Haven S5E4 - "Much Ado About Mara" Recap

So Dwight and the guard have found Duke and Mara in Nathan's cabin but Duke convinces him to let Mara do her work to save Duke's life. She tells him to pick out a trouble that won't blow them all to hell and he selects the Scoville trouble. Mara is preparing to work her magic but then Duke says he's going to pretend that she's Audrey so that he can trust her. This causes Audrey to make another appearance, telling him that Mara can help him and that it isn't his fault. But when Duke asks what "it" is, Mara reappears and lays her hand on Duke. He spills a bit of blood and says some nonsense after exiting the cabin with Mara. He seems safe for now but it's a bit of problem that he's speaking nonsense when he thinks he makes safe. Nathan has made his way back to the cabin but is in hiding, and Dwight arrests Mara. He tells her that the one way she'll get to keep on living is to cure the troubles so she agrees to cure one person to prove that she will accept this deal.

Duke tells Nathan they need to save Audrey, in his own non-way, and they head into the cabin to try to get Mara. Mara simply decides to stir up some drama by telling Nathan that Audrey and Dwight had a flight in Colorado. But then Dwight comes in and has Nathan and Duke taken away. Jodi is brought in to be cured by Mara. Mara puts a hand on her neck and then removes her blankets before sending her on her way, apparently cured.

Nathan and Duke are chained up outside and Nathan is still upset about Duke and Audrey. But then dead birds begin to fall from the sky. Nathan goes through the Crocker journal and reads about the Scoville trouble before determining that this trouble is triggered by guilt. This revelation restores Duke's speech and he addresses his guilt over Jennifer's death. He then tells Nathan that nothing happened in Colorado. But more troubles are on the loose on the compound. Water begins boiling, and people's eyes begin turning white. Duke picks the handcuffs with a paperclip from the journal, freeing him and Nathan only for Dwight and the guard to catch them immediately. They discuss the troubles and Mara, with Nathan trying to insist that he needs to focus on treating her like Audrey. Duke convinces Dwight that he and Nathan are their best option for figuring out where these new troubles are coming from.

Vince and Dave have been arguing nonstop so they call in Maddie, aka The Iron Maiden for help with their relationship. But the source of their conflict is mostly their not remembering what happened in the cave so Maddie propose one-on-one hypnosis. Dave goes first and while under, he begins to fiddle with his leg wound.

Dwight is the one to determine that all the seemingly individual troubles are resulting from invisible microwaves. He orders everyone to protect themselves by getting into their trucks since the glass will shield them. Duke is questioning Mara and figures out that she didn't actually cure Jodi, but alter her trouble. She's no longer shooting out beams of light, but microwaves which are arguably more dangerous since they can't be seen. In his memory, it is shown that the beast was let out from the other side but he doesn't remember this after he wakes up. After Dave leaves, Maddie calls Vince to try to tell him what she has learned, but is attacked by the creature before she can finish her voicemail.

Jodi comes back and Duke explains to her what has happened to her trouble. He explains that her guilt about her husband's death is what's causing it but once she lets that go, she is able to control her trouble. Dwight goes inside to interrogate Mara, who makes every effort to cruelly wind him up. Dwight begins to her as Audrey and about all the brave things she has done. Audrey surfaces and apologises before asking him for help. Dwight comes out and tells Nathan and Duke what he has seen but they need Mara in order to cure the troubles.

Vince arrives at Maddie's office and she has no memory of treating them, thinking that they simply hadn't shown up for their appointment. Then Dave walks in, also not remembering they've had the session already. Vince tells them they must have uncovered something in their one-on-one. He asks Maddie to pull out her pad to check her notes and they do find that they had met but on the last page, there is a word scribbled out: Croatoan.

The boys determine that Audrey's love for her friends and helping people is what allows her to surface so they decide to team up and bombard her with love and memories. At first, Mara snaps back at them but they stay persistent and finally Audrey emerges again. She's worried that she won't be able to stay for long, as Mara now knows that Audrey is still there. Mara is essentially dragging Audrey to the bottom of the ocean so Audrey has to talk fast. She can only access Mara's thoughts, not her memories. But she tells the boys that Mara has been lying about being able to cure the troubles. Mara can only give people troubles. So they're still without a cure and now Mara has re-emerged, angrier than ever and determined to kill Audrey.

Beginning next week, October 10, Haven will air on Fridays on Syfy at 7PM.


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