Trebel is in trouble.

Octopus man gets more than he bargained for. He sees all of her hunting and killing of Wesen, and becomes a screaming mess in the corner. Looks like what he sees he can't unsee either. Hank takes care of cuffing Anderson, and Nick sees to Trebel. She's got some serious brain pain, but she's got her memories. Nick warns her to not argue. Hank checks on Kent. He too seems to be okay, just some holes in his head, and some major pain. Anderson seems to be the worst off, haunted by Trebel's memories.

Anderson is really Timothy Croftin Perkal, a Canadian Citizen wanted world wide for espionage. With all those secrets he's stolen, Hank wonders what he got from Trebel. He awakens in his cell, screaming in terror.

Hank and Nick go to see Renard. He's looking pretty good for recently being dead. He asks if Nick got what he sent to him, but Nick did not. He's still Grimmless. Renard is so sorry, he tried. Nick understands, and they can talk about it when he's feeling better. Renard blames himself for not knowing what Adalind was up to, he's just grateful for Trebel. Nick is just glad that Renard is still there. Renard introduces the men to his mother, his very youthful looking mother.

Trebel rushes down for breakfast. Her neck hurts, but she's in pretty good condition. Trebel heads off, as Nick yells at her to be careful. He's not sure if he feel comfortable asking her to help him, or that she could stay out of trouble anyways. Juliette points out that she's a lot like him, and not just the hair. Trebel sets off on Juliette's bike as Chavez and Wu watches her leave in separate cars. Wu heads to Nick's house, and Nick assumes its the Captain. Wu is there about something else. He's having trouble sleeping. He gives Nick a picture of Trebel. She's a suspect in a double homicide, and yet she was introduced as a criminology student. He asks Nick to clear things up for him. Nick tells him that its complicated, when his head begins to suddenly hurt. In Vienna, Adalind is experiencing similar pain. She begins to see Juliette. Nick can't see Juliette even though she's right in front of him. He's seeing what Adalind is seeing, as their visions go in and out of each others the pain is excruciating. It suddenly stops. Nick isn't sure he's okay. Juliette ses Trebel's picture and picks it up off the ground.

Trebel gets grabbed on the street off her bike by Chavez and her men.


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